Looking for beta-readers


I have a contemporary young adult fantasy that is completed and now needs beta-reading. I’d appreciate anybody coming up to help me with this. I’m willing to beta-read in return, though I cannot promise to read it all immediately. Likewise, I do not expect you to read my story quickly.

Ellie Jordan is a young, carefree girl, whose only desire in life is to get into the St. Phillips’s Academy of Magical Arts, learn all kinds of magical spells, and hop into a guild and have lots of adventures.

But, all that changes when she finds out about a gem, an heirloom that has cursed her and her sister, and was possibly responsible for their orphanage. Their lives are intertwined with it, so they can’t destroy it without fatally hurting, or even killing, themselves.

Ellie has to find a way to undo the gem’s curse before the sisters are consumed by its power.

  • Any other information: Three things:
  1. This story is largely contemporary fantasy with a romance plot.
  2. When I do beta-reading, I usually check grammar, spelling, sentence structure, flow - all in great detail. If you need something in specific, so let me know and I’ll do my reading accordingly.
  3. What I’m looking for is grammar, feel of the cover and blurb, flow, and sentence structure. Please do not tell me about spelling mistakes, because they’re usually regional and are not the same everywhere. However, if you feel a word is definitely misspelled, please let me know.

Thank you!

EDIT: The chapters are around 500-1000 words and only occasionally reach up to 1500. That is why, the story appears to be long. To be honest, the whole story really tallies up to around 60,000 words.

EDIT: Since I don’t know the concepts of most fandoms, I do not prefer reading fan fiction. You can try and convince me if you want and I might give it a try. So, in case I still refuse, please feel free to back out of the deal.


I haven’t beta read but I give it a try

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That’s cool! Thanks a lot! :blush:
You can just leave your comments about the story right there in it.
Would you like me to beta-read for you in return?

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Sure ! Thank you

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You have three stories. Which one?
Also, please note that I really cannot read fan fiction. Especially since I don’t know the concepts of most fandoms. This is probably a point I should add to my original message now.
You can still back out from beta-reading my book. I don’t mind. :grinning:

Discover Soulmate please! It’s not fanfic

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No problem, then! :grinning:
Actually, I couldn’t tell if your stories were original or fan fiction. That’s why I said that. No worries. Anyway, it’s a point that struck me and I added in my original post for any future responders.

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