Looking for Character Art: Part 2! (Payment Inside) Any Style Works!

Graphic Type: Character Sketches of any kind (head-shots to full body and in between) in any style (from realistic, cartoon, caricature, anime, or chibi).

Title: Vile

Author: @TheVileBard

Genre(s): Portal Fantasy

Colours: Black, Blue, Red, and White are color themes for my book.

Idea(s): I’m looking to collect a few different pieces of concept art for the characters in my book, from full-body to headshots, so whatever you are feeling up to.

Story Summary: Four teens travel back and forth between our world and a fantasy world.

Payment: For basic sketches of these characters in any style I will follow you on Wattpad and on Instagram or twitter if you have it. I will be setting up payments for more intricate pieces or more obscure characters in the replies.

Adam Dover, "Dove"

Personality: Dove is a charismatic narcissist who bottles up his emotions and exudes a fake personality of acceptance, love, and strength.

Appearance: He has an olive skin tone, chestnut brown hair that ends in curls, and green eyes. He is 6’1, has some muscle definition but is lean. He has sharp and angular features.

Clothes: He wears wrangler jeans often, black undershirts, flannels or jackets, and boots. He also has his white and blue football uniform; Jersey, padded pants, and cleats. He might have his father’s holster on with a Glock tucked in it, or he might have an AR-15 either over his shoulder or in his hands.

Reference images:Dove image

Aaron Mitchel

Personality: Mitchel exudes strength, yet he has soft features and is very compassionate. He feels a great deal of empathy for others and allows himself to feel the whole spectrum of emotions. His smile is more genuine, his laugh is contagious, and he is still full of wonder and child like excitement.

Appearance: He has dark skin, a shaved head, and brown eyes that look like they have a touch of caramel color. He is 6’5 and 250 pounds of muscle. He has wideset shoulders and huge muscles. His facial features are soft in comparison.

Clothes: He often will wear black or tan khakis with tight-fitting long sleeve shirts or hoodies. He is also commonly found in his white and blue football uniform; jersey with the number 80 on it, padded pants, cleats, and often carries his helmet under one arm. For a portion of the story, he has a go-pro strapped to his chest, but he is also often glued to his phone.

Reference Images: image
I see this guy and a little bit of Dean Thomas from the harry potter movies in this character.

Jaret Shriver

Personality: Shriver is mousy and unsure of himself. He is plagued by self-doubt and issues with self-esteem.

Appearance: He has pale skin, dull blue eyes, red curly hair, and is 5’6. He has a slender and mousy frame. His features are soft although he has high cheekbones and an angled nose.

Clothes: He always wears cargo shorts combined with an array of graphic tees or oddly colored baggy t-shirts.

Reference Image:

Jeremiah Kilgore

Personality: Reserved and Conservative. He is primarily a coward that struggles with commitment but is also deeply religious.

Appearance: A slight tan to his white skin, freckled face, hazel eyes, and short light brown hair. He is 5’1 with very thin features. His limbs are thin, he’s very skinny, almost to the point of being gaunt. His face is soft and understanding like you feel comfortable talking to him.

Clothing: He wears black trousers, white t-shirts, and nice button-ups. He wears loafers. He often has a tie on or a suit jacket on. He takes his appearance very professionally. Although he can sometimes be found in a white undershirt or in his white and blue football jersey along with padded football pants and cleats.

Reference Image: image

I am including all art in my book and shouting out the Wattpad associated. I am currently at 700 reads so hopefully, a few people see your amazing work!

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EASY LEVEL - I am looking for art for more characters. A sketch for these gets the same payment listed above and a shout out in my feed as well as in my book. If you use color and spice up the drawing I’ll make sure to give one of your stories a read with some comments.

I have no idea what clothes these side characters would wear. go crazy. I also don’t really know what I want them to look like, so feel free to do what ever.

Lilian Dover

Lily should be 26 during the events of the book and is the older sister of Adam Dover listed above. She would have angular features like him, but she has a much more professional and mature response to life. She is very real and honest giving her an air of genuineness. She is often concerned for others and concerned for her little brother. She dresses well, like a professional, and conforms to a very conservative upbringing especially in how she dresses.
Lily Dover Face Claim

Samantha Reed

Sam is Adam Dover’s girlfriend. She has a very fake attitude to herself just like Dove does. Although where Dove manipulates people she is more of a victim of circumstance. She is tired of being with Dove how he is. She pretends to be happy and hopes to either fix him or find an out. While she smiles, puts on a happy attitude, she is really just looking for a way to escape.

Parker Romano

Parker and Dove are long time enemies. Parker serves as something of a bully to Dove. He is an Italian who is an inch taller than Dove, more muscular than Dove, and has far more defined facial features. He’s basically Dove 2.0
Parker is angry at a lot of things. He’s constantly going through something and working on his own personal issues. Which he doesn’t hide very well.
Parker Face Claim

Mrs. Shriver

This is Shrivers mother. So use all the best features of Shriver and turn it into a small middle-aged woman. She is bipolar so she swings from states of feeling nothing to feeling an extreme emotion. She is also a mortician so have fun with a little bit of blood if you want.

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MEDIUM LEVEL - I have some more difficult characters to draw with fewer details than one would hope for. All payments listed above are included at this level. I will add one of your stories to a reading list, read five chapters, and leave comments. Colored pictures of higher quality will be posted on my Instagram with shout outs.

I have no face claims for these characters so go crazy.

Elizabeth Hernandez

A short motherly type figure. This 20-something is the foster sister and adoptive guardian of Aaron Mitchel. She is a sweet soul who is kind and understanding. She loves to bake. Her features are more rounded and she is short in stature although this doesn’t detract from her general appeal. She’s cute and she babies Aaron like he is her own. She’s Hispanic, with curly hair, and brown eyes.

Jonas Bird

With a raptor like face this acne scarred monster of a man does nothing but peddle drugs and smoke weed. He is scrawny and lanky, like a classic serial killer, and if you can’t tell I hate him. He usually has a sour face and bullies Aaron quite consistently. He is white with red hair cut like he’s in the military.

Emilia Cordova

The other half of Aaron Mitchel, a potential romantic interest, and particularly attractive in subtle ways. She has a fox like face and hispanic heritage. She has a strong presence and a demanding personality. Where Aaron is a dreamer, she is a realist. She studies, works hard, and is very studious. She has wavy light brown hair and lighter colored brown eyes.

Anilla Ramos

This is Emilia’s best friend. She’s a curvy Hispanic girl. Anilla is a rather boring person both in personality and in appearance. However, she makes up for this with her dedication to her friends. She is always there for them and is particularly watching out for Emilia. Anilla doesn’t like Aaron one bit and doesn’t want to see Emilia hurt. She often is fretting over her friends or upset at their dumb decisions. She has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Michael Roland

This acne covered Junior has rounded features and is slightly overweight. He wears glasses and is often smoking. He has a nasty attitude but always does the right thing. For however good of a person he is he often has a sour face and tends to rub people the wrong way. He is white with dark brown hair and hazel eyes.

Sophie Brown, "Sonnie"

Sonnie has been going through changes recently and finds that their body hasn’t become any more feminine than it was before puberty. They don’t feel like a man but they also don’t feel like a woman. They don’t really look like either. Sonnie keeps their hair short and wears whatever they feel like that day. They have light brown hair and green eyes.

Ian Cocom

Aaron’s last friend on the list, this boy is Russian and Mayan (Hispanic). He has little to show in terms of emotions. While he might feel them normally he definitely doesn’t show them. He is incredibly skinny, with very defined cheekbones, almost unhealthy looking. I would love to see different renditions of him with more Russian or more Mayan appearances.

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HARD LEVEL - I think these will give people the most trouble which is why I am offering all the above payments and I’ll read an entire wattpad book you send me. Just a whole freaking book. And if the drawing has color and is high quality, prepare to be shared on all my social media pages; instagram, twitter, facebook, etc.


A neanderthal looking dwarf. Short in stature, wide-set shoulders, a sloped forehead, black hair, a black beard, and stone-like dull blue eyes. He is a hunter by trade, wearing leathers, and fur.

Marshal Weyrdd

A female of the neanderthal-dwarf race. She wears many layers of old furs and carried with her a set of quarterstaffs on her belt, each one adorned with a topaz gem on the hilt. Her hair is matted, messy, and long while being a beautiful reddish-brown. She has a braided reddish-brown beard. She has gleaming hazel eyes full of joy and youthfulness.

Janara Trueblood

A female of the neanderthal-dwarf race with an incredibly pale complexion and a shaved face. She wears a blue tunic with tan highlights and long yellow pants that bunch up around her shoes. She has styled her chestnut hair well, parting it to the right. She has many pouches lining her belt.

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I have no time limit for when I need these by. If you want to do any I would greatly appreciate it.

I might just do my full payment for you until other people show up. I love the work you did so much I feel like I really owe you.

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I’m honestly really wanting to do the hard level characters because I’m a sucker for punishment :ded:

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I’d love to try!

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So I’ve decided to take on Janara and I thought I’d give you a quick update on how it’s going and to see whether it’s ok so far? Plus I’d added the colour palette I’m thinking of using - but if you want them brighter, darker or more saturated, let me know.


My take on Samantha, let me know if you want any changes:

(Click for full image)

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Amazing work! What you are doing is super high quality as always.

Looking good! Thanks for taking a crack at it!

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Is there anything you want me to change?

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I think I was looking for the artists interpretation of the character. I don’t think there’s anything I would change about your vision of my character.

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can I try! I do traditional chibi, well, I try to anyways, and I can only to sketches seeing as I lost my coloured pencils

and I do it for free

I’d love for you to try!

ill try parker

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Tried again with Emilia Cordova not sure what you wanted for this…

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Hey, I love the work and appreciate the talent! I’ll definitely look into paying you back! I just wanted to collect different concept art. Try and find out what works for me. You did a really good job!

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Here’s the finished product! I hope it’s to your liking - even with the 5o’clock shadow ahha :thec0venvirtualmascot:

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She looks so powerful and stunning. God I love her. The proportions look right, and her shoulders! Damn she buff. God its perfect!

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