Looking for completed romance/ teen Fiction books!

Title; silence
Status: Completed.
Log line:
After meeting ivy, a complete mysterious stranger who came across his window. Daniel has to struggle with his rigid feelings.


Troubled With Tattoos

Genre(s): Teen Fic, Romance

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When Ash comes out to her friends about being a lesbian, they suggest a plan to confirm her lesbianism before she comes out to her religious parents.

Ash is a fairly average teenage girl. She has a weakness for Asian food, good music, Japanese culture, art history, and…girls. She just hasn’t told her friends about the last weakness yet.

When she does come out to her friends as a lesbian, their response is a bit different than she expects. They tell her they don’t know if her one G-rated high school boyfriend is enough to judge all of boykind from. They know Ash’s parents are very religious and want Ash to be absolutely certain she’s a lesbian before she comes out to them.

Ash and her friends make a deal. If Ash tries going out with seven different guys and decides she is definitely a lesbian, her friends will help her come out to her parents.

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When Saiea is kidnapped from her tribe in the forest and auctioned on the slave market, she falls into the ownership of a powerful and reclusive dragon-mage.

Saiea wants to escape. All her life she’s had the weight of being a tribe leader’s daughter on her shoulders. Her father has tried to tell her what to do, how to behave, and who to marry. Hoping to temporarily escape all of the pressure from her home, she runs out into the forest for some privacy, but a bit of privacy turns dangerous when Saiea is caught by slave traders.

Sold into servitude to a solitary, handsome, and mysterious dragon-mage Master, Saiea struggles to find her own control, her own power, and her own path. When she stumbles upon a dangerous magic that consumes her, Saiea discovers that sometimes relinquishing yourself to someone you trust is freedom in itself.

Read Here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/150660978-sold


After a powerful beast destroys Sonya’s village she must build herself a new life and face the creature once more.

On the continent of Neria, massive beasts called “Burrowers” travel underground, breaking up out of the ground to decimate entire civilizations. Villagers draw their last breaths choked by smoke, splintered between bloodied teeth, and buried under crumbled debris.

Although Sonya is a talented archer, when a burrower claims her village as its next prey there’s nothing she can do to stop it. Everyone she’s ever known and cared for dies and she barely escapes into the forest with her bow, a map, and her pet Leeka. Sonya finds her way to Ceran, a village of new beginnings, in hopes that she can earn a living and find a new place to call home. But making a new life proves more difficult than Sonya imagined. The best money in Ceran is made by becoming a “Chaser,” or a beast hunter, and fighting monsters is extremely dangerous.

This time, when Sonya faces the same creature that demolished her world, there is no escape; she must either be strong enough to defeat it or die trying.

Read Here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/149972165-chasing-beasts

All thought

Hi there. My story is complete and ready to be binged. It’s a page turner with a dash of drama wound around a romantic love story.

Title: Ruby Red
Genre: Romance
Status: Complete – but looking for feedback
Summary: Ruby Red is a sweet and sexy romance romp that follows Ali Stinson, the girl who seems to have everything, on her journey from riches to rags to love. It’s a light-hearted love story that will have you gasping, grinning and glad you read it.

Comments from other readers:

“I loved this book! It had my heart beating so much. You really fall in love with the characters I couldn’t stop reading! Definitely a book I would recommend :heart:

“I just want to let you know I finished Ruby Red, and it has been a long time since I was this hooked on a story here on Wattpad.“

“Wow my iPhone is on fire! :fire: Seriously you have got to get this book published! I love your work :heartpulse:. Honestly it’s one of the best novels on Wattpad”



Hi there I hope you don’t mind me posting - my story only has about 5 chapters left to go and I’m about to hit Christmas Break so it’ll be done by the New Year! My story is both romance and teen fiction so I thought it might be right up your alley! You can find it here! besitos! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Title: Hollywood’s Golden Runaway
Blurb: Before Isabella Scott was the world-famous actress she is today, she was just Salem Evans from the small town of Matlin Falls, Illinois. A quiet nobody who just happened to be dating her best friend and school’s football star, Finn Mulholland until he cheated on her with her best friend.

That night she left for good - after the years of covert torture from the cheerleaders, neglect from her absent parents, she saw no future for herself - and ran to Los Angeles, California; the City of Angels and became Isabella Scott thanks to a chance meeting with Hollywood Hotshot, Anders Stone.

Fast forward five years and Salem is happier than ever living her lifelong dream of acting with her entourage of best friends. But halfway through filming yet another movie the peace is disturbed when it is announced that the next three months of filming are to take place in a place that she has avoided like the plague for five years. Matlin Falls.

Old and new relationships will be tested while dealing with spying paparazzi and revenge-driven characters all while she tries to hide her double life and feelings.




Gods are created by a mighty force, a force to balance the universe, every galaxy, world, and life.

“You are not here to die.” The God clarifies with exasperation while he sees through the girl’s eyes, to read her mind and see every painful memory she keeps to herself and feel the profound pain she carries in her soul. A pain that makes Axl, the powerful God of the Water Region unable to retain his desire to help Camille. Help her heal from a traumatic life.

Camille is a beautiful girl full of sorrow and scars caused by someone she was supposed to trust her whole life. Just when she lost her hope of finding a better life. She opened a door to a new world. A world that takes her to stand face to face with a God. But why is she here? Why in a sacred world where no human can walk? Why does she hear voices calling out her name? What can she expect from an enchanting man, that looks so heartless but sincere at the same time?

“Welcome to the Gods World, my lady.” The angels greet her in unison.!


Hello, I have one that you may enjoy. It is completed and only 10 chapters.
I hope you get a chance to read it. Please let me know what you think.


In this heartbreaking teen romance Hope Carson will fall in love with a new student named Dawson Williams who has a life changing secret. Will Hope still love Dawson after he tells her his secret or will she run for the hills. Will Hope truly be happy with the choice she makes or will her happiness be unhappy and end in tragedy? Keep reading an you’ll find out in Unhappy Happiness.

I thought I replied to this but I don’t see my post so here you go:

Genre: Dark Fantasy Romance

Title/Link: Assassin’s Realm


“Yes, My Lord.”
Since childhood, Torrent has been forced to hide behind the shackles of servitude. But having witnessed a conspiracy threatening the survival of her king and his subjects she can sit idle no longer. She must escape, or allow the empire to crumble.

“Don’t scream.”
Raven is a cold-hearted half-breed, a dangerous assassin that cuts silently through the dark nights of Evonheart. But from the blackness a sinister force rumbles. An army of beasts is amassing in the north and there’s no one to stand in their way.

Benevolence and brutality collide when Torrent comes face to chest with her murderer. Now she must convince Raven to spare her, rescue the king, and save the kingdom. Torrent holds proof of their uprising, and Raven holds her life in his callused hands.

:warning: Content Warning: Violence, Mental Instability, Cruelty, A jerk face anti-hero who abuses the heroine (not the drug).

:warning: Trigger Warning: Violence against women, Death, Depression, Murder.

Complete at 33 chapters (95k words). :slight_smile: :+1:

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