Looking for Experienced Writing Buddy (LGBT Fantasy/Horror) OPEN!!


Hello everyone! I am so glad this thread exists, lol. I’m looking for a writing buddy who will work in a timely manner. I would like to at least have one or two intense back and forth sessions with a writing buddy over a google doc or whatever format suits you. I’d like someone who is older (eighteen and up).I am a huge nerd for plotting, structure and critique. I’m also an avid reader, and will be more than happy to give you what you’ve given me ^.^.

Genres I read: Sci fi, fantasy, surreal, horror, mystery, thriller

  • Genres I don’t read: fan fiction, erotica
  • Genres I write: fantasy, romance, LGBT, horror, sci fi, graphic novels
  • What is expected of my buddy/co-writer: I’m looking for someone who is serious about plot structure, theme, etc My buddy would be expected to go over notes and outlines of my story with me as we hash out what works, what doesn’t, and what ideas I can keep or toss. I would do this in return for my buddy.
  • Brief summary of my current story (if applicable):my current story is about a human girl who falls for a water nymph turned dancer. The two have to navigate their budding relationship in a world of grotesque creates and fantastical monsters, all while avoiding the grasp of the nymphs talent manger, the evil satyr Mitchell.

**Note: I will be adapting this into a graphic novel, so my actual writing material is a little lighter than most normal novels. I only have as much description as the artist (me, lol) will need to refer back to later while drawing. REOPENED THE SPOT IF ANYONE IS STILL LOOKING!

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Hey I’m looking for a writing buddy too that would be focused on content edits-making sure characters feel real and that scenes come across for my Fantasy/Romance. Short blurb: An almost pirate and sometimes princess falls in love with an ex-soldier turned glorified mailman, and they attempt to kill her grandfather.

I tend to write in a sort of one shot-y format and haven’t written linearly from start to end, so I have found it pretty difficult to introduce to other people. But I’ve been stuck for months now, so I figured I would try to find a someone through wattpad to see if they could possibly help me. I do have about 150K that I’m currently looking for someone to read through though.

I also love working on google docs. Your story sounds super interesting and dancing nymphs is going to make for some really cool art. Let me know if you’d be interested in working together!

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Hey, shoot me a message and we can talk! Thanks!


I’m back and bumping, this thread should be jumping. Need a buddy to help me make something. Yee haw.


Heya! I feel like we’d be a great fit. I’m 18F, I am super into complex worldbuilding / storycrafting and intense brainstorming sessions, and I love science fiction and fantasy. I’d be happy to fill the role you have laid out, as I’ve been looking for pretty much the exact same thing.

My story is basically a science fantasy post-dystopian series reminiscent of Red Queen and Stranger Things. PM me if you’re interested! :smiley:

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Lol, we’re fated to meet!I was just checking up because most of my Nano buddies have fallen off the face of the earth! Thank you!

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I shot you a PM, let me know if you are interested. :slight_smile:


Hey there I’d love to be your writing buddy too if you’re still looking! I write Fantasy too, usually with a LGBT main character or two, and I’m obsessed with world building, so I’d love to chat about it and see how things go!

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Sorry I’m late-- this got buried! I’d be happy! Just shoot me a message and I’ll share more info!

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