Looking for feedback on my fantasy graphic novel: The Afterlife

Hey everyone! First off, I know Wattpad isn’t usually the place to post a comic, but I’m just looking for some feedback to start. I’ve been (and still am) working incredibly hard on this.

I only have one page completed at the moment, but my script of 24 pages is for Issue #1 is complete so I’m just working will artists to get the pages done. I just want some general feedback on the dialogue/artistic style/story so far.

As for payment, well, once you’ve replied to this we can discuss that.

Here’s a link to the book: https://www.wattpad.com/story/214199898-the-afterlife-a-graphic-novel-preview


Hey - no payment necessary, I loved this!

My other account on here is a comic book.

I struggled for a long time to figure out how to best fit it to Wattpad’s capabilities.

You’ve achieved the type of collaboration I’m trying to create for my comic: partnering with an artist.

I drew my comic’s first issue myself - my art isn’t great, but I stand behind the writing. I figured if I could create a promo draft, I’d have something more to show a prospective creativer partner than just a black-and-white script.

I don’t know if you’ve discovered this yet but - I learned this the hard way, forgive me if it’s old news:

  • each Wattpad chapter can display a max of (20) images
  • only the first (5) images will have a click-to-zoom / pop-out capability!

I pulled my hair out until I figured this out through trial and error.

I’m in a similar boat to you in another way - my file sizes aren’t optimized for Wattpad.

I f’ed up and lost my Photoshop and Illustrator masters - all I had left was my comic as a print draft in .PDF. I was forced to cut some scenes up to make them readable - they don’t look great on a phone unless you click-to-zoom, but they were readable on a tablet or larger device.

Great stuff man - following and ready for the next page - your artist(s) are fantastic - I missed the credits for them, do they have work on here?

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Cheers! I really appreciate the feedback. I know you said no payment needed, but do you have a link to your comic, I’d very much like to read it!

I also love the tips you gave me regarding how images work on Wattpad.

The artist does not use social media at the moment unfortunately. But I’ll find a way to credit him anyway!


I’m sending you my comic link by DM (hope that’s cool) - and - if you haven’t tried yet, it might be worth a shot to take your comic and see what’s the largest size of a single page it will let you upload - it’s been a while since I reworked mine for WP, I can’t recall the dimensions / file sizes I chose.

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Just got the DM. No worries! I read the first couple of pages and I liked the dialogue. I wouldn’t call the art bad by any means. Inconsistent maybe, but it definitely has a good style. I liked it! I mean, a least you did your own art which is admirable, mine would be laughable…


Very cool - thanks for taking a peek. I’ve tried to partner with artists and it hasn’t gone well - was making contact with someone over Fiverr once but I think the nature of this comic offended that person in a religious sense - we traded e-mails, he said he’d have a look and then … nothing. Oh well …

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Yeah I’ve tried Fiverr for other stuff. The problem I find is that people aren’t passionate about the story. You have to find someone who loves your script as much as you do. I recommend networking on Twitter and forums.


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