Looking for friends... Post-college? Mid-late twenties?

I’d go to the cafe, but if I’m being honest, I’m more sociable after a beer or two…

I’ve been on Wattpad forever, mostly as a silent reader, but I’d love to make some friends, talk about writing and life.

Here’s some stuff about me: I’m 25. I live with my boyfriend of 6 years and two cats. My family likes to make side comments about me “living in sin.”

I wish that was a joke.

I work in Interior Architecture and write whenever I have time, which to be honest is rare. But I do read often, especially on Wattpad.

When asked about my life, my answer is usually something along the lines of “its going.” Because, it is.

I cope with rereading Harry Potter, watching corny romantic tv, reading corny romantic fiction, and snuggling with my cats (this took several tries because one of them is lying across the keyboard).

Anyone else having issues transitioning from school to real life? “Adulting,” some might say? Chat me up. I’d love to make some friends.


I’m still sortbof in an inbetween phase between school and adulting. I’d love to chat. I’m 22, so, old enough to drink. Your family sounds really lame, but interior design sounds cool! I’ve bern meaning to look into that, I want to buy a bunch of magazines because I think it’ll help with my art.

Lol, you sound a little like me! I’m also 25, living with my boyfriend of 6-7 years and have 3 kittens! My family is okay with us… NOW! But in the end, I’m happy. :slight_smile:

I’ve recently just quit work to write full time, but adutling is not so bad once you do it at your pace and know what to do. Happy home equals happy life! Hehe

Hah! They are kind of lame. But I know they love me and want the best.

Interior Design is cool! I work more more in office design, specializing in planning strategy and standardizing work space. I enjoy it because it’s like a puzzle and I like to think in 3d. I think just being about to think of space conceptually has helped me in many different creative fields, especially writing but also graphics, presentations, and art.

This looks like a place I might fit in :stuck_out_tongue: I’m 25, finished school a few years ago but im back now and I too feel more social after beers and feel like I got better in a pub than the cafe

THAT IS SIMILAR! I love my boyfriend and my kittens. I feel like I hit the jackpot with both of them. I’m still trying to figure out the formula for what I actually want to be doing. I enjoy my job. It allows me to be creative and analytical, but that also means that I have little creativity left to pursue my hobbies at night. But I know that once I find that balance, things might seem more under control.

Are you writing creatively full-time? Or more freelance work? Either way, thats super great!

I thought you meant back to school when I first read it, and now I’m having second thoughts and wonder if you mean back here… as in Wattpad? It’s fine though… I have responses for both!

I’ve thought about going back to school, but I can’t justify the crippling debt. One of my best friends is in the process of applying to grad school, and I wish I could go too. But I need the full-time paycheck.

While I was in school, I never got very involved in the social aspect of Wattpad. I mostly read other’s work to pass the time that I wasn’t in studio, and wrote a little of my own stuff that I ended up unpublishing. But now that I’m out (sounds like jail, but honestly design school isn’t so different), I’m hoping to explore my hobbies and get more into the community of Wattpad, because I think its a beautiful thing!

I did mean back to school :stuck_out_tongue: I decided it was time for a drastic career change so I’m back in college training for something completely different than what I did before. I used to work in IT now I’m studying business stuff

Guess I should’ve gone with my first instinct haha

Thats great that you went back! Isn’t it funny how sometimes when we get where we want to be, we realize it isn’t what we wanted at all? Or maybe you can find a way to blend your two degrees to work somewhere that is perfect for you

I find with school its very hard to know what you actually want to do, at least in my high school experience we weren’t exposed to enough different kinds of things to get an idea of what we’d enjoy studying/working in. So I panicked and decided on video game design without knowing a thing about what really went into it or what the job opportunities around here were like

Hi! I’m 25, a single mom of a 3 year old. I live at home with my parents and work 3 part time jobs (really, really part time), trying to get enough experience to get a real, good paying full time career with opportunities for upward mobility. Unfortunately, I keep shooting myself in the foot by being too picky.
When I graduated college a year and a half ago, I didn’t want to take a minimum wage receptionist job and thought I could do better. Now, I still don’t have a job, but almost two years of office work would have looked good on any job applications I am currently filling out. But since I never took any receptionist jobs, I have no office experience, and therefore keep getting passed up for most of the jobs I apply to.

I’m sure I’ll figure it out sooner or later, but since I’m so desperate to be able to support myself, I keep passing over minimum wage full time opportunities, since I won’t be able to support myself on minimum wage. But I don’t have enough work experience outside of museum education to land any of the better paying jobs, and there just aren’t that many job opportunities in my field of experience, museum education.

Ugh, I’m ranting now. Anyway, that’s my twenty-something challenge with adulting!

30 year old late college grad here. Wound up taking my time with school by paying for it out of pocket to bypass the clusterfuck that are student loans. I live with my partner of twelve years and our two cats and work for the city.

I’ve been writing since I could properly hold a pen. Mostly fanciful stories about your typical fantasy fare, but within the past few years I’ve really gotten into writing urban fantasy and focusing on stories centered around the LGBT community, which I am a part of. One the side, when I’m not scribbling down ideas or beating my head into a wall, I’m a carpenter/cosplayer, dabbling in things like prop making and FX makeup. My dream is to live comfortable off the earnings from my novels, but if I have to make a few movie props on the side I’m not going to complain :wink:

I too am a recent college graduate who is struggling to find my place in the “real world”. My degree was in English Creative Writing which, I’m sure you can imagine, didn’t garner much hope for a monetarily stable future lol. I am also in the military. I hated it for the longest time but am now kind-of starting over with a move and a new base. I’ll hopefully be working there full-time soon, which will give me that comfy paycheck and hopefully give me more time for writing.

I’m completely new to this site! As in, this is my first ever post/contribution to anything lol. I’d love to hear more about all the other twenty-somethings who happen to own cats and are struggling to transition.

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Thinking about it now, several years later, it bothers me that we are encouraged to choose the rest of our life at 17, when up until then (and for the several years following), we are considered “so young.” Even though I’m relatively happy in design, I feel like I could’ve done something more, something that might’ve made more money?

But like you said, I didn’t even know what was out there back then.

That is definitely the challenge! I’ve had so many friends that have been in similar situations where they can’t find a solid job similar to what they went to school for. What they’re finding is that if they can find a job that gives them experience in one aspect of the field, it strengthens their resume that much more.

One of my roommates from college want to work in merchandizing, but wasn’t having any luck. She ended up doing some accounting work, and when she went back to the job search a year or so later, she was able to find success!

Definitely keep trying. Everyone always tells me that my first job probably won’t be my last!

Yup, mid twenties here, working a temporary job that doesn’t use my degree, and living in my parents’ house. Anyway, enough about me, what do you like writing?

I’m 26 and live in Canada with my Husband. I’m a college dropout and currently unemployed because I’m waiting on a work permit which will be here anywhere between tomorrow and six months from now. I usually spend my time writing or shouting at my cat to stop shredding the leather on Husband’s computer chair.

I’m trying to transition from being a traveler to adulting, instead of from student to adulting :joy:

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Well first, congrats on not succumbing to the pressure that is college in 4 years and loans for the rest of your life!

I have to say that I didn’t start writing until I realized that I was getting way too old to play with dolls. Then, it only made sense to take the stories that I once acted out with dolls and write them down! I also lie to write fantasy, but I don’t have anything posted on here yet. I’m too much of a perfectionist put things up until its perfect (never).

Your stuff sounds cool, I’ll add it to my reading list! When I went into interiors, I was super interested in set design. It’s a completely different major in college, but I think theres something really cool about stage props and mobile sets. It adds a whole new layer to design.

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Thank you for the reading list add =)

Yeah, I used to be skittish about posting my work online due to perfectionism but after a while you kind of grown numb to the anxiety? I mean, I’m still anxious about posting updates because I know there are bound to be a few mistakes I didn’t catch, but as a whole people don’t seem to mind and helpfully point things out =)

Set design is something I’ve considered doing in the past because of my background in carpentry but I’ve not been able to reach out to any local performances to see if they need the help. Had I the mind when I was still in college I would have foregone my welding minor and gone into theater design xD

So you do interior design? Or a variation of it?

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My extra problem is that my degree is in anthropology–but I only have a BA, and I never went to field school. That means my degree is virtually useless. I’ve been working in the education department of a museum for a while now, and my boss loves me, but I really only have experience in lesson planning and organizing studio classes. There aren’t a lot of well paying full time jobs that need people with experience in those areas, aside from being a regular teacher, which I would need to go BACK to school for another 3 to 4 years to do.
That’s my backup plan if I don’t have a real job by June next year, but going back to school just sounds so exhausting after I’ve already done it all once.

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