Looking for friendship stories that DO NOT turn into Romance

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So I am looking for friendship stories that do not turn into romance and/or stories involving siblings.
It doesn’t matter the story size and it could either be in English, Spanish or Portuguese.
Any suggestions?


I have one where they choose a queerplatonic relationship. That’s a little different, so it may not be what you are looking for, but let me know if that works ^^

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Hey there :slight_smile:

I think you’d like my story From Me To You: A Tale Untold. It is all about friendship and discovering ourselves =]

Hey there,
so even though this story is a romance, it centers around friendship a lot. Each of the MCs has their unique group of friends and their friendship relations are explored throughout the book. You could give this a try if you don’t find a main plot that involves friendship.

Title: My Secret Mobster Boyfriend
Author: AthenaKosalla

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/206331065-my-secret-mobster-boyfriend

@Kgirldc I have ones that involve siblings (but there are romantic interests for said siblings) and I have one that involves siblings and a platonic friendship for my female MC. But all of them are classified as romance. Please let me know if you’re interested and I’ll post them.

@WondaGal it can be, I just tired of cliche things.

I can look into it…

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@LanaJoKing I will look into it, thank you.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Queerplatonic is an asexual “relationship” essentially a strong relationship without the kissykissytouchytouchy stuff, but still dedicated to each other :slight_smile:

Here it is if you want to see. It’s definitely not cliche haha.

The UnTitled


Hey, @AthenaKosalla I will give it a look I am just looking for friendship books because some books I read sometimes forget the reletionship the MCs have with the others.

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I’ve got three. I’ll start with my latest creation: Inflexible which is inspired by the Three Fates (The Moirai). It’s complete. Hope you stop by and enjoy!


Summary: Inspired by the Three Fates (the Moirai) of Greek Mythology

“Death affects everyone…especially the Inflexible.”


Four children, beloved by their Mother, descended from the heavens and mingled among humans. Growing fond of them, they pleaded with their Mother to let them stay. She agreed and her daughter grew jealous. Consumed by hatred, she descended from the heavens and vowed to destroy everything her siblings held dear.


Clarissa North is just a girl from Moonshell looking for answers about her birth parents. But when she goes to the lake house to find said answers, she finds herself seeing ghosts and dead souls. Confused and angry, she returns to the lake house and demands answers from the brothers that live there. And unfortunately for Clarissa, the answers drag her into a dangerous situation. Is she ready to discover who she truly is? And more importantly, who she is destined to become?


Arrow Mortane is the oldest of the four Mortane brothers. He and his brothers aren’t exactly human and they were sent to Moonshell in hopes of finding their sister and stop her before she causes more chaos in the human world. No such luck. And because of his abilities and the curse placed upon him, Arrow finds himself experiencing a lot of pain. Can anyone ease his pain and break his curse?

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/208938428-inflexible

Rated mature due to sexual content (half a chapter) and themes of violence. I don’t think the violence is that bad, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

The next one is the first book of my series (The Eternal Bonds Series). This one is probably the closest to your requirements.

It’s a recently completed romance with supernatural and fantasy elements. Also, it’s inspired by Hades and Persephone. I hope you enjoy. Be sure to stop by and drop some comments in the story and let me know your thoughts!


Title: Blood of Darkness
Genre: Romance
Completed: Yes

Summary: Inspired by Hades and Persephone

“Sometimes death isn’t the end. Sometimes people come back.”


Selena Silvers is an ordinary girl who loves to paint. She goes to school and works at a bookshop in Blackfell. Pretty ordinary. Except for two tiny details. One, she has an extraordinary ability to feel the emotions of those around her. Two, almost every night when she closes her eyes, she sees a gorgeous man with hair as black as night and eyes as gray as the sea after a storm. The problem is that she has no idea who he is or even if he’s real. Will she ever find out? And what other secrets are hiding in the darkness of the night?


Damien Drake is the eldest of the six Drake siblings and is forced to take the throne after his Father is murdered. Oh and the fun part? He’s a vampire surrounded by all the darkness that comes with being one. Dealing with loss has never been Damien’s strong suit and he’s gotten to a point where he forces himself to bury all of his emotions deep down and builds his walls up so high. Will his siblings or anyone else be able to reach him? And will he ever defeat the person responsible for his Father’s death?

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/191987540-blood-of-darkness

Rated mature due to possible graphic content (it’s due to some violent scenes, I don’t think they’re that graphic, but I’d rather be safe than sorry)

Also Book 2 of this series is currently out and is complete, it’s called Soul of Shadows, but be sure to read Blood of Darkness first!

Book 3 of the series is also out and is also complete, it’s called Heart of Radiance, but be sure to read Blood of Darkness and Soul of Shadows before checking out Heart of Radiance!


The third one I’ll share is Crepuscule, which is inspired by Thanatos. It’s a dark supernatural (ish) romance and there’s a lot of mythical easter eggs as well. It’s complete as well. Hope you enjoy! Be sure to stop by and drop some comments with your thoughts!


Summary: Inspired by Thanatos

“The future is subjective…and while you can change it, that doesn’t make it any less scary.”


Chloe Callahan is just a girl living in Angelwood with a big secret. She’s a Clairvoyant. She can see the future of those around her. But being a Clairvoyant is what eventually gets her into trouble as soon Chloe finds herself running for her life as something dark and evil chases her down. Will she ever make it to safety? And what’s chasing her and why?


Sebastian Stryker is a Reaper. A being responsible for sending souls to the afterlife. Sebastian has seen so much death and its started to take a toll on him. His brother and sister have tried to ease his pain, but they can’t do much since they’re experiencing the same thing he is. Is there anyone out there that can bring some light back to Sebastian’s dark world?

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/204568835-crepuscule

Rated mature due to themes of death and violence (I don’t think it’s that bad, but I’d rather be safe than sorry).

I have a story about a brother and sister.

Elegy of the Leaves - Cover
War steals that which we want most to keep safe. And for those who live on the isles of the Everblue, the fear of war has rooted itself deep within their hearts and stalked the edges of their dreams.

But for Evan Montresser that fear hasn’t taken hold in his heart. Instead, it has always been his dream to become a Leaf of the Alliance and pilot an airship to guard people from that fear. Claire, Evan’s older sister and already a pilot, wants to keep him as far from the military and brewing war as possible. But when a mysterious girl with crystals embedded into her wrists falls onto Evan’s airship during his pilot’s test, Evan and Claire find themselves thrown into a chain of unfolding events that will bring them to the center of the Everblue sky, and the reason their fragmented world is trying to tear itself further apart. What role does this girl play in the destruction of Evan and Claire’s world, and why is the Empire willing to start a war just to kill her?

They’re about to find out.
Elegy of the Leaves

Wow, it looks amazing…

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Aww thank you :pleading_face:

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@Kgirldc Can you please read my story too? :slight_smile:


My space opera is specifically about building friendship/camaraderie between the main characters. It’s hate to friends story and the MC is very specifically on the asexual spectrum.

There is a small subplot with side-characters for comic relief that plays out as a teen love-drama.



Thanks a lot for adding my story to your reading list! :slight_smile: I truly appreciate it =]

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Hi. :slight_smile: I have one that’s non-romantic and friendship is essential for the core characters (they’re a handful of unique individuals in another world who depend on and support each other). It also has a pair of brothers who are extremely close and a very central part of the story, although they don’t turn up immediately.


In a world without magic, gods and their spirit-creatures live little-seen beside the everyday reality of humans. There are both rewards and challenges for those who become the adopted children of the moons, the few who are of the bloodline of the one woman who fled from the rest… and somewhere out there, the ones she fled from…

Five moons rise over Evanir, and each moon is also a god, one of five sisters. Long ago, they worked together to create a lineage of spirit-beings that were not born but transformed by the mingling of blood. They intended them to be long-lived and to draw their strength directly from the light of the moon who chose each individual. The sisters had different goals in mind - one wanted it to be a blessing for scholars and artists, to give them more time and fewer physical distractions; another wanted each to have an animal form, to keep them more in tune with nature so they could serve as guardians of the wilderness.

But, as always, it takes only one person to alter the tone of an entire group and twist it into a new direction… and it takes only one person to rebel, and start something entirely new…
Moonblood is a series of adventures, some only 3 or 4 chapters, some much longer. There are currently 9, totalling over 200K words, being revised for release in three volumes. They tell the story of a core group of people, which grows slowly over time. Our core cast are directly connected to the moons and thus have various abilities.

New chapters Monday and Thursday.

As with all my work, Moonblood has LGBT+ content.

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I have a horror/paranormal story that focuses on the friendship between the two protagonists.

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