Looking for Good Supernatural Romances


I’m looking for good romance stories with a supernatural element. I’m looking for something with adult characters (out of high school) and relatively long in length (over 20 chapters). In progress is okay.

Love: POV switches, cliches, body positivity

Dislike: “innocent virgin” main characters, judgy sexual attitudes, kids/babies/pregnancy

Thanks in advance!


@LostNeverland4 this may be a little bit of you :wink:


My story has a romantic subplot, if that interests you? It’s a mix of supernatural / dystopian / paranormal / fantasy adventure. And my MC dislikes pregnancy and babies, so you might be able to relate (although she’s 17). It’s 61 chapters, completed.

Breeder Blurb BA

I’d also recommend @BitchIsMyReligion’s Queen of Hell and Paradise series (Hades x modern woman romance / supernatural story). That also stars a high school student though, but it’s completed, and it’s got a great anti-slut shaming message. (And multiple POVs)


Though the first few chapters start in high school, most of the story follows the characters in their late 20s! Otherwise, I think this might match what you’re looking for!

Falling Out of Time (13)

Read NOW

Amber Blake hates Carter Hayes - at least, that’s what she tells herself.

She has since the day he walked out of her life after a falling out with her best friend, Mark. Close since childhood, Mark urges her to forget about the friend they once had, but when a confrontation brings the trio’s years-long tension to a head, the aftermath has Amber wishing she could forget her life completely.

As they always say, careful what you wish for.

Next thing Amber knows, she’s waking up in an unfamiliar bed, in an unknown city, staring at a stranger in the mirror. She’s aged ten years overnight, and even crazier, she’s married — to Carter Hayes.

Haunted by memories of the boy he was, Amber struggles to see him for the man he is now. But when strange visions suggest a way to fix tragic mistakes from their past, she’ll need to trust him more than ever.

Someone’s life depends on it.


I’ve got a historical romance with supernatural elements, adult characters and POV switches, however it is ongoing (writing it for the Open Noella Contest) and has only 9 chapters at the moment. It might eventually involve babies for a bit but that’s a consequence of the characters being adult, if you know what I mean :smirk:

Title: Seacliff
Genre: Historical Romance(ish)
Sub-genre: Fantasy
In 2019, Aidan is an Edinburgh tour guide with a mythical secret.

In 1919, Saoirse is a Great War nurse who’s got nothing left to live for - until the sea brings a naked, unconscious man to her feet.

Not one easily shocked after caring for the most broken of men in France, Saoirse takes the stranger in and tends to his wounds. Except the man is all kinds of unusual and she begins to question whether he even is a man at all. Is the grief driving her mad or is there more to the world that she ever thought possible?

Saoirse hopes to find answers in her aunt Aoife’s diaries, since the gentle giant she rescued from the sea has no recollection of how he ended up there in the first place.



I have a werewolf romance, with two PVs, switching between my two MC’s

There are 17 chapters right now, but updating twice a week.
So you might be interested. (sorry about not yet being 20! It’s 30K words right now though)

Title: Selected
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/213244313-selected-updating-twice-a-week
A story of Trial, Honor and Love

Rajini is about to become a beta in her own pack when she receives a letter from the Leyum. She has been selected as a possible mate for a beta of the Ghuardian. A tremendous honour to any female, but not what Rajini wanted. She had to leave her family and friends to travel to an unknown pack to meet an unknown male, just to see if they were a mated pair.

A three month trial awaits her.

Ray is a beta to the Ghuardian, the highest alpha within the Changeling hierarchy. As a beta, he’s meant to be mated before the age of thirty, if he isn’t, the Leyum will find suitable candidates for him. He’s on the third candidate. The first two he dismissed in a matter of weeks.

Things are different this time. This potential candidate isn’t like the previous two, and that sparks something within him, something new, something primal.


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Mine has high school as the setting. But, it’s supernatural school and kids study there for 5 years from 16 to 20/21 years of age. Let me know if it interests you.

Title: The Curse of Hecate

Read here!

If you enjoy witty dialogues, sassy protagonists, unexpected humour and all things fantasy-romance, then this one’s for you!


A Puzzle of Trust and Lies

Featured in the official reading list “Bad Girls” of @dangerouslove!



For years Jared thought that his relationship with his high school crush is nothing, but casual meet-ups and secret nights, spent together. Until the moment he realizes his feeling will not be returned, no matter how much he tries. He can’t bear her two-faced attitude, public rejections and sour words.
Deciding to leave his miserable life behind and start anew, Jared is violently pulled back into Amely’s dirty game. She is capable of things he has never even expected. And she’s not letting him go.
Amely is much more than Jared has ever thought. She’s cunning and clever, so much more hiding under her beautiful shell. And she’s not human. Just like their infant child that Jared never thought existed.
Now, a war is brewing, threatening to destroy everything as they know it. Their enemies are closer than ever and their plans are much more dangerous than anyone has ever thought.

WARNING: This story is suitable for mature audiences only! 18+

TheAlpha’s Bitter Truths


Monica, a dedicated vet and a temperamental woman, finds a creature in the forest near her summer villa. It is huge, hurt, and full of wounds and scars. She knows she has to help it.

She is soon surprised to realize the beast is even more intriguing than at first glance.

He is abnormal.

He is supernatural.

Half-human, half-wolf.

Now, Monica is stuck with this man that doesn’t even want to tell her his name. They’re running from a danger she never imagined would exist, and his enemies have no intention of letting go. Just like the revenge he’s hell-bent on achieving.

The more Monica gets to know him, the more she sees how broken this werewolf is. He’s conquered by hatred and bloodthirst and she knows it all lays on her shoulders. If she can’t help him overcome these dark emotions, she knows she has to kill him. He’s gone beyond repair.

But when she’s faced with the truths of his past, she is left stunned at the stakes of the ongoing war that has already almost destroyed his kind and his sanity.

MATURE , updates: two times a week, usually on Friday and Saturday

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second that tag!

Currently on-going, I update 2-3x a week… :slightly_smiling_face:

The Malvar Empire has a fixed social structure.

Lycans are at the top, werewolves in the middle and humans at the bottom.

There is a special category of humans, known as the healer class.

At 18 years old, humans are sorted like cattle, and divided between to two other groups to work as servants.

Except for Lenna Windenburg, a healer, the first in centuries to have magical powers.

As news of her unique amethyst eyes spread across the land, the Lycan King, Edric, moves in to claim her as his.

With the threat of war from beyond the border, Edric must do whatever it takes to keep his empire safe.

Even if it means working together with a human.

LINK: https://www.wattpad.com/story/209784569-mine-at-first-sight


Hi! It’s a little shorter than you requested but I think my story ‘Inverted’ ticks a lot of your boxes! It revolves around a daredevil that ends up as a host of an entity after almost killing himself in a crash. Their relationship grows as they both work out how to communicate with the other as they do not speak a common tongue.

You can read ‘Inverted’ here!


I think my book is a pretty good fit for what you’re looking for: Fantasy/Romance inspired by Norse mythology (not Marvel fanfic), with a very sweet, slow-burning romance. It has none of the things you dislike. The MC is 30+. :smile:
I have 50 of a total of 52 chapters uploaded, so it’s as good as complete!

If you decide to check it out, I hope you enjoy! :heart::heart:

Link: Going Home


Be careful what you wish for…
After a massive break-up, Sarah has become stuck in a dead-end job, living in a dead-end apartment, leading a dead-end life. And she kind of likes it that way.

That is, until she accidentally strays from the path on her way to the supermarket and suddenly finds herself in another world. Stranded on Asgard, she unwittingly becomes embroiled in court politics when the Trickster god Loki reluctantly promises his help her get back home.
But when she is suddenly and unexpectedly transported back into her old life, she finds that wishes can be treacherous things… and both her happiness as well as the fate of the Nine Realms may well depend on her ability to find a way back to Asgard.
…for it may come true

New update every Wednesday and Saturday.

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Thanks for the tag, but my main character is a virgin and pregnancy is involved later in the trilogy. They wouldn’t want to read it.

My story has a romantic subplot if that’s okay!


After a tragic accident leaves her crippled, Barbara Gordon must return to the city she thought she left behind for treatment. However, the happy reunion she imagined is anything but when she meets her dad’s new fiancee. Convinced her soon-to-be stepmother is not who she seems, Barbara begins her own investigation into the woman. But if Barbara wants to get closer to the horrifying truth, she must make a deal with a devil… or learn how to destroy one.


Do you accept selkies? :smiley:

If so, I have an ongoing urban fantasy story that features adult characters. There are POV switches (no more than 3: the male lead (neurologist), female lead (selkie), and childhood friend (selkie)) and it is definitely cliched as it follows the Korean drama formula ^^

Perhaps a Korean-drama styled urban fantasy romance?

Any way (2)

Updates Mondays and Wednesdays

After a car accident resulted in the loss of his family, memories, and empathy, Lee Kangmin finds himself trapped in a seemingly colorless world. Once considered a miraculous recovery case of retrograde amnesia, he is now one of the best neurologists in South Korea. Determined to maintain his strict routine and personal code of conduct, he is reluctant to open his heart out of fear that it’ll get crushed again.

His desperation to maintain a shred of normalcy in his life peaks when he encounters Ariadne, a mythical selkie from Scotland, whose presence forces his painful memories to break free. On the surface, she appears to be nothing more than a naive foreigner but what he doesn’t know is that she’s on a mission to prove to her people that Kangmin is different from the other humans.

Centuries of prejudice and distrust between their species are brought back into the light as they explore their relationship. Despite all of the obstacles preventing them from being together, they are determined to hold onto each other.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/184438169-any-way-the-wind-blows

There are 21 chapters (just over 40,000 words) and the 22nd one will be posted after I get off work today ^^

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The supernatural elements don’t appear in my story until Chapter 40, but it’s going to be a long and epic tale. I have many more chapters drafted, and I am releasing a new chapter every 8 days to ensure quality editing. The youngest of the five main characters is 22, and the rest are older.

Here’s my usual spiel:
Despite the provocative title and blurb, society is the antagonist in my story. There is some sex, but I keep the details down to what I feel is necessary to progress the plot, gradually increasing the intensity of the scenes as the relationships develop. I share this with you because I consider writing it a form of activism for those whose preferred profession has been not only stigmatized but made illegal in many parts of the world. Many stories present us with the cliché human trafficking victim when in reality, many women want to be prostitutes and we would have far fewer victims if the sex work industry was respected like any other industry.


When CEO Seto Kaiba propositions Joan, she expects a one-night stand, but he and his brother keep coming back for more. Now the Kaiba brothers want an heir from her and will pay any price to get it. How do Joan’s husband and boyfriend feel about her new profession? More importantly, how do they handle public scrutiny?

Join the Kaiba brothers at the Silicon Valley Game Developers Summit to find out!

This story is fanfiction but can be enjoyed without prior knowledge of the fandom. It won first place in the chicklit category of The Sparkle and Shine Awards , first place in the romance category of The Crazy Late Nighters Awards , first place in the fanfiction category of The Ruby Awards , second place in the drama category of The Frozen Icy Awards , second place in the romance/chicklit category of the I’m Hooked Awards , second place in the humour/chicklit category of The Aurora Awards , third place in the romance category of The Water Awards , and many other prizes.

Furthermore, it is illustrated by various artists :slight_smile:


How do you feel about lgbt stuff?

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That’s such a gorgeous cover :heart::heart:

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Omg thank you so much!! :heart:

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Me too. Its pretty rare when you see those type of books and when you do, they stop updating when the story gets interesting