Looking for honest feedback on my covers

These are all for the same book. Are any of them good, are none of them good, or can some of them do better? I’ve tried manip, simple, graphic with person, graphic without person. I can’t seem to figure out what best suits this book.

Genre: YA Fantasy Dystopian

Blurb: In a city called Irinelio, children are born with strange powers. They are labeled as Anomalies and seen as pests by the controlling government. In such a corrupt world, the story follows four characters: Delphia, Lace, Murke, and Paige.

Delphia, as she tries to make sense of her destructive anomaly of controlling shadows.

Lace, whose unique anomaly means she might have more in stake than anyone else.

Murke, as he battles with an evil who entices him into darkness.

And finally, Paige, as he tries to grasp everything he has lost and find peace again.

1. Dark Matters Anomalies brighter c

2. Dark Matters Anomalies legal c

3. Dark Matters Anomalies simple legal

4. Dark Matters -Anomalies- legal2

Are you asking for something good or do you actually want people to roast it? You are giving mixed signals.

I’m confused about if you really want to be roasted or if you’re looking for genuine opinions to improve so I’m just gonna give a mix of the both… :sweat_smile:

Cover 1 - Even though I don’t particular like the color combination between the hair color and the purple I think this might work really well when wattpad shows it in it’s smaller size. I don’t mean this in a bad way. A lot of times I do covers I really love and then when I see them smaller I just… kind of hate them cause they don’t work out in that size.

Cover 2 - this would probably be my favorite if it wasn’t for that background. I’m sorry, but I really hate it. I love the colors, the font, the girl. I just wish the girl was more centered and a little bigger, or just changing the background? (?) Maybe try to blur it a bit, and make it a little more darker so she stands out more.

Cover 3 - Nothing to say. It’s my favorite. Would make me click on it.

Cover 4 - Between this one and the cover 3… the cover 3 is much better. I don’t know if this is because I work with data quite a lot and I saw Jurassic park recently, but everything I see is this bar chart in an dinosaur egg? Is that weird? I’m sorry, I’m just trying to be honest. Also, it is really weird for me because I’m seeing this bar chart, and the bars must always be the same width. (Yup, I’m the weirdo…)
I think most people won’t see that, tho, and there’s really nothing wrong with it. I would just suggest bring “anomalies” a little bit down because is in the line of the trees and it would look better if it wasn’t.

I was assuming roasting just meant harsh criticism :stuck_out_tongue: I just want you to be honest.