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This forum is so people can share and discuss different ideas for their stories, whether it’s a minor detail you can’t decide on, or the entire plot. The only rule is please be considerate of other people’s ideas. Don’t steal them just because you think it’s a good idea. Other than that, everything’s cool.

I’m writing a story chock full of superheroes, but I need a antagonist. Like, what is the evil guy doing there? What’s his motive?
The superhero world I’ve made is based on chi. The easiest way to think of chi is like thinking of chakra from Naruto. Except the chi travels through everyone differently, and everyone has different levels of chi. The majority of the world has very little chi, making them normal human beings. But most of the MC’s have a bit more chi than usual, making them have superpowers.


WOW! I’m writing a superhero story too!

Except I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’d like to help- could you explain the idea a bit clearer?


Steal other people’s chi - increase his own. Dominate.



Assuming chi is like energy… the antagonist-

could be trying to find a way to steal chi, as @6Sylqi9 suggested. Or attract/bend it toward themselves, and since it’s working way too well, you now have a bunch of chi-less people and one huge problem.

distribute chi- why should some people get more than others??? NO FAIR!

experiment on chi…manipulate it…increase/decrease the amount in people…

He wants to take over the world. Just likes a little chi with his world-destroying antics.


These are some really good ideas.

But if you don’t want to take it that way, you could have the antagonist be a high-ranking government official who is paid by the government to use his powers and manipulate others to give the government more chi and make them more powerful or whatever, lol.

It’s your story, do what you like.


Ooh, yes.

He could try giving chi to animals. He could Chixperiment and become a creepy blogger. He could try to collect enough chi to form into a super deadly, condensed ball and then chuck at a few cities :sweat_smile:


He could be the Robin Hood of the Chi-Suppressed. Make it into a Chi Movement so not even the common man wants to be saved.

In short, anything could happen. Even chi-possessed rabbits.



But seriously, there’s SO many things that you can do with superpowers, you just gotta explore. Like for example, I have an OC who has complete control over the elements (e.g can make 'em, combine 'em, you name it, she can do it).

But there are still people who could kick her ass (at her developing stages, not when she’s fully mastered it, 'cause really, who could?) despite her having such an OP power.

You really just have to explore.


(is this book on WP???)

The main problem with MC’s usually isn’t that they don’t have the capability to defeat the villain deep within themselves, but that they have no clue what to do with them.

It’s like giving a bomb to Baby Groot. They’re more likely to push the wrong button and end up killing everybody.

In other words, lack of experience.

As far as I know, the world doesn’t try to destroy itself very often :wink:


(Oof, no. This is more a manga idea, actually. But there is a book that I am working on, however. I say ‘working on’, but it’s really just sitting in my drafts )

Omg, yes, like no, kill the villain. Don’t let them escape, KILL 'EM.

They WILL come back to try to kill you, so save yourself the time, the patience, and THE LOVED ONES, and do yourself a favour.


Oh no, they’ve got to be defeated once before! How else would they rise out of the ashes, bloody, sweaty, tired and completely hopeless, etcetera, and then gather a load of help from NOWHERE (as opposed to the SOMEWHERE that was possible pre-defeat), and turn all their failures into minor setbacks that turn out to be valuable experience to spectacularly defeat the villain at their grand finale?

Apparently villains don’t have those things called ‘morals’ because they have ‘issues’ tacked on after.


This happens so many times it’s not even funny. (Looking at you, shounen anime. Yeah, that’s right; THOSE POWER UPS DON’T MAKE SENSE!)

Also, villains? Have morals?! Good gracious, no! Why they simply MUST be evil incarnate and not normal humans who just do things in a way that seems criminal to others and normal to them because it’s not like they’re humans with actual personalities or anything?!

But seriously, why do only those on the good side get morals? Like what? I understand that the villain is supposed to be bad and everything, but sparing someone’s life after they saved you doesn’t make them any less of a villain.


(this is valuable information on villains. In no way is this a rant. Nope.)

They’ve got to FEEL evil, you see. That’s why all the fashionable evil villains shop at PitchforksRUs and subscribe to Doctor Evil- the bad guy isn’t evil enough until the MC shines in comparison. And, usually, the MC doesn’t subscribe to such silly beliefs :wink:


Whoa. Alive chi, stealing chi, and distribute the chi. There are a lot of ideas here that are straight up awesome!


Sorry that I had stepped out for a while. So what stories are you guys writing?


Superhero story, just like you, in a world that’s completely different!

It. Is. A. Mashup. Of. All. The. Fantasy. Ever. And. So. Far. No. One. But. Me. Knows. It.

Also, it’s centered around siblings. And too much humor. And a person, aptly named the Unmasker, who’s unmasking heroes and villains alike for no apparent reason (yet).

It’s all just fun.

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Bruh, I can feel good and still be a bitch.

Actually makes me feel better sometimes, not gonna lie.

Feeling evil doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t do good. Nor does feeling good mean you can’t do evil.


Had me dying, I’m not even gonna lie.


THANK you!

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That’s sounds awesome! What’s it called?


I’ve got some stuff in various parts of completeness and development: werewolf romance, a period fanfic, two romances set in a post-apocalyptic world, an ongoing short story series.

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