Looking for lesbians publishers

Hi. I wish to find a publisher for my book, I wonder if you can list publishers interested in a feminist (mostly) lesbian book. Tkanks.

Found these using Google.


There were many more. I googled “publishers of lesbian”

If you want to traditionally publish rather than self publish, I strongly recommend you at least try to get an agent before querying the small publishers. (Don’t do both at the same time.)

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Uh, sorry If I disagree but to the best of my knowledge for small publishers OPEN to unsolicited queries one doesn’t usually need an agent. Yes, it is important to check their submission criteria, but I found my publisher without agent.
You are, however, spot on about not querying both agents and publishers at the same time.

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Right. I know.

My point is that if she gets an agent, she will be more likely to get a bigger publisher (that isn’t open to unsolicited subs) and a better overall deal. If she doesn’t get an agent, then sub to the smaller publishers herself. Start at the top and work down.

But don’t do both at the same time. (Explanation to OP: Agents occasionally sub to smaller publishers (and sometimes larger publishers allow unsolicited submissions), and they don’t like it when writers narrow their (the agent’s) submissions opportunities with their own subs. An agent may work with her to improve her manuscript and her query package before going on sub. If she has already subbed to a particular place, though, the agent can’t requery with the stronger package.)


Okay, that makes sense. Agents first, smaller publishers next. I read that to mean she needs an agent for the smaller fry.

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“Start at the top” was some of the best advice I got as a writer who was (at that point) actively looking to publish.

Sure, it was from a Tor Editor (who is pretty much ‘the top’ for SFF) but it was true. You might surprise yourself and self-rejection hurts you and the potential readers that miss out on your work.


Okay, but how could I find these agents?

I would start with querytracker.net

Question: Is your story about the lesbian experience? Is it a Romance where the leads are lesbians? Or is it a different genre, and the leads just happen to be lesbians? The answer to those questions will determine what you search for in your agent search.

There is, BTW, a filter in the QueryTracker search for LGBTQ+.

Athenian Press & Workshop is an option. I’m not sure where you’re located, but this one is where I went to college, in Wilmington, NC. It serves the southeast. I know people that have interned there. It’s small, but it’s got good people. You can find more info about the Press itself here.

Thank you. I´ll have to translate in english first of all.