Looking for music rec's for one of my characters

So, I found I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a conundrum with one of my characters. One of her big things is music, which is great. I like music, music is cathartic, music is good. Except, the more I write her, the more I realize her music tastes and mine don’t cross that much, so I have a hard time picking out music to get into her head.
She likes: Eminem, Beyonce, other rap/hip-hop artists, K-Flay, Linkin Park (selectively), Halsey, Lorde, Sir Sly.
I’m trying to expand her likes, and she’ll extend out into other songs that she feels like she can identify with, but she’s primarily in the rap/hip-hop section of things. She likes people who deal with issues (think Linkin Park, Heavy, or Control from Halsey) Lose Yourself from Eminem is her self-proclaimed theme song. And she likes songs she can dance to.
Any rec’s for me to look into?


A Tribe Called Quest, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Talib Kweli if she likes hip hop that deals with issues. Put Tupac and Public Enemy on there if she listens to older music.

Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud… and that’s all I can think of that aren’t already mentioned.

Yes, older music would be great. She was in her teens in the 00’s, so that would definitely play a huge part in her tasts.

Sweet, thanks.

check out the band shinigami. Violence In the Purest Form is one of my favorite songs right now :slight_smile:

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