Looking for NaNoWriMo 2019 stories! [ANY GENRE]

Hello friends!

Looking for some great NaNo entries that I can add to my RL this year! I’m not at all picky at the genre but they obviously must adhere to the content guidelines. Stories must be in English, please!

Fill out this form for each NaNo entry of yours:

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Is your story mature?: Y/N

Good luck to everyone participating this month!


Story Title: Tales of the Vangen: The Black Ministry’s Betrayal
Link to Story: Click me and begin your journey!
Main Genre: Dark Fantasy
Sub-Genres: Military Fantasy
Wattpad Username: rakdosleader
Is your story mature?: Yes
Synopsis/Blurb: The Vangen have served the Contanis Empire faithfully for nearly three centuries. Hand picked from foreign lands, men of the Vangen hold no political ties, agendas or creeds except to the Emperors and Empresses who sit upon the Onyx Throne. They are vanguards, protectors, loyalists.

They are the Vangen Royal Guard.


Hey, would you accept stories that we started working on earlier this year, but are using NaNo so that we can finish them? :slight_smile:

@MMicheleWilly @AloofFloof @relevy @ccstarfield @thatCalamity



Thank you Raru! <3 I have a NaNo project to share! :slight_smile:

Link to Story: https://www.wattpad.com/story/204873899-if-i-know-you
Main Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genres: Fairytale retelling
Wattpad Username: MMicheleWilly
Is your story mature?: No :slight_smile:
Synopsis/Blurb: For hundreds of years, the elusive fae have been capturing young princes and princesses, trapping them in sleeping curses where they waste away, waiting for a true love’s kiss that never comes.

Roran of Ki, is perfectly content to hide in his room and read for the rest of his days. But his dream of a solitary, food-filled future is squashed the day the gods declare that he’s the one person destined to save and marry Princess Phillipa of Marden.

The kings and queens are elated at the prospect of both of their hopeless children receiving a “Happy Ever After” and blessing their kingdoms with a herd of adorable heirs. But poor Rory has two very major problems. First, it’s going to be very difficult to fall in true love with someone who’s stuck in a permanent sleep and who he hasn’t spoken to since he was eight.

And secondly, he has no interest in kissing anyone.

Between the sweaty wizards, the snarky, non-binary “Fairy Godmother”, the incredible lack of snacks available in Pippa’s tower, and his own asexuality, Rory only knows one thing: This is going to be a mess.


It’s still new but I have a gothic fantasy starting up for nano, posting as I go


Darkborn Dreams
Main Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Dark Fantasy/ Eldritch Fantasy
WP Username: thatCalamity
mature: not quite. Some descriptive horror.
Blurb: Illuminator Wynnefreya, a Paladin from the Church of Eternal Light, must risk her soul by working with a woman who has heretical powers in order to defeat the vampiric Aspirants that are draining the life from the common folk. There’s also a dog named Kettle.

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Story Title: Factory
Link to Story: https://www.wattpad.com/story/126170658-factory-nanowrimo-2019
Main Genre: Mystery
Sub-Genres: Scifi
Wattpad Username: @Van_Carley
Is your story mature?: No
Synopsis/Blurb: From the dusty highway, a driver would probably never notice the submontane community miles from the road. To a local, however, it’s a different story. No one in the neighboring town really knows what goes on at the factory, a gated community where SUVs with tinted windows come and go - a factory which was built nearly a century ago with small homes surrounding it.

Matilda Esperanza is a thirteen-year-old girl living within the gated community and is sent to work in the factory, but something sinister is going on behind closed doors…

There are rumors of employees disappearing, and it hits too close to home when her mother becomes ill and is sent away for treatment but never returns. On top of it all, her best friend Franky goes missing too, and his uncle swears he has no idea where he went.

Ten years later, she is still haunted by their disappearance, but the answers aren’t far when a new factory manager shows up - a manager with an all too familiar face.

Can Matilda trust this blast from the past? Or are they just another cog in the factory’s sinister agenda and looking at her as the next target?

Unicorn Shapeshifter Book


Title: Because He’s Got UnicornAmmunition

Main Genre: Fantasy

Sub-Genres: Comedy

Wattpad Username: @ThiswayoutScience
Is your story mature?: N

Synopsis/Blurb: Meet Charlie - a driven, snotty and a little bit pretentious, goody three-shoes college girl. On the morning after a party, Charlie discovers a real live Unicorn.
Vainpot, peanut level pretty, the disaster-prone, slightly unlucky but driven college girl discovers a world, she might have least expected.
Reality is only so much, but what if he’s really got unicorn-ammunition? That’s Jones, a real live, yes, not a llama, a unicorn. Two undergraduates and a much-undiscovered enchanted land. Step into a world where imagination has blends with reality, chic-lit style.

Thank you rosemary! <3

Story Title: Doctored Chance
Subtitle: The Unpleasant Preceding of “Pajama Boy” and What Drove Him to Murder
Link to Story: https://www.wattpad.com/story/205100067-doctored-chance-nanowrimo2019
Main Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genres: Superhero fiction / sci-fi
Wattpad Username: AloofFloof
Is your story mature?: Y (some graphic imagery)
Synopsis/Blurb: I, Mick Chadwick, regret to inform my readers that this memoir contains nothing but the truth, which in the case of Tobias MacClain, most ridiculed as Pajama Boy, is far from pleasant. If you seek to relate to a hero more than to aspire to them and have the stomach for unpleasant things such as a hero left for dead, villainous scars, bomb threats, and murderous intent, then look no further. All of these gruesome things and more await from my research, and though I do not wish them on any man or woman, I cannot bear this burden on my own much longer.

In the words of Tobias MacClain himself, “Sometimes, a villainous act can cause the greatest good.” I hope, that all my villainous acts of sneaking, blackmailing, diary-reading, and grave-digging, among others, will be redeemed as I present this complete and truthful memoir to the world, and with any luck, open eyes to the truth of what we call “villainy”.


I’m busy writing mine, but I’m doing mine more NaNoWriYr style by releasing a new chapter every 8 days. Does that count? I have most of it drafted in paper notebooks and I am typing/editing/posting on a schedule to ensure quality but also to keep living my life at the same time.

Story Title: Kaiba’s Prostitute
Link to Story: https://www.wattpad.com/story/187309205-kaiba’s-prostitute
Main Genre: Fanfiction, but it can be enjoyed without prior knowledge of the fandom.
Sub-Genres: Romance, Urban, Chicklit
Wattpad Username: @KariRakitan
Is your story mature?: Yes, for sex and strong language. Brief assault.
Synopsis/Blurb: When CEO Seto Kaiba propositions Joan, she expects a one-night stand, but he and his brother keep coming back for more. Now the Kaiba brothers want an heir from her and will pay any price to get it. How do Joan’s husband and boyfriend feel about her new profession? More importantly, how do they handle public scrutiny?

@DahliasDesk @DogEaredPages @CourtneyPeterman0 @Davrielle @sky_is_limit @YvonneKindle


Mine is Ravensdale. It’s a time travel story. I’m such a NaNoRebel and am working on something I’ve already been working on. I have not updated new parts yet because I want to have a backlog and a super steady updating schedule, but I have at least twenty-two chapters up right now.


Story Title: Ravensdale
Link to Story: https://www.wattpad.com/amp/572943543
Main Genre: Historical fiction
Sub-Genres: Magical realism, time travel, fantasy
Wattpad Username: Davrielle
Is your story mature?: Y/N N
In 2012, Dora Harding finds and purchases a desk in her best friend’s New York antique shop. Later that evening, she discovers an old letter in one of the cabinets. She doesn’t expect to find something like it, nor does she expect to see that the letter is addressed to her. It is from 1912.

Thanks, pal!!

Hey-o. I’m doing nano with a fun contemporary romance about fashion, Hollywood, and body positivity :purple_heart:


Title: This is not a Space Western
Author: @relevy
Link: Click me!
Genre: SciFi

Cash is the sole proprietor of Moonshine on the Planet of al-Sufi. Distilling this specific booze requires a precise prolonged exposure to radiation. A potentially deadly occupation, but nothing a former bounty hunter can’t handle.

Cash’s self-inflicted exile on The Ridge is intruded upon by a ghost from her past, a former lover. “Boss” who now runs Sweetwater Casino, one of only two casinos in Lead Belly, wants Cash’s Moonshine for her customers. Their reunion and business arrangement are interrupted by Calvera, Sweetwater’s only competition and now abductor of Boss’s only son.

Forced to leave behind her treasured anonymity, Cash must use her wits, charm, and Boss’s money, to recruit a new crew for one last job. That or lose the one and only thing she’s ever held dear.


Thanks @LuliWrites!

My NaNo project is an alien-based Science-Fantasy if you want a different flavor of story.

Title: Celestial Origins
Link: Click here to read!
Main Genre: Science-Fantasy
Sub-genres: Thriller/Action/Mythology
Username: Same as here, @DahliasDesk
Is your story mature? No. It has mature elements but does not handle them in a mature, rated M/18+ way.

Chosen to be the first leader of the Celests, Vishnear feels disoriented and unsure of his ability to lead. A scroll arrives promising direction, but at a cost. He will become a vessel to the god named Sytrix.

Meanwhile, galaxies away, a Wikev named Irene finds out she’s a host to a goddess. Her resentment towards the deity leaves the two begrudgingly stuck together, unable to do much besides bicker.

That is until a species emerges from their century-long seclusion. Their clouded motives and a forbidden attraction catalyst a new era for the universe.

These are the Celestial Origins.


Story Title: Chupar
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/192135169-chupar
Main Genre: Horror
Sub genres: Paranormal, Western
Username: MaskedParkers
Is your story Mature: N
Synopsis/Blurb: When Catalina Delgado discovers that her family’s livestock has been viciously attacked during the night, she enlists the help of a notorious outlaw to help track down the animal that did it. But as they soon find out, this animal is the thing of legends and something out of their worst nightmares.

Title: Barbosa Brothers
Link: here
Main Genre: Romance
Sub-Genres: Mystery, thriller
Username: austeakette
It’s mature, but the published chapters so far not.
Blurb: When after the party Shay’s sister goes missing, she begins questioning everything that’s happening in the village, starting from strange disappearance of the family that lived in the same house before her and ending with those hot-looking Barbosa brothers who seem to be hiding something unexplained inside them.

Is Shay going to find her sister or is she going to fall into the trap instead?

Story Title:At heart
Link to Story: https://www.wattpad.com/story/180345639-at-heart
Main Genre: Poetry
Wattpad Username:@NM-trix
Is your story mature?: No
Synopsis/Blurb:‘The world would never be able to handle a sad person.’
Who are we at heart? What secrets do we hide? What wars are being waged in our mind?
Our pain is the most raw and vulnerable feeling that we possess. It defines us. It is our truth. It is who we are. Here’s a dedication to all the pain we go through in our lifetime.

Story Title: Days of Blood and Roses
Link to Story: https://www.wattpad.com/story/114399550-days-of-blood-and-roses
Main Genre: Dark Fantasy
Sub-Genres: Action, Thriller, Vampire (20th chapter onward)
Wattpad Username: @Fox-Trot-9
Is your story mature?: Yes
Synopsis/Blurb: Promises are meant to be kept, but a promise to save a beloved sister leads a group of magical girls into a dream of many literary landscapes. Out of this dream of Carroll’s wonderlands and Poe’s nightmares comes a monster that threatens to invade the waking world. Their promise forms the opening act of a play they can’t stop, so to stop this monster’s debut into their world, they must play their parts, but for one unlucky player, death is only the beginning. If you love fight scenes, quirky magical girls, twisty plot lines, Gothic settings, the possibility of dreams, and the uncertainty of nightmares, this story is for you.

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Story Title: phoenix.
Link to Story: phoenix.
Main Genre: Romance
Sub-Genres: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Wattpad Username: @DogEaredPages
Is your story mature?: Yes

I turned my head over my shoulder to look back at the old Cormier property, the moving van, the children and the boy who resumed his position on the stone wall.

*“What happened to his momma?” I curiously asked. *

Mamère tsked while she shook her head. For a few moments, she looked to the sky before her warm eyes met mine again. “They say the poor thing went stir-crazy. Ran away one evening when the children were young and never returned. The poor babies had to grow up missing their mother.”

I looked down, watching as I deliberately stepped over the cracks in the sidewalk. “Like me?”

“Oh no, baby,” Mamère said, “You can’t miss what you never knew.”