Looking for new friends

Hey guys, looking to meet some nice people on here. We can chat and maybe even support each other’s works:)

Tell me your name and age for starters. (I’m Muktha and I’m 17 btw)

I’m Sammy/Kk and i am 13

Hey Sammy, I think we’ve already met lol. How are you?

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i think so too, and I’m good, you?

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Great! Any books you’re working on?

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yes? ish, you?

Hello im abby and I’m 30

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Hewoo, I be an alien from another planet

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hi abby

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yea working on one



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Hi Abby! Are you new to Wattpad?

No I’ve been on for about five years

oh wow! are you working on any books now?

how are you?

what’s it about?

what planet doe

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Planet of Agira

is it better than earth?

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Hi. Can I join you ?