Looking for new friends

hi im not sure if this is still active! but i’m sadie and i’m 15!

I’m 15 as well!


I’m Patsy!

Hiiiii Patsy!

what genres of book do you like?

Steve :smiley:

hi sadie, welcome to the community:)

Fantasy, Humor, Romance, Action, Adventure, Science-Fiction, Detective-Fiction, Mystery/Thriller, Crime, Vampire, and more!(Except werewolf)

Thankssss! :slight_smile:

cool!! I like fantasy and adventure the most! but I like those other genres too!!

I would love to write with you!

Cool!! I would love to write with you!


I’m going to go follow you!





how are you

i’mmmmmm gooooood. how are you?

I’m good

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