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Hello, I’m writing a historical novel, set in Middle Age. It’s actually hard to find someone interested in historical books :smiley: I’ll leave you some details:
Dalmishian Ealdwine is the heir of the kingdom, Alyssa Ealdwine is a young and cheerful princess, Loran Abbey is a young squire from an impoverished noble house, Matthew is a common boy. Their lives entagle as they search for their way in the life, in a little medieval kingdom in southern France. Dalmishian has to learn how to become a nice ruler, contrary to his humble origins. Alyssa clashes against a society which wants her to just be a good wife. Loran fights to conquer his dream of becoming a knight. Matthew is in search of a way to help his family through rough times. At the same time, the king must face a rebellion from one of his most powerful vassals and keep his family safe.




My book is basically Star Wars meets A Christmas Carol!

Luke Skywalker is in exile on Ahch-To, and the Resistance is dying. One night, the Force ghosts of Life Day Past, Present, and Future visit Luke and give him insight into his friends’ lives. He has to decide whether or not he will come home to visit Leia for Life Day, and ultimately realizes whether or not he can truly redeem Kylo Ren.
The story is already finished, and I’m posting a new chapter each Wednesday and Saturday. I hope you like it :wink:
Here it is!


My story isn’t exactly what you want. It’s not fanfiction nor historical. But i can offer you something different, unique. All i can say about this story is : It is highly original. POV, places, designs and even talking patterns are different. Episodes are short and easy to follow. It might have some problems due to my language and cultural difference but with your critiques i think i can develop even more perfect contents. Here is the link : https://www.wattpad.com/story/175064752-colorads-and-their-quirks

Roast me :slight_smile:


it won’t let me share my story


Thanks for sending Etched in Glass some love!


My Open Novella Contest entry is pretty romance-heavy and on the young adult side of things so you may enjoy it :hearts:


Nightmarish abuse. A car crash that took everything.

Some things, there’s no coming back from.

Connor Everson knows that better than anyone - but this year is different. A twist of fate has gifted him with the man of his dreams; and, no matter how unbelievably shittastic his own life may be, he is determined to make his holiday one of hope, happiness, and new beginnings… Even if it kills him.

Which, at this point, it just might.



Eleutheromaniac is a YA romance. Here’s the summary if you’re interested in checking it out:

When her parents break another one of their no-good promises, Elizabeth Blackwell decides to run away from the five-star resort she’s staying at for the summer. A spontaneous road trip with an unconventional waiter is set into motion and Elizabeth is faced with things she’s never had to experience before. What was first thought to be a get away from her over-controlling parents turns into an adventure of a lifetime - one where Elizabeth comes to realize just how much of an eleutheromaniac she really is.


Progress is unique as it covers the search for an identity in a way that has not been covered before. It is also filled with small narrative twists where the story takes you places you didn’t expect, yet in hindsight can see it was the natural progression.

Bella is a young woman born and raised in a bunker following a global collapse. She finds her way out of the bunker to discover that the world is not what she was told it was. As she explores this new world with the help of the people she meets along the way she will be forced to question her views of the world, her ideology, and herself.

Suddenly the door slid open to reveal a small room. She cautiously walked inside wondering why anyone would put in so much effort to build such a pointless room. She wondered if it was meant to be some form of safe or special storage area, it was far to small for much else. She noticed a small card on the floor and picked it up. On one side it had the word ‘Hosasa’, on the other ‘Eve’. Suddenly the doors shut behind her, she ran over and desperately tried to pry them open but it was no use, they wouldn’t budge.

There was a small touch display located next to the door. She tapped on it hoping that it would be the door release, but it did nothing. She checked her phone hoping that she could call somebody for help, but it wouldn’t connect to anything. She started looking around the room desperately searching for a door, or an access panel, or anything that could help. After looking everywhere she closed her eyes and paused. What was she missing? Was there something else she could do or try? She pulled the card out from her pocket and looked at it closely. But alas nothing of interest seemed to appear, there were no patterns, no color variations, just pure black on each side with white writing. As a hail mary move she tapped it on the touch panel, anything was worth a try.



I’ve got a series of young adult books going and one young reader. If you want to check them out you can click the link on each book.

Mirror Me (Book 1)
Living in a home where mirrors are forbidden and a glance in one could bring disaster, Hope Martinez has found her life to be filled with questions. Struggling to survive as a Latina in South Texas, Hope never believed her family was anything special that is until her family’s mysterious power awakes within her. For three long years she has promised her mother to avoid mirrors fearful of the consequences. Now at sixteen, Hope learns there is a beautiful place waiting for her beyond the mirror; one filled with singing flowers, living dresses, dancing pigs, and wonderful magic. Why would such a beautiful place be hidden from her? One reason, Hope has a terrible destiny. She is to destroy the world.
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Mirror Majesty (Book 2)
Hope Martinez is the first person in Tartarus to kill a Half-Life. Such a feat should be commended if not for the dreadful prophecy that surrounds her. In the meantime, Hope along with her new band of renegades have one goal in mind, make it to the ancient city of Vetra to learn of her Mirrorbender ancestry. Unfortunately a group of Juprus soldiers capture them and take them to the capital city of Blackstone whose king has a wicked secret. Now on a mission to escape the chains of a ruthless king, Hope has little time before the terrible power of Blackstone is unleashed.
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The Mirrorbender Compendium
An all inclusive guide of facts for the Mirror Me series. This book contains characters, places, and interesting artifacts detailed in the fantastical world of Tartarus. To prevent spoilers, the compendium will be split and organized to each coresponding book with details added and expanded. Please enjoy this handy guide as you explore more of your favorite characters and the elaborate history that make the Mirror Me series one of a kind.
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Algebra Flowers
Sophie St. Rose has lost her mother in a drunk driving accident. Now she feels she is losing her father too. Unable to cope with the loss, her and her father move to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to restart life.
At school Sophie is thrown into a world of disconnect. Everyone pegs her to be the angsty new girl who doesn’t want friends, that is until a boy named Benjamin Flowers is transferred into her Algebra 2 class. He makes an instant connection with Sophie due to her last name being rose and offers her a simple welcome gift of an origami flower. The two have a rough start getting to know one another, but as their friendship blooms so does a relationship.
Both of their parents disapprove of them hanging out due to Sophie being white and Benjamin being black. A racial tension brews between their lives as they struggle to understand each other’s world. Though they attempt to plant a seed of understanding in the people around them, a terrible tragedy is soon to come again.
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Eddie on the Edge of Everything
Eddie Eversby is an orphan after her astronaut parents are killed during a failed launch to space. Now living with her cruel aunts who enjoy making her do pointless chores and serve them like a maid, Eddie finds her greatest joy to be with her friends making claymation videos. She thinks her life with be forever miserable until a small meteor crashes into her room.
The glowing rock is the heart of a star and the essence of a wish. Coveted by the creatures of the universe, wishes are good money on the black market. A strange man appears attempting to bargain for Eddie’s wish in exchange for an intergalactic adventure. As the two discover the beauty of the stars, an evil djinn sets his sights on Eddie. She learns that when the greatest star chooses a young girl from Earth to have the most powerful wish, the whole universe is bound to take notice.
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Hi, I have a fantasy story that can sort of be read like an alternate history but also has some magical elements. I just thought I’d throw it out there.

Title- “The Blood of Queens”
Genre- Fantasy
Synopsis- Against all odds, half-blooded Alex has carved himself a position in the Angleyan Empire as an elite Black Knight with the help of those sympathetic to his plight-at a cost. He’s ostracized himself from his own people, the impure races of laborers in the slums, and as a man in a woman’s world, he’ll never be free of others’ cruelest mockeries or rumors. This is, of course, when he doesn’t have to fight for his new masters, who would gladly dispose of him like cannon fodder should the need arise. To make matters worse, The Dannic Federation, Angley’s most formidable military rival, is once again itching for war against its once hegemonic but now stagnating foe. The Dans would like nothing more than to eradicate every last human being with Angleyan blood, but why should Alex care for a race that has shown him nothing but disdain? Even as war with a genocidal enemy looms, will Alex live up to his duties to the Angleyan Empire or will his resentment compel him to take advantage of the chaos and claw his way to power? In either case, how much blood must he and those closest to him spill to get what he chooses?

Link- https://www.wattpad.com/story/170452706-the-blood-of-queens


Hi there! I only have one chapter so far (333 words to be exact), but this is the beginning of a thriller that I am writing!
This is the first time I’ve actually posted any of my work before, and I really need some feedback o-o


Title: The Game
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: In a place called The Dust Clan a girl named Claire Frost, life is forever changed when her name is entered in The Calling. Now it is up to her to try and keep herself and her family alive. Claire will have to make some of the hardest decisions in her life if she wants to live. She will soon learn how far one person is willing to go to survive.
PSA: It is mature only for the profanity. It does get a little bloody at times so beware!!!
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/172790216-the-game


Hi! I’ll try and recommend my book to you. I don’t know if it’ll interest you, but I hope you’ll like it.
Its a fan fiction, fantasy, romance type.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/171401145-slowly-and-painfully-bts-ff


Killing the Unfaithful (ongoing) it is a mystery book. Pretty short chapters.

The day of love became that of blood, as a woman was killed by her mystery lover.

The only clue left was a note which read- You shouldn’t have cheated.


The stories I’m posting here are teen fiction, but bordering on young adult fiction. I’ll be leaving the details below, you may pick whatever interests you. But, don’t forget to drop in a message about how you’re liking them!


Fantasy / Adventure / teen fiction

What would you choose to keep with you: a cursed stone or your sister tied to its powers?
Ellie Jordan has to decide to keep one of them with her and give up the other for good.
It seems like an easy decision to make - like how people say that family comes first. Right?



Adventure / Romance / Young adult fiction

“He came back, didn’t he?”
Alexia wanted to answer, but could not find the courage to say anything lest she started crying; so, she nodded her head, biting harder on her lip.
How would you feel if the guy/girl you liked the most was laughing with you one moment and then, vanished completely out of your life the next?
How would you feel when he/she returns after you’ve convinced yourself that they are never going to come back ever again? Read on to find out.



Thriller / paranormal / teen fiction / romance

"Why do you keep pushing people away like that?!" she cried and I could see how angry she was. "Why do you push ME away?! What have I ever done to you?!"
When young Frank Edwards meets the new student, Elisa Mary Vincent, he realises that the secret he fought so hard to keep is about to be revealed.
And then, there is little Lydia Thomas. She is too innocent and naive and believes that the only reason her friend Frank is not already gone out of his mind is because of Elisa Mary.
However, dark truths emerge and all hell breaks loose…




This is a romantic fantasy story. I don’t know if you’re up for it but I hope give this story a chance. Though I just started writing it, so it has two published chapter so far.

Thank you for your consideration:smile::smile:


Hiya hun! I don’t know what type of fandoms you are into but if you like the hunger games, then I would love it if you could check out my fanfiction set during Catching Fire. Here’s the summary and cover :slight_smile:

Johanna Mason had a heart of stone when she killed Harper, winning the 71st Hunger Games.

Blaine Entwistle had a broken heart when he won the 73rd Hunger Games.

Blaine and Johanna never expected to be going back into the games. The unspoken law in Panem was that if they won the Hunger Games they got to live the rest of their lives in peace. However, the 75th Hunger Games has changed that.

Blaine is forced back into the arena for a second time, going up against previous victors and alongside the rest of the victors is Johanna Mason, the girl that killed his relationship. Forced to kill or be killed, Blaine enters the games with a vengeance and a dying wish to kill Johanna Mason for what she did to Harper.

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hi! I think you might like my story



Alyssa Rhodes was meant to attend her sister’s wedding in less than two weeks. However, she still had to find someone to keep her company. Sitting in a cafe and drinking a warm cup of tea, her search was going nowhere. When an handsome young man with a charming smile introduced himself as Matthew Jefferson, she took an instant interest in him. The connection between the two was incredible and it seemed absurd to think he became the answer to her problem. With the unknown scaring them both, what will happen once the wedding will be over? Will they ever find the deep love that they deserve?


Title: The Universe In Her
Gabrielle Sanchez has this charm that attracts people around her, known for her positive vibe as she always sees the good in everyone. Despite the goodness in her, not everyone knows that she is keeping a tragic past. It has always been hard for her because she doesn’t remember anything at all but the feeling always stayed inside her.

Ethan Jackson loves to draw, he can see things that other people can’t and he can turn it into something beautiful. His demeanor is mysterious and somewhat eccentric which adds up to the reason why people admire him but the thing is, nobody knows who he truly is.

“The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are. The second greatest is being happy with what you find.” -Auliq Ice

What if they find out who they truly are? Will they find happiness with what they will discover? Will they be able to accept the truth that they will uncover?
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/173440534-the-universe-in-her

I don’t know if you’ll like it but yeah…


Hey! If you want, check my story “The Crown and the Sword”! https://www.wattpad.com/story/98265480-the-crown-and-the-sword
An historical romance focusing on the story of some allies that the young King Arthur Pendragon gathers along the years.
Join the journey of the Blackwell family, ruler of the kingdom of Aldary, as they have to rise their kingdom from the ashes after an heinous dragon attack. Blackwells and Pendragons will join arms to fight for what is destined to be Albion, the greastest alliance ever formed. Feel yourself by their side on the battlefields, raise your feminist spirit up when you see a woman taking the complete power of the throne. Love the characters as they loved back then, knowing their days were probably numbered.
Updated every friday!