Looking for ONC Novellas to Add to My Reading List!! 😄 [please read description]

Hi there!

I’m looking for ONC Novellas to add to my reading list (like it says on the tin)! If the points below sound like they apply to your story, then I’d love to read it. :heart: :heart:

  • A romance novella, or one with romance as a central theme
  • Written in English (sorry, I’m working on being multilingual, but I’m not quite there yet)
  • A novella containing a bit of humour (not the most important thing, but I LOVE a witty romance story)

LGBTQ+ is fine, and Mature stories are fine - but I’d prefer it if that Mature tag were on for a reason (i.e. actual mature themes/really descriptive smut), or else it feels a bit like false advertising!

Thanks! xx


I have a romantic comedy ONC book ^^ does have LGBTQ themes


title: Heart of a Prince
blurb: During a ‘soul searching’ move to the kingdom of Dak’kine, Tia illegally fumbles her way into the castle’s staff. The only possible way to escape this mess without landing in international prison? Marry the Prince.
A Cinderella Story Satire

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It sounds brill - I’ll be giving it a read soon!

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Thanks ^^ hopefully I’ll have the 3rd chapter up soon!

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This sounds like mine. It’s dystopian sci fi, but it has a good dose of humor and romance.


It’s a clickable ad. Only the first chapter is up right now. It’s LGBTQ romance.


She hadn’t meant for it to happen. One moment Harper Holloway was out on the balcony to get some fresh air and the next moment she was in James Wittig’s body embrace, his mouth against hers in reality rather than just the fantasy she’d been living in for the last ten plus years.

James is more than off limits. Not only is he her older brother’s best friend and had been since kindergarten, but he’s also her older sister’s ex-fiancée, who has been trying desperately to win back his heart after breaking it last year.

When the clock strikes midnight, all bets are off, but when daylight approaches Harper knows her horses must turn back to mice, her carriage must turn back into a pumpkin and she must turn back into the baby sister in the background. Because if that other glass slipper drops, everything in their lives will shatter.

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Anyone But Her, New Adult Romance


Wren Castile and Kenna Gold hated each other in high school. Now mature-ish adults, they still hate each other. The problem? They’re engaged. A year away from marriage, according to two of the most powerful people in the world–their parents.


My ONC novella is only two chapters for now (my kids are sweet but incredibly excited this week, I am struggling to write the third part), but it fits your criteria: would you like to have a look? :slight_smile:

Title : I Am… Elizabeth Bennet?!
Genre : Romance
Link : https://my.w.tt/dwzs3tpHU3
Description : Romantic, sharp-tongued, with a tendency to fall in love with tall dark-haired brooding men - Leah is your archetype of the Pride and Prejudice fan.

For her birthday, Leah’s friends and family pool together to get her the ultimate Austenian gift: a virtual-reality gaming device, that will allow her to live her favorite novel as the iconic Elizabeth Bennet!

Prompt 70 (Open Novella Contest 2020):
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single person in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a spouse.


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I’m not the biggest fan of dystopian stuff, but your blurb makes me want to give it a go.

Thanks for the recommendation! :smile:

Hints of Cinderella? I’m intrigued!


Ooh, you went for the arranged marriage prompt?

I wondered who’d go for that (it sounded like a toughie to make a non-cliché story out of), so I’m quite excited to read your entry!

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I’d love to have a look - I’ve seen your novella on one of the community threads, meant to add it to my reading list, and ended up forgetting (uni’ll do that to you).

Glad to have found it again!

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Thanks! I’m a fantasy writer at heart, so it’s probably not the most dystopian dystopia, but I’m glad you like the blurb :heart:
I hope you enjoy it.

Mine is also that prompt :wink:

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mockup-New Deal

Yeah, I had a story planned that fit the prompt. It’s a fantastic prompt, but I probably would’ve chosen another if I wasn’t working on so many projects at once.

There’s a fair bit of humor and my original plans called for pretty descriptive mature scenes, but this is likely to be a non-mature version. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

I know you’ll find some amazing novellas, so happy reading (and thank you for adding mine to your list)!

Mine will be romantic and I think it’s got a bit of funny wit as well along the way :laughing: not mature yet, but might get steamy :thinking: see if you like it:

Title: Seacliff
Genre: Historical Romance(ish)
Sub-genre: Fantasy
In 2019, Aidan is an Edinburgh tour guide with a mythical secret.

In 1919, Saoirse is a Great War nurse who’s got nothing left to live for - until the sea brings a naked, unconscious man to her feet.

Not one easily shocked after caring for the most broken of men in France, Saoirse takes the stranger in and tends to his wounds. Except the man is all kinds of unusual and she begins to question whether he even is a man at all. Is the grief driving her mad or is there more to the world that she ever thought possible?

Saoirse hopes to find answers in her aunt Aoife’s diaries, since the gentle giant she rescued from the sea has no recollection of how he ended up there in the first place.
Cover (optional) :


I have two that seem to fit what you are looking for. Neither one is mature and I think they both have a bit of humour because my characters are funnier than I am.

Vicente Hates all my Covers (1)
Carmen’s Voice
Shy and successful Broadway singer, Carmen, is finally at the point in her career where she is auditioning for her dream role. After meeting Owen at the local coffee shop, it seems like everything is perfectly lining up for Carmen’s future. When faced with a choice between her dream job and her dream man, Carmen struggles to find a way to keep both parts of her life together.

ONC Covers (1)
Match Made
Chris and Aubrey always knew this day would come, but they didn’t think it would come so fast. When their parents sign a marriage contract on their behalf, they are thrown into a situation neither of them wants. The two unlikely allies must work together to keep up appearances as they try to find a way to fix their situation. Though their work lessens their distaste for their marriage, it may not be enough to keep them together.


Her First Husband


Ismar is a force of nature who bulldozes over all opposition, in love or in war. She is already seventeen, this matriarch in the making, and nothing can stop her from winning fortune, glory and her first husband, the most beautiful man in the world.

On her list of things to beat are traditions, rejection, a Scorpia assassin, a killer barracuda and bad poetry. No wonder a shy youth didn’t strike her as an opponent worthy of her mettle.

Mature tag on my story is there because it is reverse harem setting. There are scenes of intimacy as well.

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Title/link: The Prince’s Beast
Prompt number: 45 (Under Horror and Paranormal)
Blurb: Forced to marry an angel from Aeyaviel in the hopes of uniting their countries, warmongering Prince Liu Wen receives word that Mutsushina is tormented by a fox demon. However, he discovers that everything is not as it seems as he finds out that the Beast in the labyrinth is cursed by the Seven Virtues and only a pure heart and strong resolve is powerful enough to break it.

The Prince’s Beast is an Asian-inspired paranormal (MxM) romance story that takes the classical fairy tale Beauty and the Beast and combines it with the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.

Written in English, there is a bit of humor in it and there will be more sprinkled in as the story progresses, and romance is the central plot point as this is a Beauty and the Beast retelling ^o^


Hi! Here is mine!

Title: Catch me at Midnight

Blirb: Eliza wants to forget the last year ever happened, she wants to say goodbye to the last decade and start a new one.

She was once the wild child, the dreamer and the free spirit who would do anything on the back of a dare. But, a heartbreaking family tragedy caused her to lose herself and now she wants to find herself, but on the chime of a new decade, she kisses a stranger who turns into a kiss she wouldn’t forget quite so easily, a stranger who was about to make the new decade a one that will change her life forever.

Alec Hudson is about to say goodbye to the world he loved, but when his final New Years Eve leads to a kiss from a beautiful stranger he is about to find out there is so much worth living for.

*Open Novella Contest
*Marked as Mature due to triggering themes, possible mature scenes.

Link: https://my.w.tt/xuJcYsdc33