Looking for one real friend



This is the topic for people who want to find a friend for a private converse.
I believe the chating in threads with the big number of members is difficult for the big part of users. So if you are looking for one person to chat, write here some information about you and send a pm for someone you like

As for me, I am 16, I write fan fiction on Harry Potter, teen fiction (bxb mostly). And I’m waiting for your pms :smile:

I hope the topic will help somebody to find friend!

I just like the picture, it shows my nature indeed :smile:



if you like Harry Potter than you have already a good friend in me :heart_eyes:



Aaa Luna she is so pretty


yes my favorite one in Harry Potter and Hermione


I like Draco Malfoy (May be I’ve said)


nope you never said that and I like every character from Harry Potter actually Harry Potter is an amazing thing




We could use pm, if u don’t mind :sweat_smile:


Hey :slight_smile: Should you tell smth about you?


uhhh. idk. cant really think of anything lol


Anything, your hobbies, age, nationality


Hi I’m CeCe, I’m eighteen. I’m American, I’m currently writing two books a 1D fanfiction/general fiction book, and a general fiction book. I run a cover shop called The Cover Boutique if you ever need covers check it out :grin:


It looks like self advertising indeed




maybe we can :slight_smile:


ok, im 15, american, hobbies idk. i dont really have many hobbies besides maybe making youtube videos, videogames, swimming, or writing (kind of)


do you make youtube videos? nice…I’m an Adult, around the 30 in love with writing Poetry and age is just a number xD


yeah, its mostly just random videos currently (edited though). i like to write horror


oooh hahaha I’m writing in the opposite way


what do you like to write?