Looking for one real friend



Poetry :slight_smile:




yes I love writing that


17, write mostly teen fiction, read, daydream, draw, love film and anime.


What an unexpected meeting! :joy:


Who’s here? What’s up?


Hey, my name’s Re (pronounced ‘ray’, I have to specify because my sister recently called me ‘ree’), I’m 18 and I need more mature, stable friends so if you happen to be my age or slightly older hit me up~

(not that I don’t have mature friends, it’s just that a lot of them are chronologically younger than me and in a slightly different stage of life )


sorry but I love Draco so much


uhh I know what you mean


lol it kind of sucks doesn’t it? Like you love your friends but you can’t quite relate to all the high school/whatever drama anymore.


yeah I had that last year

and it’s acc different since I’m from switzerland

here the problem is when I started working (apprenticeship) and then ur friends are still full time at school it’s so weird idk


yeah! the scheduling really messes with stuff. especially when they’re on break and they’re all hanging out and you’re just… working. You lose a lot of bonding when you leave school and no longer have to share space in the same building with the same people day in and day out.

Switzerland is a cool country, I don’t know a lot about it though.


He is pretty :heart_eyes_cat:


switzerland is really not that special hahahah

my dream is to live in england


yes actually peng omg


hello :slight_smile:


Don\t u ship some characters?


Heey, what’s up?


It’s got more history and better weather than Canada :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to want to live in England too lol, now I’d much rather live in a lighthouse on the BC coast, or somewhere in Russia.


I’m struggling with a broken computer I’ve had enough of it so I decided to look for a moment what’s going on here :slight_smile: and what’s going on at your place?