Looking For Opinions On Writing An Author's Inside Look Companion Book



Recently, I’ve been thinking of writing a companion book for my series, The Shepherd Trilogy. I was thinking of making it an “Author’s Inside Look” piece. In it, I would talk about the books color themes, overall themes, show character questionnaires, tell where the story idea came from, and whatever else I thought would make a nice addition. Wondering if anyone else has done anything similar? Is this something you would check out if it accompanied a series you liked? Is there anything specific you’d want to ask the authors of your favorite books? What would you like to see included in an inside look book? Do you think this could kill the magic of a book? Just looking for general opinions to see if this is a waste of time or something people would be genuinely interested in.


I’ve seen it done. Not everyone who reads the books will look at it. Think of the extras disc when you purchase a movie. I have one for my sci-fi where I fleshed out my characters with background stories while doing prompt contests. Having these little tidbits in the mix, little side scenes that have nothing to do with the plots, can make for some interesting reading for people who can’t get enough of the characters.


Exactly! I’m not sure my novel has enough of a following yet to make it worth my while to write, but I’m definitely gonna save material aside for it. Thanks for your input!


Go ahead and write it, doesn’t mean you have to post it right away.


Also consider writing a Reader’s Guide - which can be used especially by book clubs that want to discuss a book.

Many writers provide these - questions, background, discussion ideas are all good topics. What you would like a reader to get out of the novel is a good mental place to start. There is no standard format that I can tell - I’ll produce one after my PC trilogy (mainstream fiction) is finished.


All of the things you’re talking about putting in the book would be great to put in a blog or on a website. (੭ˊᵕˋ)੭ ̀ˋ*:・゚✧


I think using it for blog or website material, as @AkjeMajdanek suggested, or creating even a dedicated website section is a great idea! I don’t seem to find this sort of stuff as interesting when it’s compiled into its own separate book, unless I’m really, REALLY invested in the story.

For example, I’d read anything Westeros or Game of Thrones-related, packaged in any form available, but only because I’m deeply, deeply invested in that story and that story world.