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Check out my story called Speed Dating!

Mine is based off of a true story. It’s more like a cute quirky kind of romance :slight_smile:


Title: West Side of Paradise
Summary: On the edge of achieving fame, rock musician Adriel Cross finds himself falling in love with the wife of established actor Dominique Vega: Evangelina Lamontagne, America’s most coveted model. What starts as a one night stand turns into a dangerous affair when Evangelina is hired as an actress on the set of Adriel’s latest music video shoot. As the affair continues, so do the flashes of the paparazzi cameras, causing Dominique to act on his suspicions in the worst ways imaginable.

Link to story: https://my.w.tt/R9Km59GH4U

Author’s Note: Official story cover coming soon.

Hey there. I just uploaded this last night and think you may enjoy it. I will take a look at your story as well. Thank you for reading.

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Lady of the Ravendale


Important tags:

Romance, Fantasy, Polyamory, Mystery, Matriarchy.

After living for five years in the futuristic world of Etria, Annbelle has to return back to a home that is filled with magic in Ravendale. Her mother died from sickness; now she will have to become head of the household.

Little did she know that her parents managed arrange marriage before their death.

Nathaniel and Alexander are infamous twins, they are known to be cruel to women who tries to tame them. Unfortunately, Annabelle will be their wife.

Polygamous marriage where one woman marries multiple men is a normal thing in Ravendale, while in Etria marriages are only monogamous.

Follow Annabelle’s journey as she uncover secrets of Ravendale and her true origin.


27 chapters is available to read

Link: https://my.w.tt/10Yjss63QP

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Would you like to try something different? Add these!
LEAD ME ASTRAY | “A Supernatural Passion Compels Them”

Aurie Edison shouldn’t linger in Overlay City, a mystical world of ley lines hidden within New Orleans. Luckily, there’s a seductive Empath named Mys who pledges to get her where she needs to be. Then there’s Detective Zyr Ravani, the hot werewolf tasked with keeping them safe. But what’s the worst that can happen to a Ghost?

See, Aurie’s not living her best life. But she COULD be if she accepts the powerful desire swirling between the three of them.

Ready to get away with something different? Solve Aurie’s murder with Detective Zyr Ravani and the genderqueer Mx. Mys as you fall head over heels for this threesome along the way. Go ahead. #GetAwayWithIt

INTO THE WILD DARK | “What Happens When Temptation Is Unleashed”

IT’S LIVE! :slight_smile: Begin reading INTO THE WILD DARK today!

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I have a collection of fantasy-romance short stories. Many are about first confessions of love.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/144251579-nocturnes

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Hey there, I think that you might enjoy my story :grinning:


They say that your life can change in an instant, all it takes is one moment to set you down a completely different path.

Meet Mikayla Moss; she’s young, talented and hardworking. She loves her current PA job, but everything comes crashing down when she suddenly finds herself unemployed.

Faced with the daunting task of asking the handsome Damien Arnauld for a job, the very man who caused her former company to close down, Mikayla finds herself being unable to resist her new boss’ charm even though she promised herself that she would not venture into such dangerous territory.



I have a romantic post-apocalyptic comedy that I just started. Posted the first chapter today. :slight_smile: I hope you like it if you choose to start reading it!

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/181549938-ethan-espressos-and-the-end-of-days


Blurb: Turns out, the apocalypse is anti-climactic. Zombies have flooded the Earth since 2024, a.k.a, year zero. The recently deceased rose from their graves en masse to begin their bloodthirsty new lives wandering aimlessly through coffee shops across the nation and feasting upon the emotional distress of overworked baristas. Aside from their irritability, incessant craving for caffeinated beverages, and the maggots crawling out of their eye sockets, the undead are virtually just like you and me. This strange phenomenon set the precedent for a new approach to global politics: how can the zombies be used, do they have rights, what does this mean for life or afterlife as we all know it, and most importantly, should baristas get higher paychecks? Who knows, but for Hope Turner, starving artist, jilted former romantic, and part time Starbucks employee, the end times just might be the second chance she so desperately needs.


Sorry I don’t have a book cover posted but hey you can’t always judge a book by its cover :wink:


como vc fez para tirar o link, me ensina?


Mudança súbita



Gracie (Grace) Anderson stops believing in fate and soulmates- when her 4-year relationship ultimately falls apart within seconds of being in a bathroom stall. When she craves revenge on a drunken whim- She falls victim to divine intervention and an unexpected surprise from her own mistakes.

“Do you want me to help you forget about him?”
I bite my lower lip and look up at his gaze. Feeling dizzy from all of that drinking- yet, I still want this. I want them all to feel pain. I’ve never wanted anything more.
“I want to forget.” I simply say.
He leans in and gives me a soft, yet tender kiss.
Pulling back, I catch him grinning at me. I feel myself blush and leaning back in- knowing where this is going to go.

Here is the Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/50774444-amazing-gracie


Title: The Freedom to Desire
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure
Length: about 19,000 words
Chapters: 10 + world map
Status: completed
Description: Brynne is forced with a sheltered life until a royal invitation changes her life forever. Cinderella meets Little Red Riding Hood meets Rapunzel in this retelling of a human girl, a merboy, and their powerful friendship that could blossom into something they’d never imagined.
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/158005449-the-freedom-to-desire

Note: The first half of the story is young adult, and the second half is new adult.


Story Title : After Dusk
Genre : Romance/Drama
Story Description : Is it possible for two people to be cut from the same cloth? Elena Matthews is a young girl trying to start a new life for herself while running away from her past. Tobias Quinn is a stubborn, rude young man trying to forget his past. Will they find love or will their stubbornness get in the way before both their past catches up with them?

Link : https://www.wattpad.com/story/169678784-after-dusk

If this sounds like something you are into, please give it a read and let me know what you think :bluehearts::blush:


Hey there! It’s really nice to see such enthusiastic people on wattpad. Makes us newbies feel more comfortable, and at home.

As introductions go, I am Kiara Plukitt, an aspiring and relatively new writer on wattpad. Below is my first novel. Maybe cliched by the look of it, but it examines the small underlying issues of a happily ever after. Believe me, it is far from one.

Click here to read Bullet Through The Rainbow


“There’s a reason proving theorems is easier than solving problems; sometimes its easier if you know what you’re looking for.”

Aaron is a young college second year student, hopelessly falling for a gorgeous classmate Venus. Jeanne is a struggling alcoholic working in a high profile publishing house, battling sexual abuse.

Two different personalities, headed in completely different directions. But what happens when their roads intersect, and change the course of their maps indefinitely? What seems like an obvious romantic interlude, is far from cliched love stories.

Especially when neither of them know what lies at the end of the road.

This is my second attempt, so its still perhaps a little raw and messy. I would really love it if you could give it a read, and comment your thoughts. The book cover is temporary, am still experimenting with ideas. Would love your suggestions. Thanks!


Hie. Am on it. Will comment as I go along.

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Hey. Am on it. Will comment as I go along.

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Great! :blush:



"Alicia, jeune française de 25 ans, actrice de théâtre, se retrouve à devoir jouer dans un film produit par la plateforme Netflix.

Elle se retrouve dans un monde nouveau, face à la coqueluche des producteurs.

Tout va changer pour elle, positivement et négativement.

Sacrifice, pression, engueulade, mensonges mais surtout amour. "

Ceci est un premier jai. La photo de couverture est temporaire, je suis entrain de poffiner la définitive. J’attends vos avis, vos commentaires :smiley: Hâte d’avoir vos points de vue


Hi there!

My completed book “Chasing Beasts” is a Fantasy/Romance/Adventure book and I’d love for you to check it out!

If you’re not into Fantasy, you’re welcome to default to some of my other books like my LGBTQ+ Romance/Humor book “Seven Dates” or my in-progress Boss-Secretary Romance/NewAdult book “Vice” :blush:



"His warm fingertips glide across my back. I hold back a shiver and try to breathe slowly so he doesn’t feel how wildly he’s making my heart beat. ‘You’re still incredibly beautiful,’ he says, looking over the scar."

Sonya’s home was burned to the ground. Everyone she knew was slaughtered. She doesn’t want to be alone and homeless anymore. She wants a family again, somewhere to sleep at night, and even a little something in her money pouch. And she’s heard that people can earn themselves a fresh start in Ceran Village.

The price? She has to kill the same monsters that destroyed her home.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/149972165-chasing-beasts


If you want you could check out my brand new story “Opposites Attract” It’s romance/vampire story. I’m a new writer so any feedback I can get will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: