looking for romance (undiscovered?)

I have a New Adult Romance you can take a look at if it sounds good! My more undiscovered books are Fantasy sadly! Hope you find some good reads! :heart:


When Natara is hired as secretary to a notoriously difficult-to-work-for company heir, she is determined to succeed at her job, no matter the cost.

The idea of working for the first time after high school terrifies Natara. She has never had a job before and with mediocre grades and an average skill set she’s not sure she’ll ever get hired anywhere.

After several failed interviews, Natara sees a “Now Hiring” sign in the window of a local multimillion dollar corporation and figures she has nothing to lose even when they inevitably turn her down. To her bafflement, they hire her, and she wonders what the catch is.

Apparently, it’s one infuriating heir to the company, and she’s his new secretary.

Read Here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/162030681-vice

Title: The unexpected Letter

Genre: YA Romance

Status: Ongoing…

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/188897556-the-unexpected-letter-first-draft-very-slow

Thalia is comfortable in her life. She enjoys her job, has a few close friends, and her imagination can satisfy her need for adventure and romance… right?
But then she gets swept away on a spy mission with tall, handsome Alex and everything changes.

A slow burn that focuses on the developing relationship between Thalia and Alex

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I’m very undiscovered! :crazy_face:
But I’ve started a new book that’s a romance novel. Would love to know what you think of it! :hugs:


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Summer Brinkley is thrilled to be promoted to a job in California, where her best friend from college lives. She is sad to find out Dana won’t be there the first three months, but her best friend offers Summer her apartment to live in while she searches for her own place. The only problem is that Dana has a roommate, Jesse, who Summer crushed on all through college.

Jesse James is stunned to find out the girl of his dreams will be moving in with him. He avoided meeting in person during college as Summer had been dating someone else and lived miles away. Now that they will be down the hall from each other will Jesse finally get some Summer Lovin’?


Unrequited Love: Say, “I Love You!”

Title: Unrequited Love Say, “I Love You!”
Author: @LevonPierce
Genre: Teen Fiction

“One day you’ll be mine!”
“That will be the day” I retort. “There’s no way I’ll fall for You!”
“I’ll see you later Stella, And one day I know you’ll say I love you!”
“What a bold declaration,” I say under my breath. I begin laughing to myself as he walks away. Little did I know, our story was just beginning.

Aubrey Waters is a junior in high school. Typical jock. Popular with the ladies. Star quarterback. The works. He’s a force to be reckoned with. Though he’s a preacher’s boy, he’s known to be a player. He’s your typical bad boy who loves to party and he’s doing everything he can to rebel against his father.

Stella Star is more than your average teenage girl. She’s a strong independent woman with a mind of her own. Though she’s never been in a relationship, she knows what she desires. Being known as the smart, good girl, she thinks she doesn’t have a chance at love until a change in fate occurs.

This is a story of their love for each other through their journey as high school students. Loving each other through the worst, and standing by each other’s side.

Through Art, Through Heart


The moment she trembled when the guy she had been dating for three years bent down in front of her with a diamond ring, Sydney knew something disastrous was about to happen. Christian decided that they both should take a month off from work and have fun as bachelors in Hawaii, Sydney couldn’t help but see all the ways this could end in a terrible way.

Enter Terrance Knightly, the host for the newly engaged couple for their stay in Hawaii, Sydney’s brother’s best friend and also a world renowned artist.

Sydney was prepared for all the natural calamities that could possibly ruin their vacation. What she didn’t see was a guy with paint brushes battling his own fights.

"If your art loves someone else, your heart loves that someone else too."

-Terrance Knightly

hi, i have a story on my profile titled vertigo, and it’s completed. if you enjoy art, and if you enjoy love stories, then i promise you will love this book. feel free to check it out!

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/172496722-vertigo-✔️

Being with Elle is like being up in the clouds. It’s like flying, only you’re not on a plane. It’s just you, soaring through the wind, looking down at the earth beneath and feeling butterflies in your stomach. Zeke, he’s way up there with her, too high to care for anything below. He’s so high that looking down sends his head spinning, so instead, he looks at her, wondering how anything else in the world could possibly matter.

Elle has never been the type of person to handle conflict well. So when she meets Zeke, a beautiful artist with a lot of baggage, she struggles to hold onto him without losing her sanity. She tries to ignore his bad parts and just focus on the good, but the bad parts are still there, and no matter how much she doesn’t want to face them, she has to. So Elle and Zeke grow into each other. They learn, they fight, they go places. But most importantly, in the midst of everything, they both learn to face their demons.

text copyright © kennedykelis ™ 2019
all rights reserved

link : https://www.wattpad.com/story/172496722-vertigo-✔️

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I have 2 you might enjoy, Olivereads14

Check out LEAD ME ASTRAY (complete)

A SUPERNATURAL PASSION COMPELS THEM | Watty’s 2019 Horror & Paranormal Winner | Reviewers have called it, “One of the smartest, sexiest, and most unique paranormal romances that Wattpad could possibly boast.” --The Rune Awards 2018 |

Aurie Edison shouldn’t linger in Overlay City, a mystical world of ley lines hidden within New Orleans. Luckily, there’s a seductive Empath named Mys who pledges to get her where she needs to be. Then there’s Detective Zyr Ravani, the hot werewolf tasked with keeping them safe. But what’s the worst that can happen to a Ghost?

See, Aurie’s not living her best life. But she COULD be if she accepts the powerful desire swirling between the three of them.

Ready to get away with something different? Solve Aurie’s murder with Detective Zyr Ravani and the genderqueer Mx. Mys as you fall head over heels for this threesome along the way. Go ahead. #GetAwayWithIt

Or try INTO THE WILD DARK (in progress)

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN TEMPTATION IS UNLEASHED? | from the author of Wattys 2019 Horror & Paranormal Award-Winning LEAD ME ASTRAY |

Jack Slobodnik is jinxed.

After four years in lockdown for a crime he didn’t commit, he’s unlucky enough to walk straight out of prison into a shady deal in Supernatural Overlay City.

But with the finest lawyers money can’t buy, Jack’s bad luck is about to take a turn. They’re going after the people responsible for his wrongful conviction. Money, power and vengeance is the name of the game, except Jack’s mysterious new best friend and his sexy new lawyer are about to bring out his most primal desires - which can only complicate matters.

Affable, captivating Sunny and Attorney Mal Ashivant are in a competition for Jack’s Soul. And everything is at stake for the one who loses.

Get away with a love triangle unlike anything you’ve ever read. #GetAwayWithIt

And for more from me, check out my Wattpad profile :hearts:

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Hi! I hope my story is something that you’d enjoy reading! There is a fantasy element of it but it isn’t fanfiction. I’d love if you’d give it a try. Thank you much! Cheers <3 13katie


Amber and Faith are getting ready to go on the biggest adventure of their lives, when they make a discovery that will change them forever. As they get settled in their new home, they are greeted with a mysterious letter and a friend that will introduce them to an agency that seeks to unite Protectors and Specials in an attempt to save the world.

Excerpt from Chapter 1:
Energy filled the room as he entered. The lights, previously turned off, flickered on as he touched the wall. Screens buzzed to life and filled the wall, but he focused on one in particular. A girl with emerald green eyes, sparkling with passion as she danced. Floating across the floor, it seemed as if she was in a dream, her body perfectly matching every position. But the movements of her body wasn’t the only thing that danced with her spirit. He watched transfixed, as the water of the ocean danced across the horizon, pulling itself towards her, mimicking her movements with a dangerous power.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/204180039-protectors

Thank you! Have a lovely day!

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Falling for a Boss

Kira and her sister Kiriyah were adopted into the Hidal family young. Life for them had never been normal and being the realist that they are, they never expected it to be. Kira doesn’t aspire to fall in love with a man and head off into the sunset like so many other girls she knows. She’s more interested in working hard to become a successful nurse with no debt. Still, that doesn’t stop her from indulging in ‘fun’ sometimes. Kira has never been shy about her willingness to have sex with a man one time and be done with him. The motto has proven to work well for Kira so far but when she falls into the hands of a boss, a night of ‘fun’ could make her simplistic lifestyle much more complicated.
Haze Montero is just one of the most sought after brothers in the city. Known for his savage demeanor and careless ways, Haze is the most feared of the Montero brothers. Girls fall in line to get up close in personal with the man people compare to the devil himself but Haze barely give anyone the time of day. Being that he was promised to the connects daughter against his will, he has to play things safe. But when Kira captivates him with her beauty, he can’t seem to break things off. He thinks he has things under control until they both end up in a line of trouble to come. Will he finally let go of the woman who shook up his life in order to save hers? Or will he go to war in the name of love? Read for more…



After discovering that she has stage four pancreatic cancer Ava Dawson decides to go on a wild adventure instead of starting chemotherapy treatment.
Was it a good idea or the worst idea she has ever had?! even she doesn’t know that!


Only Sunshine - Mature Romance

“Thanks, I only really crave one of these after a long ass night or when I am drinking.” she looks at me. “Or maybe sometimes after sex.”

I nearly choke on my drink. I look at her, my eyes kind of wide, and then I look straight forward.

“What? You don’t enjoy a smoke after some hot ass sex?” She asks leaning in toward me.

“I guess? I think that’s just some shit in a movie or something.”
“Or maybe you’ve just never had someone rock your world to that extreme.”

Sunny grabs my drink out of my hand, takes a sip, and hands it back to me slowly, while she licks her lips.

I watch her every intentional move. I want to lick her lips, taste her, take her.

Her eyes lock with mine and she leans in even closer. Her head is tilted to the side as her eyes move from my eyes to my lips and back. I return the gesture and lean in. I’m going to kiss her, she’s practically asking me to. My lips just barely brush with hers…

Just then the garage door flies open and Heidi comes stumbling out, “Sunshine! Brian and Nikko have an extra room, you’re okay with crashing here, right?”

We both sit back as if we were school kids getting caught by our parents, and Sunny stands up in place.

Read more here: https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/204876609-only-sunshine

Cool Girl: Becoming Everything the Devil Desires is a dark twisted love story.

"He said my name like he was savoring the taste of it on his lips. A deer mesmerized by the headlights I stood there loss for words.

What do you say when the Devil knows your name? Eyeing you like a four course meal, and he hasn’t eaten in decades.

What do you say when his baritone voice is like sex on tap and, being the tempter that he is, forces you to imagine just what it would feel like to be devoured by the darkness?

I didn’t know it at the time but I had just became his next victim. The object of his unbridle obsession and this could only end with my death…

Unless I become everything he has ever desired." - excerpt from Cool Girl

Raven finds herself trapped in grasp of a handsome killer. To survive for as long as possible she soothes the Devil himself.

Read Cool Girl FREE on Wattpad and follow me as I upload each chapter as I write the story. https://www.wattpad.com/story/212145114-cool-girl-becoming-everything-the-devil-desires

Two women in India share the fate of an arranged marriage. Zara was tricked into coming to India to meet the family she will marry into. Preeti falls for Sita, a girl from the metro station who is bound to an arranged marriage by her strict traditional family. Will Zara and Preeti overcome the circumstances before and beyond their arranged marriages? Will love bloom when hope seems lost?

Arranged Marriage

The Only Way Is Up IMG-20191026-WA0000

Morgan Drake is a 2nd year resident at Sangela City Regional Hospital, grappling with depression and addiction, following some recent and stressful life events. Disillusioned with his work and current life situation, his world is turned upside down when, by chance, he meets the strong willed, smart, beautiful and intimidating Maddison Silva. He’s immediately drawn to her.
A introspective look reveals that he feels inadequate for her. This leaves him with two choices, get himself out of the hole he’s in or to give up on her and continue life as he always has.
Who is he changing his life for, himself or her? More importantly, even if he gets his life together for her, will she accept him?

3rd place in The Ace Awards 2020 Romance Category😊


Last minute entry here! I have a New Adult, pure old fashioned (but not old) story. Completed and fully ready to binge, it’s a page turner with a dash of drama wound around a romantic love story.

Title: Ruby Red
Genre: Romance
Status: Complete – but looking for feedback
Summary: Ruby Red is a sweet and sexy romance romp that follows Ali Stinson, the girl who seems to have everything, on her journey from riches to rags to love. It’s a light-hearted love story that will have you gasping, grinning and glad you read it.

Comments from other readers:

“I loved this book! It had my heart beating so much. You really fall in love with the characters I couldn’t stop reading! Definitely a book I would recommend :heart:

“I just want to let you know I finished Ruby Red, and it has been a long time since I was this hooked on a story here on Wattpad.“

“Wow my iPhone is on fire! :fire: Seriously you have got to get this book published! I love your work :heartpulse:. Honestly it’s one of the best novels on Wattpad”


Multi Firsts

Title: The Pact
Username: TheBookKween
Genre: Teen Fiction

'Ugh, not another ‘In-Love-With-My-Brother’s-Best-Friend’ Story?!"

Katie Morrinon lives with her brother, Roman, in a small house across the train tracks, when their parents died in a plane crash seven years ago Roman was given guardianship over Katie, he made sure that she would be an intelligent girl in both ways of book smart and street smart.
Then there is his friends (who try their best to get on her nerves) not to mention her crush on her brother’s best friend (That her brother knows nothing about) it’s hard to crush on a guy who is eight years older than you and the fact he (along with the other guys) made a promise to your brother to ‘never look at her as more than a sister’ it was a pact the guys made when they started helping Roman when he was given guardianship.
But, now that she is older and almost a high school graduate, how much longer can that pact of theirs hold?

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/208425362-the-pact


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