Looking for Sci-fi or a good fantasy...

Hello! I’m looking for a good Science Fiction or Fantasy book to binge-read.

My requirements:

  • NO ROMANCE! Unless it’s a tiny subplot. Basically, if its tagged #Romance, I don’t want it.

  • Must not be rated Mature (Preferably PG-13 or less!!!)

  • Must have decent grammar & decent plot

Things I like:

  • Strong female characters

  • LGBTQ+ characters

Things I’m especially looking for:

  • Alien abduction stories

  • Books with extremely hard magic systems.

  • Good worldbuilding

Examples of books I loved on wattpad

  • Power Uppers by @/Prism

  • Tree of wishes by @/Bloodynewmoon

  • Wings of change by @/CrystalScherer

If you think I might like your book, drop it below.


I seem to hit many of those criteria with my story

A Flight of Wyverns


“A flight of wyverns must save us, and you will lead it!” said the elder. Stormraven was still a new wyvern-rider, not even a full turn had passed since she had been accepted, but already she was the leader of a flight of wyverns, and the elder knew that it was she that should travel the world to find allies in their peoples fight against an invading empire.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/190025691-a-flight-of-wyverns


In the seemingly ordinary city of Gradmid, there is mysterious tree that is said to grant magical abilities to those who present an offering. However, the offering must something of value to the person, and the more valuable the offering is, the more powerful the ability will be. Since the power granted is based off the offering, it’s advised that you choose your offering wisely. If you’re unsure of what to do, feel free to ask previous visitors about their experiences. They’ll be more than happy to share their tales of love, loss, life, despair, and, most importantly, acceptance.

Link: Read here!

That’s me! Have a look at my Fantasy story


Jane Linden leaves her mother and the home that she loves to learn the way of the warrior in a strange and magical land. Making friends and enemies she strives to find her place in the court of the enigmatic King of Duveda.

Title: Klithyia
Status: Ongoing
Parts: 5 chapters, 1 prologue
Blurb: The people of Alanluriel are starving, losing their minds, resorting to their cannibalistic nature. They are in need of a savior; someone or something to fix their situation, and restore the peace they once knew. And then that savior comes, a group of people known as Biccas. They promise to not only restore the empire, but to make it better than it ever was before. And they plan to do this by giving out klithyia, or magic.
But there’s always a catch.
Empress Evinan knows the truth about klithyia. It’s a drug; it draws you in and never releases its grip. It makes you defenseless. It makes you willing to do anything to get more, and only the biccas know how to make it.
But do they listen? Of course not.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/194271345-klithyia

I really hope you enjoy it!!!
PS. I know the cover is horrible, but I am getting a new one soon.
Note: Strong females- check!
Good worldbuilding- well, I like to think so
Magic system- it is very different from anything I’ve ever read about
Grammar- check! Not mature- check! No romance- check! There is none at all


Title: The Keeper

Status: Complete

Age: YA+

Summary: Every two thousand years, a Keeper is chosen to protect the Black Forest and preserve the balance of life and death amongst its denizens. Traditionally, the Keeper is selected at age five, trained, and then annointed into the role at age twenty. But this time, something went wrong.

When she was five years old, a half-human, half Elven child named Anabelle was chosen to be Keeper. But she has no memory of that event, no memory of the man who tried to kill her, no memory of what her mother did to protect her. Now on her twentieth birthday, she is thrust into an unfamiliar world with dreams of fey and spirits, of masked balls and handsome strangers.

As memories of her past return, so does an old foe who wants to control the power of the Keeper. Even as those around her succumb to the darkness, Anabelle fights to discover the heritage that was hidden from her in hopes of defeating this man.

The one who will take everything from her. Even her life.


Title: The Black Forest

Status: is a completed novel and being updated regularly every Friday

Age: YA+

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure


It has been nearly three-hundred years since the battle between Anabelle and Balwin, but the war is not over. 18-year-old Hazen Solvaya goes with her parents to Hornberg Germany to visit her aunt an uncle. Not knowing that her arrival will set in motion a prophecy that had been written thousands of years prior. The fate of the Black Forest rests on her, as the dragon inside awakens.

Both can be read as stand alone novels!


I was Adam’s wife, nothing more, nothing less. I was the perfect wife, ever the obedient, always patient. I did everything they told me to do–everything he told me to do, but in the end, none of it mattered.

My name is Eve, and I just got kicked out of Heaven.

There’s a book I know that is both a great alien sci-fi and a hardcore magic fantasy, but it is also romance so I dunno how much you’d enjoy it.

Here’s the link in case you want to take a look anyway (sorry if I have disturbed you): Ipseity

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If you like short stories you might like my other stuff. The Zone, Zorpia Zorr, and Dead Planet have badass female characters.

Sci-fi shorts :rocket:


Hi! Here’s my book. It contain some of romance, strong world building, and it’s a sci-fi dystopian with a strong female lead. :dizzy:


The Earth is dying, yet humanity survives. Pollution and radiation run rampant on the surface. The government rations food and clean air for everyone. The glass domes provide some sense of security, but they are only for the rich who can afford the astronomical price of providing precious clean air to a whole city.

Nym and her family live outside the dome when the disease breaks out. Spreading through the Minor City Shelter and then to Shelter’s around other cities, nothing seems capable of stopping it. People going mad and dying off like flies. There’s no cure they can find. They only know one thing.

Their last precious resource is going to be the death of them.

[ Open Novella Contest Shortlist | ONC @Ambassador’s Pick ]

Click Here To Read -->

Hope this interests you!

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If you liked Power Uppers, you might like this one.

The magic system isn’t the hardest, but I try my best to be consistent with it. It’s got a strong, female lead and three-dimensional side characters. There’s a decent amount of worldbuilding as well, despite it being Urban Fiction.

Also, hi again! If you ever need another book cover let me know!

I think my story perfectly fills your requirements. It is science fiction, has NO romance at all, and isn’t rated mature. It has multiple POVs with male as well as female protagonists. It has a lot of worldbuilding.


Title: Elemorts

Description: Planet Karomoz - the central hub and heart of a galaxy with numerous hospitable planets - is ripe for the taking. The rulers have grown corrupt, the army indolent and the Karomozians themselves just couldn’t care less who holds power as long as they lead their luxurious lives unperturbed.

Twenty strangers - the Elemorts to-be - from twenty different home planets, visit Karomoz, each with their own reasons and motivations and each armed with a different elemental power.

Once on Karomoz, their fates get intertwined in unlikely ways and two factions are formed, locked in an ongoing battle for what each side believes in; a battle not of good versus evil but a battle of gray versus gray.


Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/111292481-elemorts

I actually am working on starting my own cover shop now! I figured out some tricks and getting much better!

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Hello! This story is around 1.3k words, so it’s pretty easy to binge read.
No romance
Not rated mature
Decent grammar (you’ll be the judge of the plot)


Hi, not sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for, but if you’re interested I have one for you :slight_smile:
The Last Philosopher is a high-fantasy story with heavy-handed attempts at humour. It revolves around the world of Huom and some of its quirkier inhabitants. It’s the first book under the subtitle, Nothing is Everything.
It has to-date won nineteen awards mostly for best fantasy, but also for best overall, humour, best female character, and special mentions for characters and character development.
It was also added to Wattpad’s official High-fantasy, Myths and Legends, Speculative Fiction, Dystopian & Apocalypse, and Multicultural reading lists.

Hey, this one is a unique original story! Why don’t you give it a try?

It has stuff you’re looking for, as in aliens, extremely hard magic system…

Title: Ultimates - The Adventure Begins

Description: Kaze Vensika is just a normal 13 year old boy that lives on the planet Hindro, a planet a lot like Earth. Life was normal for him and his best friend Saturo Kanshiro until one day a spacecraft crashes into their school during lunch.

Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/196150057-rewrite-ultimates-the-adventure-begins

It is currently on going, but I try to post chapters regularly, I just give people a chance to read first and then upload the next.

It’s not a book of mine, but a book written by a friend of mine who started writing a story.
Title: Year:2200
Blurb: Meet The Interceptors - A crew that was formed to protect and shield Earth from ET invasions. They’ve been doing their job well, but are they ready for the attack that may end their world?

I can’t recall if you read my story or not. I think you have, but just to be sure, here you go. Completed high fantasy with hopefully good worldbuilding. Instead of romance, I have a lot of cool original creatures.


Blaze in the Darkness

High Fantasy

The death of the Beast Collector was the beginning of a new life for firefox kit Zanixa.

Sold to a werewolves as an illusion in a bottle, the pack is reluctant to take responsibility for the fox kit who is alone in the world. Now she’s freed after centuries of imprisonment, the pack’s resident vampire takes care of her.

Zanixa has other ideas than staying with them, though. She is eager to find her mother… if her mother is still alive. The world is a big, dangerous place for a young magical fox who knows nothing about werewolf wars, hungry rogues, or nature spirits.

Here’s the link :slight_smile:

If you like dystopian sci-fi, I got you fam :laughing:

The first one I want to suggest is Across the Wildlands by @pictureXthisX It has diverse cast with a strong female lead. The world is solid and consistent and makes you (or at least me :laughing:) want to throw things from time to time. (I mean this in the best way possible.) There is no huge romance plot in this story, but there is a tiny subplot in the second book of the series.
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/78580428-across-the-wildlands-book-one-the-wildlands-series
Blurb: Wars and famine were just the beginning. From the ashes of the old world rose a new order; complete obedience to a company called the Achilles. Failure to abide by the law results in death. There’s no more innocent until proven guilty.

Alex is just one amongst a group of people called Designations. They can cripple the Achilles with a virus, but that responsibility isn’t for everyone. There’s questions needing answers, and partaking in a coup will have to wait.

The Wildlands will hold more than just answers. After all, what kind of place has the word ‘wild’ in it?

Mad Max meets I am Number Four meets kickass characters on a rough trip through self-discovery.

The second one I want to suggest is Ouroboros by @Sandcat Again, this book also has a diverse cast. One of the main characters is even a whale. Yes, he is a whale AND I LOVE HIM :rofl: This story is full of strong female and male (and a sexually ambiguous) characters. The world is based off a compelling ‘what-if’ scenario and makes you want to evaporate plastic out of existence. There’s also no romance here
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/185434818-ouroboros-wattys2019
Blurb: For decades, the Institute for Cetacean Advancement has controlled Earth through puppet regimes, using their slave army of technology-enhanced dolphins and whales. Dr. James Morris is their leading bioengineer, and his best friend is Coda-9994, the highly intelligent hybrid sperm whale whom the ICA intends to send to a far-off ocean world called Ouroboros in order to assess its habitability for humans.

When a group of criminalized freedom fighters offers him a chance to save his best friend, Jim finally has a chance for redemption. But how willing is he to get his hands dirty? Will he and Coda-9994 be the saviors of whale and humankind, or is Jim just another pretty puppet?

The last one is my story Shards. Gotta put in those self-plugs, ya know :joy: There are strong female characters (I made sure of that :grin:). The world building is a little slow, though, as the building of it is a part of the plot. (It’s kinda hard to describe without spoilers :grimacing:) There is also no romance.
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/110363618-shards
Blurb: Being the daughter of the most powerful people in the country places a high societal value on Octavia from the public. The glamour of this status wore off for her years ago as tragedy after tragedy has followed her because of it. But the glamour never wore off for the Chrome Rebellion. They take advantage of it when they abduct her and some of her friends from an underground party.

Now, to add to her tragedies, Octavia must survive being the prisoner of the most unstable person in the country and survive the ramifications of her ransom - a more daunting task than she realizes. A ransom Shard, the head of the Chrome Rebellion and Octavia’s handler, keeps secret from almost everyone. Most of his Chromies do not even know her ransom price.

Truth is always a high price to pay for freedom but is the path to it.

I hope there is something here that you’ll like ^.^

And this book. YAS