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Hi guys, I want to start reading more on wattpad. So drop some links to your novels and I’ll check them out. I’m looking for something romantic, adventurous, dystopian novels, or some good sci fi/fantasy.


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As you’re looking for specific types of stories to read and you can’t share links in the café, I’ve moved this thread to #share-your-story:story-requests for you :blush:

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This is my ongoing story, and I have a lot of people regularly binging it, so I would say it does interest people! :wink:


Andy is a nerdy young woman, with a great talent for coding. Moving to Seattle for her dream job makes her start a new chapter of her life.

Oliver, her new colleague is the embodiment of everything she’s ever wanted in a man. However, her affection for Oli is tainted by the overwhelming attraction she feels for her new boss, the cold and seemingly arrogant Alexander.

While trying to have a successful career, she battles with her inner desires, and does her best to face a romantic situation that is new to her.



Thanks I’ll check it out!

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The Sound of a Siren’s Call

When Arriana was born Deaf, it solved more problems than it caused.

Unable to hear the call of the sirens who raised her, she never saw a problem. With her father’s pirates all fluent in sign, she only ever felt the split of the underwater world of her mother and the pirating one of her father.

With the divide only growing farther apart, Arriana only ever seems to find more problems than she solves in her search for self.

Updates every Monday and Friday


The Flames that Engulfed Us

No one expects anything bad to happen. No one expects a school to burn down.

When Skylar’s day goes from boring to a battle for survival, she has to choose between saving herself or the girl in her class who happens to be on crutches. Everything is complicated even more when her boyfriend rushes back into the building to try to find her. Survival is a game, and Skylar’s been forced to play.

We know what happens when you win, but what happens when you lose?


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There is no romance, but I dare to say they deliver in fantasy quite a punch :joy:

Title: NinRai - MissAdventures For Two

Genres: Action, adventure, fantasy (original world), comedy


Winner in 8+ WP Awards!

Cover by: Me

Rating: PG13 (very light swearing, some fighting)



Title: NinRai - 2 - FaceStealer

Genres: Action, adventure, fantasy (original world), comedy


Cover by: Me

Rating: PG13 (very light swearing, some fighting)


Title: New World

Genre: Fantasy/Action-Adventure

Chapters: 38 (Ongoing, Updates Every Other Sunday) 2K Reads

Summary: New World, a novel telling the story of Anthony, a young boy who woke up with nothing but the clothes on his back, his name, and a single goal in mind: “Stay alive… Find the truth.” He is discovered by a mysterious yet trustworthy man who had been waiting for his arrival. Jay, a man clad in the same midnight as his hair, and with a beast-like gash running down his right eye. Despite the painful history behind such a scar; his scarlet eyes continued to burn bright with passion—and rage.

Anthony and Jay were both granted immeasurable power, and with the help of Ace, Jay’s trusty steed, our heroes set out into a journey that will test and push them past all mortal limits. Although, they never seem to be alone in this cruel world. The help of many friends that Jay calls family will always be near in their journey.

How far will they need to go? Will Jay and Anthony be enough to protect this world, or will the wonders of this world prove to be almighty, and take everything they fought for.

Link: New World

Please Come Check Out My Story. Thank You!

Awesome! I didn’t specify, but it has some mature content!

I saw in your description that you were nerdy, quirky, and humorous, and I honestly think it would be the three main features of my MC :joy: Hope you like it :wink:

Hope you enjoy this!
Title: The Wanderer
Summary: Riva Phadnis has a great life with a loving family, perfect grades and a bright future. All that changes when she realizes that she is a Wanderer who can travel to another world in her dreams. A world where political power holds greater value than a person’s life. And when that person turns out to be her mother, she has no choice but to accept her destiny and go on a quest that involves a mysterious baritone Prince.

With a strict deadline that comes with dangerous repercussions if not met and wandering emotions that get in the way of that, our smart heroine has to figure out what holds more importance in her life. She needs to figure out which world she’d rather choose, one with her perfect life or one with a chance at love.

If you enjoy stories with strong female characters, a completely new world and a girl who has to learn to not only accustom herself to it, but also train to conquer it, then this one’s for you.

"The Wanderer takes everything up a notch. Fights become Battles, Dislike becomes Hate, Power becomes Absolute and Love becomes Epic!"


I am so close to the end of my ongoing New Adult Romance Heart to Hart


At eighteen years old, mistakes are bound to be made and Natasha can’t seem to stop making them.

First, she leaves her friends and home behind all because she couldn’t face her ex with her new replacement. She is convinced the change of scenery will magically transform her.

When she realises she was wrong, she returns only to find that cracks are starting to show in the perfect family her mother tries to portray them all as.

Max, her ex-boyfriend, is suddenly single. Will she be quick to forgive and let him use her all over again?

Then there is Alec, her childhood best friend. Sian has warned her not to cross any lines in their relationship but what harm is a little kiss among friends?

Natasha is about to find out, the hard way, that every action has a consequence.



ongoing story

:trophy: 1st place - Romance in THE CREATIVE AWARDS 2019

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Hello. :blush: I have a dark fantasy romance if you’re interested in that. If this sounds good to you, the ad is also clickable.

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I’ve got a fluffy LGBT fantasy romance. I hope you enjoy it!
Sun And Shadow


Goofy boys guard sheep and fail catastrophically to communicate in pseudo-ancient Greece: a romcom.

It’s not fun to be the twin brother of the most beautiful woman in the world. Lysandros, junior Prince of Chaldis, could tell you that much. It’s even less fun when when an arrogant warrior comes seeking Phoibe’s hand and decides to cozy up to him to get it.

But when Niketas turns out to be a suspiciously more-than-alright fella who grows on him like mold? That’s probably an appropriate time to stop talking about fun and start shaking his fist at the gods, because what else can you do in the face of fate and glory?

If you like sunny stories, semi-accurate Greek mythology rehashed beyond all hope, or characters desperately trying to comprehend one another, this is the novella for you!

Sun And Shadow is complete! You can find it at https://www.wattpad.com/story/187403995-sun-and-shadow

I also recommend @LanaJoKing’s The UnTitled and @MMicheleWilly’s Bearheart for great fantasy adventures.

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Thank you for the recommendation :purple_heart::purple_heart:

Here is mine if you are interested.

The UnTitled


Name:Unknown :grey_question:


Hi! You might enjoy my story ^^!

Title: The Wings of Storm
Genre: Portal fantasy adventure
Tahro Akagi shouldn’t live in two worlds at once.

Yet, forced to spend his days studying by a no-nonsense mother, he longs for adventure. At a moment of desperation, Tahro finds himself in Saishuu Riku, the lands of his favourite book. Engrossed in this world more than he ever thought possible, Tahro saves a character’s life.

But if a butterfly’s wings can bring thunderstorms, then his every breath is another flap as it flies, his every heartbeat a danger to those around him.

Unwittingly, he becomes entangled in a web of conspiracies between ministers, a murderous witch and a kidnapper with butterfly-patterned knives. Tahro learns he’s changed the plot too much. Events that should happen don’t and his new friends are caught in a crossfire he wants no part in.

And when his friend is kidnapped, saving her could put everyone else in danger. Yet Tahro can’t stand by and watch.


I have two fantasy books that you might enjoy depending on your taste.

Come sail the Everblue sky alongside Evan and his sister, Claire Montresser!

It was always Evan’s dream to become a Leaf and pilot an airship. Claire just wants to keep her brother as far from the brewing war as possible. But when a mysterious girl with crystals embedded into her wrists falls onto Evan’s airship during his pilot’s test, Evan and Claire find themselves thrown into a chain of unfolding events that will bring them to the center of the Everblue sky, and the reason their fragmented world is trying to tear itself further apart. What role does this girl play in the destruction of Evan and Claire’s world, and why is the Empire willing to start a war just to kill her?

This is a recently started YA fantasy.

All her life, Saidy has only known two things: servitude to her slave master and the weight of a blade. Captured at a young age by a race of demons called oni, Saidy is forced to fight time and again against other slaves of the oni as their masters wager on who will win. Her desires of freedom were long abandoned until she meets a mysterious figure who inspires her to free herself from her master by any means possible. He promises her a new life, but never specifies freedom, and she finds herself trading one master for another. However, this new master holds a dark power that threatens the Northern Realm of Tallenhiem, and Saidy finds herself fetching a rare artifact for him to use in his lust for power.

Too late does she realize the weight her actions carry in the Northern Realm’s future. Which leads her to one burning question-what will she do with this revelation?
Find out in The Dragon’s Valkyrie!

This is a mature NA fantasy that was recently completed.

Title: The importance of speed
Genre: Short story, general fiction…
Blurb: A young carterist applicant asks for training to a retired thief.

Enjoy the read :mouse2: https://www.wattpad.com/story/207010671-the-importance-of-speed

I have an ongoing Science-Fantasy you may like (updated Saturdays). It will have a dash of romance a little later on in the book too. ^^


Chosen to be the first leader of the Celests, Vishnear feels disoriented and unsure of his ability to lead. A scroll arrives promising direction, but at a cost. He will become a vessel to the god named Sytrix.

Meanwhile, galaxies away, a Wikev named Irene finds out she’s a host to a goddess. Her resentment towards the deity leaves the two begrudgingly stuck together, unable to do much besides bicker.

That is until a species emerges from their century-long seclusion. Their clouded motives and a forbidden attraction catalyst a new era for the universe.

These are the Celestial Origins.

Click here to read!

I also recommend @LuliWrites Celestial Requiem or Anyway the Wind Blows if you’re looking for a lil more romance.

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Ellie, a beautiful but ambitious girl left her hometown in Australia in hopes of a successful life. Five years of hard work in New York but with nothing to show for it. She actually ends up as a housekeeper for a spoiled and arrogant American heiress and model who hardly stays at home.

Sebastian Reed, New York’s hottest bachelor and heartbreaker, ladies gift from God, sexy British accents, extremely handsome, loaded and arrogant. The list is endless. Typical Alpha male. He got the looks, brain and he is one of Forbes top five billionaires in New york. He likes his girls elegant, rich educated and classy but nothing serious, strictly No string attached.

One night, Ellie accidentally bump into Sebastian and sparks flew. He mistook her for someone, A rich Australian heiress who is in New York, for vacation. Ellie thought after that one night, she will never have to meet Sebastian again but one dinner turns into many and then a marriage proposal.