Looking for some thrillers to read!

I am a huge fan of thrillers, especially psychological thrillers. Whether it is a Sharp Objects type of thriller or something more procedural, I’m willing to give it a read. So if you or anyone you know has a book like that, leave the link below!


I think you might like this one, it is a pretty cool psychological story so far about a crooked neurologist and his captive patient by @tale_a_grammer


I have something that might interest you XD It’s a Romance-Thriller

sb ad

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Are you open for romance to be a sub-genre? I have a book that features both (paranormal romance and mystery/thriller) in it.

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@LouisBaronSantos writes thrillers that I like. His current WIP Last Stay has a bit of a paranormal or horror vibe, but in my opinion is primarily a thriller.

“Green’s” wife, Angela, didn’t come home last night or the night before that. In fact, she’s been missing for six days, and people are starting to suggest that Green had something to do with her disappearance. Some even believe he murdered her.

But ever since Angela failed to come home that evening, strange and unexplained things have been happening to her husband. One night, Green rushes over to his wife’s old apartment and discovers a cell phone that seems to belong to her; he also encounters something dark lurking her bedroom.

When he finally manages to leave, the cell phone he found provides the first clue about what might have happened to his wife. As he begins to follow the clues, Green soon discovers that the path to solving this mystery is filled with peril and forces he could not have imagined.


Hi @ih9344
My story “Spies and Spice” is a thriller but not totally a psychological thriller. But it is not purely action based either and dwells equally about the mental and personal elements of protagonist’s life and his colleagues as the adventurous and dangerous missions they undertake.

It also deals with the less glamorous side of their job, the PTSD and trauma they face after failed missions, and the constant conflict and stress they face as part of their job.

Story has been split into two books for easy reading.


Title : Spies and Spice

Genre : Thriller/ Mystery/Crime/Action

Status: Completed


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Hi @ih9344 I’ll share mine, in case you might be interested

The room was pitch black. | Sybil walked in, locking the door behind her. A light was immediately turned on revealing a young man tied up to a chair. A devilish smirk appeared on Sybil’s lips as she looked at him. The poor guy really had no idea what she reserved for him.

Harmony in dark

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Oh I suggest checking out @Hani2018 I’ve read some great horror books :blush:

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I’m a huge fan too!

My first story on Wattpad is a psychological thriller and it won the Fiction Awards last year:


Kidnap, torture, kill, repeat. That’s how this serial killer rolls. Now, what does it take for one boy to escape his horrifying captivity?

It takes guts!

Kevin and Josh, two college best friends, are trying to launch a chemistry startup. Their lives turn into a living hell when Kevin’s bad luck drives him to the doorstep of a serial killer. While Josh is freaking out and tries his best to find Kevin, the psycho killer is enjoying torturing his young victim in every possible way.

However, there is one thing that the killer doesn’t know; he picked the wrong victim to mess with.

I also have a reading list filled with psychological stories that I added from other Wattpadders:



You want thriller? Ooo, I got you!

Click ME to read

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Hello! I have a paranormal thriller novella that has heavy psychological themes if that’s something that would interest you :slight_smile: It is currently featured on the Wattpad’s official @PsychologicalNovel profile.

You might want to check out the profile’s reading lists for more potential reads too :+1:



Evelyn White was born with a gift - or rather, a curse: the first time she touches someone, she sees when and how that person dies. Meeting new people is sickening. Walking through a crowd is hell. Not to mention that when she opens her big mouth to tell people what’s going to happen to them, most treat her like she’s crazy - at least until she saves their lives.

But meddling with the future has consequences, and Death is not all there is to fear. As she searches for a way to save the new transfer student from being murdered, a voice starts whispering in her ear. Someone or something lurks in the shadows. Watching. Waiting. Trying to get close using mind games and tricks.

It knows about her powers. It knows she can change Fate - and it’s not alone.

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The way you summerized it made me wanna click, but when I read the blurb I didn’t understand what the story was about. It didn’t feel like the patient is captive. Is she?



Genre: Romantic psychological suspense thriller

Blurb: || Mystery || Suspense || Romance || A Fifth Avenue heiress stalked by an unspeakable evil. The hunky son of a billionaire obsessed with saving her. His muscle-stud gay cousin, looking for love in all the wrong places. Join the young and the damned in their noir world of the city after dark where every shifting shadow can manifest the relentless terror of the night.

This book contains scenes from the underworlds of BDSM, Cult Ritual, and Manhattan gay life.

New chapters being posted weekly!

Rated MATURE. Strong language. Diverse sexual Content. Sensitive subject matter - mental illness.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/19179393-the-girl-in-the-night

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I have a psychological thriller I’m working on! It’s also a mystery with some paranormal elements.

Title: Flytrap
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/200482884-flytrap
Blurb: A once promising, young detective starts digging into her soon-to-be stepmother’s elusive past and finds she might be the reason why men are mysteriously disappearing around the city.

After a tragic accident leaves her crippled, Barbara Gordon must return to the city she thought she left behind for treatment. Yet, the happy reunion she imagined with her dad is anything but when she meets his new fiancee. Convinced the woman is not who she seems, Barbara begins her own investigation and discovers she might be responsible for a recent string of disappearances.

But if Barbara wants to get closer to the horrifying truth, it’s going to take a lot more than just crime-solving for this once would-be detective. She must make a deal with a devil… or else, learn how to destroy one.


I am not sure yet myself. But I want to find out. The way it’s written… it makes me suspect everything… and I don’t know the answer, when I usually can see the plots coming. :innocent: that’s why I like it.

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Hello! Perhaps you’d like this one of mine!

Title: Sleep with the Fishies
Status: Three parts, update every Friday
Genre: Lovecraftian horror-comedy
Blurb: Joanah knows Cthulhu’s deal: sacrifices, tentacles, and creatures too disturbing to describe. Turns out she’s the only detective who’s conveniently not dead and knows just enough about the eldritch to stand a chance at preventing the Second Coming of Cthulhu. Which is bad. Will Joanah survive or will she succumb to the horrors of the eldritch?
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/225876992-sleep-with-the-fishies
Sleep cover.PNG

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Hey, I have a short story action thriller!

Title: Don’t Get Attached
Genre: Action
Blurb: When U.S. army soldier Devon Miles signed up for the biggest battle royale on the Network, he figured he’d run away with the competition. Him versus ninety-nine civilians who thought flicking computer mice equated to aim proficiency? Piece o’ cake.
But every one of these “civies” has their own reason to win. And he soon finds his victory–and survival–aren’t so guaranteed. . .
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/219371270-don’t-get-attached
don't get attached cover

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Thanks @everyone! All of these stories seem so intriguing and I’m so excited to read!