Looking for something short and sweet 🍬


Helloo :hearts:

I’m procrastinating, as usual, and haven’t read something on Wattpad in a very long time.

I’m looking for stories that are:

:hibiscus: Short - not necessarily a short story, but something that won’t take too long to read :sparkles:
:hibiscus: Preferably Humour/Romance/Light-Hearted - nothing dark or serious, please :fairy:
:hibiscus: Complete stories only, please. :books:
:hibiscus: English stories, please :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Thank you in advance! :xkaydotx:

*If I :heart: your comment, it means I’ve added it to my library :bluehearts:


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again:

He’s Probably Gonna Spit in my Drink by @DeliaMaguire6.
Here’s the link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/151164848-he’s-probably-gonna-spit-in-my-drink

Edit: On further thought, I think my story Death’s Edge could count as light-hearted, since the writing itself is pretty humourous. But the plot is kind of dark, so I don’t know if it technically counts as sweet.


I can show you to my two-parts romance short story Seventy-two Hours :blush::heart:



You should check out Superhero Hotline and The Happiness Project by @astrophile :smile:


I’m 6 feet 2 and bitter (oh, so very bitter).

Sorry I couldn’t help.


You can check out my alliteration poetry novel, Alpha Beta Poetry. There’s only 28 poems!

Alpha Beta Poetry


My current story Afterlife does sound a lot like the type, if you’d be interested, but it’s not just yet completed, although it will be in just two weeks! (I do keep with the schedule and it’s already finished, so it’s a press-the-button thing heh)


I hear “short and sweet” and I think, that’s my story! Here’s what it’s about:

read here!

I also have another short and sweet story, that’s almost finished… but okay, just completed stories, right? I won’t talk to much about that one then :wink:


Hot Chocolate by mintchocochipkookie and Mango by AllAboutWordz (let’s pretend that we don’t know the second person though)

(Edit) I searched for someone and found her profile, I enjoyed her short stories back then libellule_


Hey @xkaydotx, check out The Perfect Snow. Sounds like it would be precisely what you’re looking for.

When Rhys, heartbroken by his breakup with a cheating girlfriend, visits Peregrine Hollow during winter break, he cannot imagine that he will meet Melanie, the girl that will make him forget everything before her. In her eyes live all the stars in the midnight sky, but that light is clouded in a darkness and sadness so profound that he will do whatever it takes to make her smile. As they are brought closer together by their mutual attraction that turns into love unlike anything either of them has ever felt before, Rhys learns of the tragedy in her past and realizes much too late that their time together is running out.


I have a romantic short story.



Mine are all short and sweet - https://www.wattpad.com/user/MaryFahey


You may be interested in Poesy. She’s a spunky teenager trying to keep her friend from moving to Los Angeles.

I’ll have the third chapter up today. :slight_smile:



The Bad Boy’s Dog

Upstart rookie magician(she prefers the term performer) Allison Burgers was tasked to look after their toy shop while her parents got some provisions for the mayhem that’ll commence the next day, Black Friday. When she was caught doing something else by her neighbor with a bad reputation.

Link: The Bad Boy’s Dog


The Princess’s Price


Princess Elcimna’s life of leisure comes to a screeching halt when she discovers war on the horizon, her hand in marriage the key. Forced to face what she’s avoided forever, she has to make a choice.

I know it sounds heavy but it’s a lot of fluff and the ending is super light. Nine chapters and an epilogue. :slight_smile:


Hi, I am a brand new memeber of wattpad and I hope I’m not breaking any rules here (I just joined an hour ago and I’m thrilled to be here!!)

Anyways, I came across this thread and I wanted to suggest my Christmas short-story, which I recently uploaded. You can find out all about it on my profile (I don’t think I’m allowed to drop the link here).

Happy reading :heart:


Hi you should totally check out my story!, I have written 10 chapters so far and plan on writing as much as i can everyday!!

Check out my book “Awkward”

Synopsis: Amelia “Lia” Hill is an 18 year old high school senior who has always done the right thing. She gets good grades, dresses appropriately and barely has a social life. As high school is ending, Lia decides she’s had enough. She wants to live her life on her own terms, and be young and dumb like the rest of her classmates, including her twin brother Aiydan. On her journey to freedom, her crush Tyler Smith starts appearing more, causing the most awkward moments in her life.



I’ve got a couple that you might like - ‘No So Wicked’ is a short story about a blended family.

‘Luck of the Draw’ is fairly short - 36k words, I think.

“I really enjoyed this book, it was so sweet and feel-good and had a really nice flow! I hope it gets way more reads, because you definitely deserve them!”

K. A. Jordan - works


All short stories, romance:


And my short story cycle:


@zoehaslie You can post links in the story searches if you want - but not in other places like crafting discussions.