Looking for undiscovered sci-fi/fantasy


Traction by Zac Andrews. Bike racing on The Moon, with a surprising end!



The Golden Awakening:

History is bound to repeat itself if nobody recognises what occurred in the past, a buried past, as power can blind people and societies of their own actions.

Sarah Wilson is abruptly catapulted into a world she never knew existed.

However, this is a story which is seen through the eyes of not only Sarah, but the people around her, as they go through loss, happiness, love, truth and deceit.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/167060085-the-golden-awakening


Hi there,

I have a completed story called Trial 017. Here’s the cover and blurb:


Charlie doesn’t have powers, but everyone else does. Growing up in the shadow of his brother’s genius, Charlie has always been perpetually alone, never fitting into a society built for the able-bodied.

When an innocent visit to his brother’s school thrusts him into the middle of an international crisis, Charlie finds himself in the center of an intense struggle for survival, stranded on an alien planet and hunted by a mysterious organization that seems bent on capturing him alive. Separated from his brother and on the run, Charlie must learn to survive if there is any hope of finding his family and making it home.

It’s a completed story, full of action and worldbuilding. I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for your time,
John Hobbes


Hi! Maybe you would be interested in the story of a lone Denalgian trying to find his place in a universe filled with hatred and a human slave girl who will do anything to gain her freedom.


Chapters released weekly.


The Secret Storm is a story about Hobbes, a retail-working college dropout who is abducted by a secret society of wizards who has chosen him for a singular, important purpose: to convince an ordinary girl he doesn’t know that she is an ancient magical entity. Trouble is, they’re not the only ones looking for her.

This is a fantasy adventure with lots of wild, imaginative characters and places. Featuring monsters, mysterious beings, underground markets, even a noir detective. Full of dry humor and movie references, because I can never resist.


The Element of Life


Teen Fiction/ Science Fiction

(This is a trilogy. Things are going be very Sci Fi by the 2nd book as the setting will be on another planet.)

I was hoping buying a new jeep for my seventeenth birthday would be the start to a great year. Things were looking up until I caught my ex-boyfriend Elliot cheating on me at Prom. It didn’t help that I was already facing an eating disorder and trying to overcome the fact that my father left us when I was younger. Thankfully I had my best friend Regina with me at my side.

Life changed that fateful day when I noticed a strange light in the park. My poor judgement told me to visit the park and I did. Little did I know that touching that light would give me a power. An element if you will. I had the power to bring things back to life. This new power completely changed my life. I wasn’t sure if I could trust anyone with my new power.

At best my secret was probably safe with Regina. But Elliot was a different story. In fact, he was already out to make my life miserable. There would be no telling what Elliot would do if he ever knew the truth. The fate of the world was in my hands.

Prologue and Preview Chapter available. 1st chapter out January 1st.


Sadly, I cannot yet post links, as I am a wretched noob-scum. But if you can find my page, I write under @theconq or Mr WBrust. The story is Tang of Fate, about a woman’s search for the power to stop an evil sorcerer and his skeleton army. Lots of fighting, feasting, fleeing, and a little bit of love. Nothing graphic, just a fun read. That’s the idea, anyway. Love to see what you think!



The Cosmos has been in shambles ever since The King and his brother did combat, shaking the foundations of space and time between the many universes of the Frontier of Creation. Now, the enemies of the Kahilyian gods have grown bold, and they threaten the thin veil of law and order maintained for eons between the deities.

Now, follow the adventures of the children of the goddess Zoartemi, known as ‘The Herd’, as they battle the chaotic forces of the multiverse.


Currently updated bi-weekly on Saturdays.


Hi there!

My story is a YA fantasy set in the medieval time. It has some romance, but it’s not the main theme.
I will leave the blurb and my page in case you are interested in reading it :slight_smile:


Olivia, a teenage Brazilian, never stood out on anything besides her stellar history grades. To her, life is about her two great loves: family, and Arthurian legends. But after her father’s tragic death, she travels to Wales where she visits a special exhibit of King Arthur and the Kingdom of Camelot. However, she is about to discover it would’ve been better to stay in the safety of her home.

When she touches the sword Excalibur, she travels back in time to the Dark Ages. Olivia finds herself in Camelot, where not only magic exists but also all the famous characters she grew to love-and fear. She meets the young sorcerer, Merlin, who strikes a deal with her; he will send her back home if she helps him secure Arthur’s reign.

Torn between the knowledge of Arthur’s imminent death, and her desire to return to her broken family, Olivia accepts his bargain. But to fulfill her promise she must do everything she can to change history or stay lost in the Medieval Time forever.

my page is: https://www.wattpad.com/user/artemistales


I have a story on @Rhittee called Bytlaine & Harlough. I only have two posted chapters out of the 54 I planned, so I hope that getting it noticed might help me to regain the will to finish it. The story is set in the 21st century (I’d classify it as urban fantasy if I’m correct) and talks about a girl and a boy who are about to unravel their powers and discover deadly secrets.


Ooof, well my story does have vampires but not in the way ya would think :ok_hand:


I hope you enjoy :cherry_blossom:

  • Hi there, Im new to Wattpad, my story isn’t up yet but it will be early next year. My story is a sic-fi/fantasy. Its also a bit violent and very emotion to read. At least that what my beta readers say anyway. Please follow me for when the book has been published up in my works if your interested on reading it.

  • Ill give you the backing of the book. I do know there are mistakes in it. just step over those.

In a galactic realm home to humans, gifted beings, flying ships, grand cities, mystical creatures and advanced technology; a threat that had disappeared over a decade ago has suddenly returned. Hunters. Who was once a violent group of mercenaries that are now an organized brigade of solders, murdering small isolated villages and town.

But before many worlds become fully aware of their movements, a village in the cotton region, in the world known as Coiz, was brutally ambushed. Where a single eleven year old girl was taken; Dawn Zycrow. However, once in the hands of the Hunters, Dawn is recruited to their training camp with many other stolen children.

Dealing with years of hardship of being with the hunters before finally escaping, taken an unbearable toll on Dawn; making it too much for her, when an unforeseen mystery about a prophecy surfaces. This leads many people to believe that Dawn’s unfortunate past to be no coincidence.

Between her life being in danger since birth, to being chased by the leader of the hunters, all the while with a creed, which seems to have more say in what happens to her then she does; what kind of fate does Dawn Zycrow truly have?

Chronicles of Our Brother’s Creed series


I’d love it if you checked out my story! It’s fantasy so hopefully you will like it!


Here’s the synopsis:

By the early 26th Century humanity had exhausted all resources that could sustain human life. Fortunately, in a science experiment in 2008 something unexpected occurred ripping open a portal to a completely different universe. Humanity spent the next 500 years preparing for their migration to the planet of Agartha.

Humanity couldn’t bring any of their advanced technology. However, they managed to create a system that allowed humans to develop themselves and gain abilities similar to the native sentient species of Agartha. To humans this system appeared and functioned almost like a video game.

After living on Agartha for ten years our MC dies under the blade of the person he was desperately trying to find and protect, his brother. However, through some twist of fate he wakes up alive and back on Earth, returned to the day he migrated to Agartha. A time before he suffered through unspeakable hardships and adversity. A time before he witnessed the cruelty of humanity. A time before he was used and tossed away by others.

Our MC decides that he cannot allow the injustices of his past life to repeat themselves. That he will use what he has learned over his ten years of struggle to become someone who cannot be ignored, cannot be trampled, someone with real strength.

Follow our MC as he struggles to overcome his weakness, faces the enemies of his past, uncovers the truth about his brother, and confronts situations that make him question his humanity.

Here’s the Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/171899847-the-archaic-system


Hello! I’m glad you got to enjoy a good story, in my case I got used to writing and forgot all about reading, which is essential for any writer. So, I’m back in the reading game, but also keeping up with my stories. Now I add that I’m also studying Law and you can tell I have almost no free time, but I do my best with it. This are my two stories, one I started on late September and the other one two weeks ago, the romance is completely subplot, even if it doesn’t seem by the description. Hope you’ll like them!
Merry Christmas! D.


She’s a death witch who feeds on human energy, and leaves them at the limit of life and death. Merciless, powerful, greedy , passionate. A Huntress capable of getting any pray she desires.
He’s a werewolf that lost himself in his wolf form for far too long, giving up on his right to lead and forgetting all about his humanity.
They can either save or kill each other; but be aware that if one of them falls, so does the other, for the biggest of blessings is their curse.
The Huntress and the Beast are meant to be. In life or death is up to them.


On 2138 the Seventh World War exploded, it divided the world on two sides: North and South. It was the worst of them all, there was no mercy or humanity left. War was everywhere, on Sea, Earth and Air. But it concentrated on one place, it was called “End Zone”; on the middle of the Pacific Ocean both USA and Russia fought against Australia, Argentina and Chile. The war lasted for seven years, and it didn’t stop because humans ended it. It stopped because HE ended it. The first one that came down, the Archangel Miguel and his angels army killed anyone who dared threat peace again. Once it was over, the rest of the archangels came down. They all created a Safe Haven for humans and declared war.
It turns out the World War wasn’t the humans doing, but the demons. And so the Endless War began, one where angels and demons fight each other, ones to create peace, ones to create chaos.
For the first time in the history of men kind, both thrones -Haven and Hell- are empty. And free for the taking.


I have a far future sf adventure series which might interest you. First chapter is up, and it updates every Monday.


Achilles is an interplanetary merc on Bergot for one purpose, to illegally obtain an idol from a forest temple on the planet’s third continent. It’s a dangerous place, and what’s worse, humans are expressly forbidden to travel there due to planetary treaties with Bergot’s indigenous race, the Quell. Joining Achilles on his journey is Swiss, a robotic “company store”, whose job is to sell helpful items to the mercenary at an absurd mark up.

What’s supposed to be a moderately dangerous caper turns into a nerve-wracking struggle for survival. All Achilles wants is to make a buck so he can take a long vacation. All Swiss wants is to sell a few items and fulfill the parameters of its programming. What the two get instead is the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime.


Hi, I’ve got a short story a few pages long if you’re interested. It’s a fractured fairytale taking place in ancient Egypt with magic involved. Not even 50 reads, so I think it’s safe to say it’s undiscovered.

The Princess of Egypt

Kidnapping royalty is not a good idea.
Letting a delusional priest kidnap your daughter is REALLY not a good idea.
Neither bad decisions by some of Egypt’s elite really helped make Jasmine’s life any easier. But luckily, she’s a clever girl and she’s not afraid to stand up for herself.



Hi! I just started writing a fantasy story called Sparks Collide today :slight_smile: In a sentence it’s about: A water princess and fire prince embark on a journey to save their planets. If that sounds interesting, I have a longer summary/the story at the link below. I hope you have a great New Years!


Here’s my completed short story. I hope you enjoy :slight_smile:



I’m rather new to Wattpad and I update twice a week!


As an innocent young boy, Dmitri was known as the “white cambion,” the strongest sorcerer to walk on earth. Many hated him for his background as “unpure,” born dead and able to wield magic. Some praised him for defeating the power-greedy tsar of Kiva.

Now an irresistibly handsome young man, Dmitri spends his time drinking in taverns and wreaking havoc in parties and gatherings, attempting to wash away the regrets of his past. Suddenly, a female exorcist named Greta gives him an ultimatum; either he helps her take down the “black cambion,” or he spends his time in special confinements for witches to sleep for eternity.

His return to a new journey marks Dmitri’s new misdirections, exorcisms, monster hunts, and reflections to his old life. With new partnerships in the adventure, he slowly realizes how much he’s changed, and the risks he’s willing to take for someone he loves.

Lots of drama-action.There is some romance but isn’t the center of the story, and the setting is inspired by the Dark Ages/Pre-Medieval!


I have a short story, called The Mutation. Science fiction fantasy is my favorite genre to write, but I don’t have much up yet in that genre, just that short story and two previews for my published books. If you wanted to check out The Trials of Telassar Book One: The Throne of Roquar preview, I’d appreciate it. But I do want to warn you, it is a preview, so there’s only two chapters. But The Mutation is completed.

The Mutation link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/122383435-the-mutation

The Throne of Roquar link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/156884869-the-trials-of-telassar-the-throne-of-roquar