Looking for undiscovered sci-fi/fantasy


Traction by Zac Andrews. Bike racing on The Moon, with a surprising end!



The Golden Awakening:

History is bound to repeat itself if nobody recognises what occurred in the past, a buried past, as power can blind people and societies of their own actions.

Sarah Wilson is abruptly catapulted into a world she never knew existed.

However, this is a story which is seen through the eyes of not only Sarah, but the people around her, as they go through loss, happiness, love, truth and deceit.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/167060085-the-golden-awakening


Hi there,

I have a completed story called Trial 017. Here’s the cover and blurb:


Charlie doesn’t have powers, but everyone else does. Growing up in the shadow of his brother’s genius, Charlie has always been perpetually alone, never fitting into a society built for the able-bodied.

When an innocent visit to his brother’s school thrusts him into the middle of an international crisis, Charlie finds himself in the center of an intense struggle for survival, stranded on an alien planet and hunted by a mysterious organization that seems bent on capturing him alive. Separated from his brother and on the run, Charlie must learn to survive if there is any hope of finding his family and making it home.

It’s a completed story, full of action and worldbuilding. I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for your time,
John Hobbes


Hi! Maybe you would be interested in the story of a lone Denalgian trying to find his place in a universe filled with hatred and a human slave girl who will do anything to gain her freedom.


Chapters released weekly.


The Secret Storm is a story about Hobbes, a retail-working college dropout who is abducted by a secret society of wizards who has chosen him for a singular, important purpose: to convince an ordinary girl he doesn’t know that she is an ancient magical entity. Trouble is, they’re not the only ones looking for her.

This is a fantasy adventure with lots of wild, imaginative characters and places. Featuring monsters, mysterious beings, underground markets, even a noir detective. Full of dry humor and movie references, because I can never resist.