looking for UNDISCOVERED stories


Hi! I’m looking for a book with under 1k reads and at least 10 chapters. I like to read romance, mysteries, thrillers, action, and adventure. No sci-fi, dystopia, vampire, or werewolf stuff, please. I’d like to stay in reality. I’ll follow back if you follow me. I’ll leave comments or vote if I like it.


I don’t have any recs, but you might be interested in this club: The “Word of Mouth” Club


Thanks! I had no clue this existed!


Sorry, I don’t know of any books like that, nor do I have. One of my story has less than 1k reads, but there are only seven parts, while another is finished but has 1.2k reads. Good luck with your search, though!


You’re welcome :smile:




I have a coming-of-age story that is under 1k reads and currently uploaded 60 parts.

I have the entire novel written, just not totally uploaded yet.



here is a story I am writing and working on. It has ten chapters and around 150 reads only till now. It is a romantic suspense.



Hi! My story has almost 500 reads. It’s a teen fiction romance about a road trip down the East coast. It has 17 chapters so far and is updated every four days! The title is Cross Country :slight_smile:

Here’s the link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/161243112-cross-country


Thanks! I’m really interested. I’ll check it out!


Hi, I have a couple of books that you might like. One is mature (Cruel Sacrifices). They are a thriller/mystery book and a paranormal/thriller book.

Read The Supernatural

Read Cruel Sacrifices


Title: Aiden’s Nari

Genre: Romance (LGBTQ)
Blurb: Ovanari, Known as Nari, Has returned to his hometown after 4 years at a Preparatory Academy. He returns to Welcoming arms and Apologies instead of fists and horrible insults.

Aiden was once a sweet little boy who changed his attitude to bad boyish when he became popular, and in the process, he destroyed his and Nari’s friendship.

What happens when the two reunite?


Shattered Swords of Cygnus

So far I have the prologue and 1st chapter written. I’d love to hear some feedback!

Cygnus Empire: The land of 5 regions. Technology is a new discovery, trains are the new mode of transportation, and electricity is up and running for some part of the lands. Clover is an ordinary 15 year old girl living in Waterloom, Cygnus’s water transport and shipping capitol. She encounters a boy, about her age, with a large dark sword and with a story to tell. Together, they go traveling to the center of the Cygnus Empire, looking for the answers to a dark question. . . With only the small dagger strapped to her thigh, she and this boy go on an epic adventure full of fantasy, friends, and romance.


I have four stories to offer. Three have less than twenty, and one has 100. Two are complete (need editing and cover revamping one day) and the other two are WIP. One is a Historical Fiction Romance (set during the Gold Rush in California), two others are in a series (Romance, a smidge of mystery as a sub-plot), and third a Mystery Thriller (romance is heavy in it, but action is pretty good too I think).

They’re all Mature except for the HF (for now)


Hey there, my story has about 200 reads right now and 10 chapters. The title is Perfect Facades and the link is at https://www.wattpad.com/story/165108866-perfect-facades

I would appreciate it so much if you could check it out. Let me know what you think! Thanks!


Cruel Sacrifices sounds pretty good. I’ll check it out!


Hi! My one story only has 5 chapters so far. I’m working on the 6th right now. However, I do have a completed short story if you want to check it out. It’s a mystery/ghost story called From Within. Here is the link: https://my.w.tt/PlrqV5LEOR

Here’s the link to my other one called Starting Fresh: https://my.w.tt/2WfqbLwEOR


I have a Teen Fiction story called Half Life.
Description: After the sudden death of her beloved brother Jack, Penny goes on a trip to find her brother by recreating every memory that they ever shared.
Book link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/165653258-half-life


You could read mine.
Vile & Virtuous


Hey. I am looking for stories under 10k words. Anyone who knows of any good ones can directly message me and i’ll give it a look. However, I will only vote or comment if I like it.