Looking for UNIQUE stories!

Heyo, I’m on the hunt for some well-written stories rated PG-13 and under!

I’m attempting to find some whimsical stories for my younger brother, who has recently joined WP and we have decided to read together. I really want to build a library for him, so feel free to share your own, or recommend someone else’s. (He’s 13, so keep it clean!)

I’m looking for something unique, preferably finished, and PG.

Please no:

  1. Science Fiction
  2. Fan-Fiction
  3. Romance
  4. Werewolf

Romance in the story is fine, just not as the plot/genre.
Any other genre is welcome, but Fantasy is much preferred.

No hardcore swearing or sexual themes! (I mean it :eyes:). English only.

I will leave plenty of positive feedback as I go along too. :smile: :yellow_heart:

(LGBTQ+ is welcome, of course!)

Please feel free to share your story, or another’s story!
Thank you, and I look forward to reading your story! :hearts:

I cannot thank all of you enough for taking the time to recommend or share a story, my brother and I are very excited to get to reading. :yellow_heart:


I’m gonna suggest @FireAlwaysReturns story Blaze in the Dark! It’s a fantasy, adventure story written as a (higher level) middle grade story.

I’ll also suggest any of @CrystalScherer stories–she has a variety. Namely, Upon Wings of Change. I think it’s a fantasy story and its perfectly clean

@DumDumPops4 has a fairytale retelling series, may or may not be interested, but it’s also definitely suitable for that age.

And here are some others I’ve read and recommend!
@krazydiamond Edgewise, is a good fantasy book

@KatrinHollister The Windcaster - YA fantasy

@Einatsegal Rat - YA fantasy <— definitely recommend checking this one out


Mine might be a little to mature? Depends how clean you need it.

@MMicheleWilly has some YA


I highly recommend either @CelticWhovian, @LanaJoKing, @MMicheleWilly, or anyone from the Dumpstar forum really.


My story is basically exactly what you’re looking for, (fantasy, around 13 or something is the main audience, other things) just not complete. Yet.
Here it is:
Dragonriders: Book 1
Owyn Calder has always dreamed of becoming a dragonrider. But only registered children can visit tamed dragons to pass the test. Kids with unknown birthdays have to find wild dragons to form a bond.
Lyria Damos is the opposite. She thinks dragons are stupid and doesn’t want to pass the test. But she has to because her parents, the king and queen, insisted that she become a dragonrider. After all, she came from two long lines of great dragonriders.
But none of them get what they wish for. For some reason, a dragon bonds to Lyria and not to Owyn. Because of this, the princess decides to strengthen her bond so that she can help her new friend find a wild dragon to bond with. But they’ll have to cross the whole continent, and who knows what dangers await them….



middle-grade, fantasy, comedy, short story.

I haven’t read a lot of wattpad stories, so I can’t really recommend anybody else’s for this topic.


I have a COMPLETE fantasy / dystopia / adventure with a lot of war / action scenes, but it’s also a feminist story, so I’m not sure he’ll be totally on board haha. Maybe worth a shot! (There’s a very minor romantic subplot).

Very clean, not even a kiss lol.


Parks & Recreation Infographic (1)


@LanaJoKing @rakdosleader Guys :sob: You are the sweetest!

I have a YA Fantasy (PG-13) book. It has been read and enjoyed by people as young as 12 and 13. I tried to keep it at a LOTR or lower level of violence, and there’s no swearing at all. There is a romance plot, but they’re very sweet and kind of dumb and there’s no graphic sex.


Far in the Frozen North live the Rogalanders, the so-called “bear-people.” Every year, those who are coming of age receive a tattoo - a Mark of Endil, which reveals to its bearer the destiny written for them by the gods.

The day of Hala Freylisdotter’s Marking, originally supposed to bring with it joy, celebration, and her confession of love for her best friend, is ruined by a terrible murder. The subsequent arrival of a bloody woman from a rival nation forces her to choose between the safety of home and the promise of glory for fulfilling her fate. She and her closest friends embark on a cross-continental mission, during which they discover a dangerous political game. A game in which they have unwittingly become players, and where the cost of losing is their freedom, or worse, their lives.

In the face of betrayal and death, Hala is forced to question and break old morals, forge new bonds of love and alliance, and grapple with the answer to one question: how much are you willing to sacrifice to protect your country?

Children of Endil Saga Book #1

Previously added to the official Adventure profile’s “Fantastical Adventures” reading list and the official Romance profile’s “Worlds Apart” reading list!


I’m writing a series that is aimed at a younger audience (13+), but it still offers enough for older people as well :smiley: Whimsical or wacky elements play a major part as the world is set in a unique fantasy world :slight_smile:

Title: NinRai - MissAdventures For Two

Genres: Action, adventure, fantasy (original world), comedy


Winner in 8+ WP Awards!

Cover by: Me

Rating: PG14 (very light swearing, some fighting)



Title: NinRai - 2 - FaceStealer

Genres: Action, adventure, fantasy (original world), comedy


Cover by: Me

Rating: PG14 (very light swearing, some fighting)


I can also recommend:

Brothers In Arms (Sonic FF) @ShadowAceSonic but no worries, it is very open (no to minimal knowledge required) and the story focuses on relationships as friendship and how to accept one’s past :heart: It has everything from jokes, drama, and resolution to be better than yesterday.

The hedgehog who wanted to fly @NeverCatchMe - very kid-friendly story with LGBT+ theme :slight_smile:

Otherworldly Beasts : Finding the Royals @myromichaels - It is a delight to read!! For a younger audience, but it entertained me with its imagination and playful story :slight_smile:


Thank you for all of the recommendations! They look perfect! :smile:


May I recommend my story, Flight? It’s a middle-grade fantasy that fits the age bracket you’re talking about. Here’s a little blurb for it:

Eran is an Insider, but he would rather be an Outsider. Trapped in the confines of a rickety birdhouse and banned from ever being able to fly, he might as well be a barn owl without wings. His parents, however, are happy just to survive, terrified of invoking the wrath of the tyrannous falcon King Razor, ruler of the animal world of Prynak. “Better In than Out,” they say. “Better In than Out.” If only Eran could agree with them.

But when tragedy strikes, Eran is left without a home, without parents, and without hope. That is, until an old friend introduces him to BIRD, an organization devoted to stopping King Razor and ending his reign for good. There, Eran must learn to fly, face his fears, and decide just who he really is when a dark secret puts his faith to the ultimate test…

Ideally, it’s a story for those who like wild animals, adventure, and mystery. (No bad language, either!) I’m in the process of updating the story with a new chapter every day, which I imagine I’ll be finished doing by the time you’re reading through it. Hope you decide to give it a chance! :grinning:

You can find it here if you’re interested: https://www.wattpad.com/story/210301973-flight

This was my suggestion:

It does have werewolves in it, but it is not a werewolf story :wink:

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What would you do if you came back from university one day to find no one is at home?

Leila is lost. She is in the port city of Calambri and her family has disappeared in broad daylight. What makes it worse is that she is an immigrant, with little knowledge of how to survive the streets of the city. Before she can take any action, the unscrupulous Zara has ensnared her in her net.

While Leila struggles to find answers to her questions while at the same time untie herself from Zara and her Society’s traps, the members of the Society have their own challenges to face as they struggle to maintain the criminal empire they have built.

But the stars above know better than them -
:spider_web: Flail in a spiders web, and it will trap you further. :spider_web:
Especially if the stars themselves are conspiring against them.

But what do young people know about fate in a bustling, thriving, dark, prosperous city?

A city with many faces.


I am an author dedicated to creating clean fantasy for young adults - hope you like it!

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A pirate in time by @megsley22 is amazing!

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Can I tempt you with an arcanepunk fantasy about Merlin, the half-demon?

Main characters are older teens.
No mature themes. As long as you’re okay with demons being the good guys, it’s age appropriate.

I’m editing right now. More chapters will come soon.

Spawn of Heliodor

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I have a very PG slice-of-life book with an LGBT main character gradually realizing that she is not straight: Minor Delusions

I recommend this one too (completely different thing entirely about teenage superheroes)

No Capes by @joecool123


:eyes:It’s centered around a firefox kit! X3


Of course! No worries, I hope you and your brother enjoy :yellow_heart:

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No problem! Now if I only I could post my own story. Alas.