Looking for Werewolf stories


My werewolf stories are werewolf stories, but I started asking questions, like:
According to werewolf lore, werewolves only select werewolf mates. How does that change?
According to werewolf lore, werewolf alphas are only males? How would that change?

The one question I attempt to answer is the first in Hunter’s Daughter, Alpha’s Mate.


Werewolves can only sense a mate in other werewolves, or so the law and lore says. What happened to change that? What if it was a matter of change of church (believing the Goddess Diana picked a wolf’s mate) otherwise and state (old law)? What if a hunter-a quarterblood herself-was indeed the mate of alpha whose pack still believed in the old law?

Senior year of college stretched ahead for Leilani, who was also quarter blood werewolf. All her life she thought her parents were bounty hunters until a night of danger pushes her father to tell her the truth: that her parents are not bounty hunters, but supernatural ones, and that as a quarter-blood she must steer clear of full-blooded wolves, who believe her a abomination and worthy of death…

But one has her scent, and is an alpha to boot. One is chasing her, and every time they get close, she is seized by anger, fear, and desire, causing her to run from him…or what he makes her feel…



Okay, so I’d post on here, but my wolf MC experienced (past tense) abuse and neglect from her previous foster parents. Abuse was never physical, but still. She’s out of it now, but recovering slowly. Since it doesn’t fit your criteria (I don’t think,) Imma just sit back and wait for a nice WW story to roll in.

Edit: Also, glad there’s some readers who hate bdsm stories like Romanizing abuse.


Hello. You can have a look at my book. It doesn’t have abuse in it.I am in the process of editing it to fill in gaps and make it more enjoyable.


One of mine has blood and gore, some torture of traitors, but no abuse. Not sure if that would be something you’d be interested in?


Hi, is this still open?


I think so! If you have a story to suggest, then go right ahead.


Yeah I’m still taking requests and recs


I was going shamelessly plug mine if that’s okay? xD


hey odemira! I dont think you’d recognize me. I’m also in the werewolf thread xD


Lol I’ve seen you around. And shamelessly plug away, this is my thread anyways :grin:


Well I’m gonna plug in my story then. It’s called Queen and it’s not really the usual werewolf story. It doesn’t have abuse in it. And everything has evolved to adapt. Every single mythical creature I could think of is included in it. But I’m focusing on the itans(werebeasts in greek) mostly.

Would you like the link? :slight_smile:


I’ll find it on Wattpad :slight_smile: I know I’ve seen your book before cause I recognize the cover :slight_smile:


I feel weirdly touched by that. Thank you T_T


I’m very active coughobsessedcough with werewolves and am used to trawling through lists on the daily. :blush:


Hahaha. When did this obsession start?


Bahahaa 2011 when my sister made me read a vampire story on Wattpad for the first time. Then I found werewolves and have been (willingly) trapped ever since :joy:


I guess I can throw in my own here since there’s no abuse in mine. It revolves around werewolves and a teenage human runaway. There are vampires in the mix though as the antagonists. They attempt to brainwash the human girl and enslave the entire werewolf pack in Seattle. The vampires fight the werewolves against other champion werewolves in an underground fighting ring. So, I guess there’s abuse in that sense but the werewolves are kind to the human main character and the relationship between the werewolf and the human isn’t at all abusive. It’s a bit different, so I understand if it doesn’t interest you. I don’t generally go along with a lot of cliche’s on Wattpad and my books tend to be for those looking for something different lol


I’m trapped here with you as well hahahaha


I wrote a one part story that has a slightly different take on werewolves.



I have one kinda similar with the underground fighting ring so I’m deffs gonna check yours out! Lol I’m also not against cliches unless its abuse and abusive relationships.

We’re in good company :slight_smile:

Cool thanks! I’ll be sure to check it out :slight_smile: