Looking for Writers for a Asian-Inspired Fantasy Project!

Hi there! I’m working on a visual/kinetic novel project that involves switching perspectives between the 3 main characters in between chapters. We are currently a team of 2 people, with one perspective definitely covered. I was hoping to recruit at least one more writer for this!

Visual Novels are narrative games, where a branching storyline based on the player’s choices is combined with visuals for characters, backgrounds/locations, music, CGs (more detailed illustrations for certain scenes), and more. The art for this visual novel is anime-style.

As stated in the title of this topic, the genre is Asian-Inspired Fantasy, with a lighthearted, romantic comedy plot.

You can find a forum post about this novel here: https://cloudnovel.net/forum/discuss-your-visual-novel/Inari/rainbowfish-ocean-jam

We are looking for people who:

  • Are Fantasy Writers
  • Are actively writing and easy to communicate with
  • Are willing to use/communicate through discord and google docs
  • Can write from 1st Person Perspective, Present tense using mostly dialogue and a few narrations, and can build an understanding of how different characters think/interact from a profile.
  • Write in English often and without grammar mistakes that actively interfere with understanding/communication of ideas. Occasional small mistakes are fine. We are hoping to have an editor as well to help for this, but I can also perform that task.

The objective deadline for this project will be September 1st.

If you’re interested, please comment below or DM me on Discord. My username is Inari#9007
If possible, include a link to some writing samples, or write a short excerpt (1st person perspective) about how someone with heightened senses might wake up.


  1. @Haruka547 (?)
  2. @CEFerrill (?)

Editor/Backup Writer

I might be able to assist with this, though I’m very awkward with first meetings. Apologies.

I am fluent in English (being that it’s my first and only language) and have been writing in both third and first person perspective for several years.

You didn’t specify whether you were seeking present tense or past tense. May I inquire as to your preference for this project? :slight_smile:

No worries, I identify as an awkward first-meet-er as well!!

And that sounds great! I’m looking for present tense writing!

What’s the best way to communicate with you? Discord/email? Most of the information for this project is currently on the google doc, so I can share it with you whichever way you prefer.

I would love to help write too!!!

Hi you two! I don’t know if you saw my email/Wattpad DM (they’re a bit confusing to me).

Fluff and I are itching to get moving on the project, and we need to know your guys’ status.
We have a deadline in a month, and it’s really shorter than it seems. Writing-wise, we still need to flesh out the plot and then move on to actually writing.
At this point I’m still not sure if you guys have read the character/plot sheets :sweat_drops:

I’m also in charge of character sprites, CGs, backgrounds, music, and UI – there’s a lot to do!

Please give me your Discord or add us ASAP. It’d make communication a lot easier! Let me know if there’s anything preventing you from communicating or working with us, and we can try to work something out.

You can also respond to my email, but please let me know if you’re still interested in this project. (If so, we need to get moving).


*Edit: Sorry, wanted to include this. I totally understand you’re both creators too, and I’m really thankful you’re offering to help write! But it’s getting a little frustrating having to dedicate hours trying to communicate with you guys that might be better spent drawing sprites/CGs/backgrounds/planning plot/etc… I have no idea what your situation is, meaning I know you guys definitely have lives to live as well (I’m doing an summer internship, too), but also meaning I have no idea what your status is on our project…

@BlueShaft Sorry, but i had to close this thread as your project seems to be entirely off-Wattpad. If you would like to organise such a project, you are welcome to announce it on your main profile, it the community this is not possible.
Thank you for your understanding,

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