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I’ve seen this one a couple of times. I think we post in the paranormal thread together every week. :slight_smile: I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks!


I hope this meets your needs (if there’s several towns close to each other, part of the same network, it can count as a city… right?)


The Bad Boy Mage

Teen Fiction | Romance | Fantasy

Destruction, chaos, and blood. No matter how much Abigail to tried to run or tried to hide her true nature, it has always found a way to consume her life.

It will no longer be suppressed.

In a fit of anger, Abigail lost it all in a matter of moments. Now, on the run and cornered like a rat, a boy with piercing white eyes and abilities similar to her’s comes to her rescue. He is offering her a new life, a new beginning. Left with little choice, she takes Blake’s offer.

Unfortunately, his offer comes with a price. Cocky, arrogant, and frustratingly good looking, Blake is a constant annoyance while Abigail adjusts to Salzor and the Pasith Academy for Magic. To make matters worse, her struggles catches the unbeating heart of Victor Larimar, a lost vampire prince and forever second to Blake.

Yet Abigail’s life isn’t as simple as attempting to control her powers while swatting away these two pests; the numbers of demons are growing, seeking control. A threat forcing Abigail, Blake, and Victor to come together and face it head on.

If only it were that simple.

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Lilium is a paranormal [someone has called it noir fantasy??] novel centered on a sister and her dead brother and the monster that terrorizes them both. While there are minimal romantic elements [the brother has a pre-existing girlfriend and the sister has a friend with benefits] the crux of the story centers on grief, loss, the importance of family, mental health, and the supernatural creature/society that threatens to tear everything apart.

Violet Reviews Things wrote a review of it this morning - here - though it does spoil the ending. The novel itself can be found here.


Thanks, I’ll check it out!


Thank you, I’ll add it to my list!


I hesitate slightly to recommend my own book as it’s probably more New Adult than YA, and more fantasy-influenced than straight fantasy - though there are splashes of fantasy, horror and the supernatural. It’s kind of in the vein of something like Twin Peaks or Lost. If the description sounds like something you’d like, please do check it out - and if not, no worries!


Fall semester. 1997. At a strange Southern college, freshman Tim’s eerily prescient Student Handbook tells him he’s going to fall in love with 6’6" sophomore Joanie. But Joanie has more important things to deal with than a weird crush - like a creepy English professor, a hallucinogenic drug that’s chipping away at her sanity, and a war between rival secret societies that could destroy the University before Tim and Joanie find out if their love is real, or just fiction.

Recommended if you like: impossible architecture, books that can tell the future, made-up games with overcomplicated rules, portentous graffiti, secret codes, first love, intense hallucinations, 80s and 90s pop culture, a world that’s just a couple degrees off from reality, and a coming-of-age story set in a manufactured community that lets you try on different possible futures - aka college.

Longlisted for the 2018 Wattys. New chapters every Monday and Friday.

Read it here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/155579548-the-boy-in-the-tunnel


It sounds good! I’ll definitely check it out, thank you!


Duplicity Demise the familiar142542608-176-k7701



Alison Delory only has one year of college left and all she wants is to finish the year with the spotless academic record she’s maintained her entire life, she knows what will happen if she doesn’t and she’s not particularly keen about repeating the dark days of highschool. The last thing she could deal with right now with a romance, especially one with an alluring redheaded woman who she couldn’t tear her eyes away from.

Valerie Arlin is going through life on a solo journey. Love and loss have always come hand in hand for her and she’d rather not put herself through that kind of torment again. But there’s nothing she can do to stop herself from drifting towards the young brunette she meets, there’s something too magnetic about the way she smiles.

What will happen to these two as they navigate life in the busy city of Boston? Will they mend the holes in each other’s souls and sail off into the sunset together? Or will they tear each other apart and leave the world with two more shattered hearts?


My new story is an urban fantasy-romance, I’d love it if you’d check it out!

link- https://www.wattpad.com/story/166039242-body-of-creation

- Synopsis -

Escaping the clutches of an obsessive and deranged man is a full-time job, one Astoria Colt can’t afford to fuck up. She thinks she’s got it under control, she thinks she’s experienced everything life could possibly throw at her. She thinks she knows who she is.

She thought wrong.

Returning to New York sounded like a strategic plan at the time, but now she isn’t so sure. Despite every effort to lay low, she manages to catch the attention of not one, but two devilishly handsome classmates. She pushes them away relentlessly, but they refuse to give in so easily. Eventually, the secrets of her past will catch up with her, and she won’t let them get caught in the crossfire. Unbeknownst to her, Boaz and Pix have plenty of secrets of their own.

He’s coming for her, and she might not be able to outrun him this time.



After a family inheritance and a mysterious fire destroys her home, seventeen-year-old Orion Candor begrudgingly moves to the peculiar town of Crystal Manor. A loner in her hometown, she only wants to blend in - but the one secret about herself won’t let her. Born with unexplainable abilities, she can’t fathom why they begin spiraling out of control, until after a near-death experience. She learns the startling truth about herself: she’s a sorcerer who can wield elemental magic and must attend an elite academy to control her erratic Air powers in the enchanting country, Isoria.

Her new sorcerer friends and professors are fascinated by her intense powers, but she can’t shake the feeling they’re connected to her deceased grandmother, Cordova. A member of a clandestine organization with the goal to destroy Isoria’s malicious king, Cordova had a knack for magnetizing trouble with lethal consequences - and left one in Orion’s hands. It could be the key to liberating this magical and fear-driven world, but also to luring in Cordova’s vengeful foes. The deeper Orion dives into Cordova’s perilous past, the more haunting secrets she uncovers about her family and this world crumbling beneath a cruel crown. Driven by questions and protecting a hidden revelation, Orion soon learns that moving to Crystal Manor and discovering Isoria was not a twist of fate, but someone’s mission - and they’re hunting her.


Thank you!!



The Golden Awakening:

History is bound to repeat itself if nobody recognises what occurred in the past, a buried past, as power can blind people and societies of their own actions.

Sarah Wilson is abruptly catapulted into a world she never knew existed.

However, this is a story which is seen through the eyes of not only Sarah, but the people around her, as they go through loss, happiness, love, truth and deceit.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/167060085-the-golden-awakening


This story is completed on my flash drive. Will post by chapter by chapter. Should be fully uploaded in a few days. This is YA/horror/mature story.



After committing a murder with her friends, Andrea’s only now regretting it. The others don’t feel guilty, and they all agree that the crime would never be solved, so they put it all behind them but not for long.

A stranger from cyberspace reaches out to Andrea, and her nightmare escalates. A shooting attempt on her life gives credence to the death threats.

After two of her accomplices turn up dead, she realizes that a killer is intent on picking them off one by one. Whoever it is that has their sights on them has to be close to her, because they know way too many personal aspects of her life. She has to make a choice: Kill or be killed, but first she has to identify her target.


I’m currently writing an Urban Fantasy novel.

Distorted and twisted, she broke her soul. The woman was patient, she had waited years for this moment, and now there was nothing in this world that could stop what came next.


It would be great if you could tell me what you think.


Okay, the story in question only has two chapters, but you may like Bytlaine & Harlough. It’s posted on @Rhittee and talks about a girl and a guy having to deal with their powers. Even though at first glance it doesn’t look so, I’m conceiving it as urban fantasy.

An alternative (even though it’s more NA than YA) could be The Voice (and it’s more mystery/thriller than fantasy) on @leighyeann. It talks about 18 guys and girls being trapped in a prison-like house and having to tell stories if they don’t want to be punished.


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