Looking to be a co writer

Hello I am looking to be a co writer

  • Do I want a co-writer or writing buddy:
  • Genres I read: romance, fiction, mature, fantasy
  • Genres I write: romance, fiction, mature, fantasy
  • What is expected of my buddy/co-writer: bounce ideas, reliable, write part of the story
  • Brief summary of my current story (if applicable): I don’t really have any at the time. Want someone to come up with ideas.
    If you interested let me know
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Hi. So, your post is sort of super vague but I think I can work with that. Lol.

I haven’t actually been doing much writing these days but I do have a lot of story ideas I’ve been meaning to work on and I think that finding a co-writer could help. I don’t know what you’re really into but I’m really into magic and witches at the moment so if you’re interested in writing something like that feel free to send me a message.

By the way, what are your thoughts regarding gay characters or the LGBT+ community?

OMG You are like the best! Seriously I write so much lgbtq stories it’s not even funny.

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I am actually looking for a co-writer for one of my stories called Travel into History.

  • Do I want a co-writer or writing buddy: Co-owner
  • Genres I read: romance, teen fiction, mature, werewolf, vampire, witchcraft.
  • Genres I write: Supernatural stories, I’m right getting into the teen fiction, mature.
  • What is expected of my buddy/co-writer: I would love a co-owner to help me with my new book. Someone who can bounce ideas with, someone who is creative and will stick around to help me and write part of the story.
  • Brief summary of my current story (if applicable):
  • Meet Tessa O’Brien a teenage girl who loves shopping, flirting with boys and being the captain of her cheerleading team but those close to her know the real Tessa. She’s everyone’s popular girl by day but by night she an up and coming street racer. With the help of her brother, she is trying to earn enough money to buy her own place and get as far away from her abusive stepfather and alcoholic mother as possible. But all that changes when tragedy strikes turning her life upside down. She is sent to live with her father and his new family. Leaving street racing behind her and starting over with a clean slate.
  • All she wants to do is keep her head down and get through her senior year without any trouble. Her plans change when she meets the town hottie, the most famous street racer of Blue Field, California, Kingston Reed who also happens to work for her Dad doing odd jobs for him. Tessa tries to find a way to survive senior year while struggling not to fall for the annoying hottie. Suddenly Tessa is pulled back into the world of street racing. Can she handle the past that she swore she’d never do again? Things are about to get interesting for Tessa O’Brian.

If You’re interested in helping me? You can comment on here or shoot me a message. .

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Hi, I’m Haruka and I’m looking for a Writing Buddy.

I’m very interested in helping you out.

Bueno, sinceramente soy menor.
Pero cada palabra escrita sera una bendición que encontraras; de todas maneras, ya he trabajado en el imperio intelectual de la escritura.
Créeme cuando te digo que mi palacio intelectual te venerara.
si, si tengo grandes ideas, por un genero, prefiero desenvolver la historia y luego clarificarla, de todas maneras nunca elegí los géneros, la elección nos limita a conocer nuevos campos y mundo

y, con esto, amiga mía es elemental que te ayudare, solo si no me subestIMAS.
Estoy Interesado en ayudarte.

@Tedasuki-Sado Wow. Okay. Dude, ¿y eso? En verdad que espero que estés jugando porque suenas un poco… poco amistoso, por decir así.

What is that story about?

By the way, just followed you.

Nos cuenta la historia del sucesor de la muerte, y todos los secretos que se revelan a través de la muerte.

Really?! OMG That would be amazing! I would love for you to help me out. I could use all the help i can get. This my first normal book instead my supernatural book I’ve been working on. Message me On my page and we can get started. :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S I’m so sorry i didn’t get back to you sooner.

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