Looking to connect with other Scifi Writers


Wattpad is HUGE! And I’m feeling a bit lost searching through everything. I’d love to connect/follow authors who not only write science fiction but also about the apocalyptic types of stories and stories that include creatures of all kinds. If this is you, let me know! :slight_smile:


I don’t do apocalyptic, but I am sci-fi, and open to chat!


I am working on my first sci fi story, but it is not post-apocalyptic


I used to do Scifi, now I do Science Fiction and Horror influenced Romantic Westerns.

Dystopian Westerns.


I write mostly sci-fi, although the series I’m writing isn’t really focused on space or aliens, and instead it takes place on a different planet, and is also a bit fantasy-ish? It’s really hard to describe, which is a real problem :smiley: But there are these superbeings that can turn into dragons, griffins, etc, so I guess that counts? :smile:


Happy to chat, act as a sounding board, or what have you. Been working on a post-apocalyptic fantasy novel lately, probably going to gear up for NaNoWriMo soon.

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I’m a master of science fiction and the post-apocalyptic world. :slight_smile:

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Hi there! Nice to meet you :smile: An engineer, huh? How much does your career influence the kind of stories you write? Just curious.

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What kind of sci-fi is it?

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Oh wow, your blend of genre sounds quite interesting!

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Sounds pretty cool! Do you find wordbuilding a but challenging when dealing with a new planet and varying cultures?


I’m curious! What’s the story about?


Awesome! What kind(s) of post-apocalyptic stories are your fave? Mine include zombies and alien invasion.


It can be a bit difficult not to make continuity errors sometimes because I sometimes make stuff up as I write and I never write down notes :smiley: but honestly, I think it’s simpler than just using Earth and messing up because I’m not from an English speaking country and I don’t want to write in my native language because I suck at it. This way, at least I can’t piss anyone off by portraying something the wrong way :slight_smile:

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Not as much as you’d think, actually! I think it’s because the details of technology aren’t really the centre focus of my stories - I prefer to write softer sci-fi. It still inspires some ideas sometimes, but I don’t use it to give my work detailed technical depth.

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Your world, your rules. I like that. I don’t think I’d ever written about another planet…yet. Might have to try it out one day.


I suppose if you’d start using your work detail more heavily might cause you to feel “burn out.” I know it probably would be that way for me.


I’m actually kinda surprised not that many people write stories like this since in fantasy, it’s totally normal to create a new world for the story. This is the same thing, just with advanced technology, and stuff like that. It’s pretty fun though :slight_smile: well, usually. Once you create the rules and locations, you have to stick with them, which can be a bit of a problem for some :smiley:


Following rules? Oh yeah, I can see how that can be a challenge :wink:

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:smiley: following rules is bad enough, following your own is even worse. It’s like you’re your own worst enemy xD

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