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Hehehe well part of it is due to my religion…i had no way of making them work together if they were single…and well i have been wanting to bring together two people from very different backgrounds of lifestyles who never expected to end up together because its something i hope i can experience…atleast in fiction land they get to be together to find that it is possible for miracles to happen for Iris to hope that her crush could actually like her back…maybe even become her better half her husband…if its meant to be it will happen…


Its actually quite tough but Im trying…i find it easier to be Iris but ive begun in third person…im not really Iris anyway…


America has an uninformed electorate and a broken education system. And right now, people are hellishly paranoid about immigrants and Muslims. It’s sad if you ask me–being told to hate people based on the color of their skin or their race, culture, background, religion, country…why?

You should try and find the first collection to Ms. Marvel. It came out in 2014 and had a few collections after that–following Kamala Khan’s adventures. One of the things I loved most about the comic book series is that the whole thing was done objectively and it wasn’t preachy, it wasn’t anything. It was entertaining and educational, showing a Muslim girl doing normal things and nobody was losing their marbles over it.

If anything, this comic series could teach people a lot of about Muslims, their histories, and so forth than any documentary could–because it drops you right into it.

So I think Marvel made the right call. :smiley:

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I’m agnostic. I used to a Jehovah’s Witness growing up, so I was taught to respect others and their beliefs and not be a religious fruitcake or xenophobe.

Or threaten people to convert! lol

Not my thing.

Most of my novels don’t have a religious bent. There’s perhaps a couple, but those books are either fantasy or an experimental side dish of science fiction. But I usually use philosophy and family wisdom to get my points across.

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Well, first person allows you to be the character objectively and third gives you a 360 degree view of the world around the character as a neutral observer.

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Here’s the cover to the first collection that came out.



This is me!! I just finished my first scifi novel here on Wattpad and am dying to be apart of a group of writers like me! :smile::alien:

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Agreed thanks to google i managed to find the first few issues and oh my goshhh i loveee it…its awesome Kamala is so…Pakistani Muslims are similar to Indian muslims who are like well me…we have so many similarities…Ammi is actually a word in simhalese refered to mother!
I love how she wore the Burkini and it actually is kianda modest…no offence meant…just saying she formed her own costume using something we girls use in swimming pools…i havent worn one but its common now…


Thought you might appreciate the comic series. :slight_smile:

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What’s it about? How long is it?


My country isnt any better…we do exoerience racial comments about what we wear - our scarves or clothes…it has ceased a bit though…but its not as bad as other countries. Its sad because really i agree what makes us all so different. We are all human right? Humans make mistakes. Some are misguided some are decent…it depends on the individuals parents. That doesnt mean the whole race of muslims are going to do that…its the same with people who are tan or dark skinned…gosh people make a huge deal about it… i mean i remember the things people would do to an actress in a tv show i liked the Flash…she was set for a role of a girl who was caucasian but people give her such a hard time…the nasty memes about any random thing she said would always be circulating. It used to really tick me off…thankfully i dont use instagram…if its some one i like i cannot quit defending them…


Aeeep I found it online…so far its awesome!!!
I like her relationship with her dad…and Bruno is really great


Hello there! Nice to meet you…this is Imi!
We were discussing a great scify comic book series…Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan)…its awesimee i just started them online!! Have you tried it?


I dooo…its going to be a permanent tab…i do love comics…i tried to read the Flash comics…but I stopped midway and havent gotten back to them…have you tried them?


The way people treat people of color or minorities after the fact (Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the rebooted Ghostbusters movie) just pisses me off. I may not have as much diversity in my novels for personal reasons, but it doesn’t mean people who are talented and come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures should be subjected to toxic behavior by fans everywhere.

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I got to the third collection before I stopped. I couldn’t find anymore after that at the local library. Fortunately, Amazon has all the new and back issue collections for a nice price.

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I’ve read every Flash comic since the early 90s. The Wally West saga.

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So true! I mean really is their skin tone really going to change the plot line? I mean its not even just skin tone…even size. I remember reading recently how the lead actor of the Flash was actually a lean tall guy…but in the comics Barry is portrayed as muscley…so when the new suit was introduced fans were commenting how he looled in the pictures because he looked kinda muscley from the trailer…really its bad enough they try hard to stick to the comics…but every teeny tiny detail has to be accurate? Really…its absurd… you know even what you said about couples being a team…even that is an issue…i dont get it yeah the guy is the superhero…but obviously his wife is his eyes on the battle field…they had a huuuge isssue about it because Iris…the main lead’s wife made a comment that they are a team in the form of a metaphor using his superhero name - she said We Are the Flash…goshh even a metaphor was a problem…it all stemmed from the fact that the writers gave her a break from her job as a writer to introduce her story arc as his fiance and as their team leader when he gets stuck…


Oh myglob!! Aand??? Did you like it??? Have you seen the tv series?


You know, you’re the first person to actually not only understand how things really work in a novel–versus what everyone else thinks should go into it-?–that it’s left me feeling hopeful for the future.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to tell people how a person’s race or skin color won’t change the book any. But you know how insistent they are…

I’ve only got the first two seasons of The Flash on DVD. I still don’t have Season 3 let alone 4. (I’m falling farther behind due to money constraints.)

But what I’ve seen so far, Barry isn’t that ripped for a guy. I mean not like Toby McGuire was for the first Spiderman movie, but it’s good to see an average guy with an average body type who isn’t “pecking out” every five seconds for the fangirls to drool over in their sleep.

(Or my wife of 17 years. But even she’s appreciative of some eye candy from time to time.)

But I haven’t gone far enough yet where Iris takes over as team leader for the guys at Star Labs.

The last thing I watched was the Reverse Flash saga and seeing the original Flash from the 90s series on screen as Jay Garrovick.

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