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I think part of it is due to the fact that they cant seem tonchange their own minds. They imagine the character as fair but when its portrayed by someone tan…it changes their view…i dont get what is so different…it makes no sense really to think that just cause someone is tan or dark skinned it does not mean they can convey the main message across…its not like the plot is ruined just because Iris was dark skinned. BARRY still loves her for who she is…why on earth would we want to change that…you know originally even now how i envision my chara ter Hale is actually that he is olive skinned or tanned…but in the book i changed it to him being fair skinned…part of it was because i wanted Hale to resemble whoever my future hubby would be…but now…i feel like changing it…making him tan. Because thats who Hale is…he wasnt meant to be tall either but Iris’s height or maybe a head taller…something like Peeta…i wanted to give off a slight ruggedness to him but his character said otherwise…hmm thank you for remimding me. I might change his appearence…


Actually im ashamed to say I watched the pirated version online…or i used to…i havemt in aages…season 3 was my favourite!!! I personally loved it…more than season 4…season 5 looks great…we dont actually have a tv hence why i stream them online…but sometimes Instagram and You tube post scenes and ofcourse wikipedia has the ep synopsis to read thats what i did lately…its pretty good…the theories are mind boggling…i loved the villain of s 3…kept me guessing who he was


I have not seen the original Flash eps!! John Wesley is aweeesome though…he even came in Teen wolf!!!


Yeah, that’s why I write my characters color blind (and race as well), because you don’t need all that to identify with that character. You pick a few things at random that your character likes or is about that isn’t engendered in race, skin color, sexual orientation and background, and you can pretty much connect with the whole world just based on those few characteristics or traits alone.

In Meteor Girl, Danielle is a comic book nerd, a fan of first person shooters, and is a master card player at Magic-The Gathering.

You show this list to a bunch of people from different backgrounds and you’ll get a lot of hands up when you ask them: “Who here isn’t…?”

And everyone will say yes.

Why? Because you exploited something that has universal appeal that crosses lines the world over.

You just made the issue of race, skin color, and sexual orientation irrelevant.

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I can’t stream online. My wife’s computer can. All I have is a nine year old laptop.

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If you ever decide to buy the original Flash series on DVD, I would recommend it. It’s very good.

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Hello human friend, Jasper, at your service… again.


Bob Cratchett–cousin to Clint Eastwood. :smiley:


Pleased to meet you. *tips hat*

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It’s evening for me, the day was all boring.

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Thats true…i think the reason they resent the actress say eg Candice who plays Iris is probably because her role is to portray someone caucasian and with regards other actresses who are tan or dark skinned like say Jessica Alba or even jemnifer Lopez they wouldnt dare criticize them for their skin tone…why? Because they act in movies whose roles arent portrayed anywhere. It shouldnt have to be that way really. The point is whether they got the main moral of the comic book charavter’s role in the comic. Candice played Iris perfectly. I loveeee her role as a journalist and i love how she works with Barry…they actually did work together in the comics…and that was wayyy before they dated in the comics…it was great to see them pair up…and last year spoiler alert we got to see their roles kinda reversed …goshhh people went beserk with that one…the memes were awful…but i loved that ep…she was really in her element…


Oh!! I actually use sites like Watchseries.lt or Couchtuner…but they dont ALWAYS work…i used to have one or two sites but i had to reset my phone so all those bookmarks got deleted :sweat:


That’s a 12 hour jump for me.

You want me to go manic before or after? lol

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Its actually night time here like 9pm…


Your wish.


I like Iris the way she is in the Flash TV series. She’s perfectly relatable and has a lot of problems and issues which I have a lot in common with.

And I’m white.

But for awhile, I was so hoping to like kick the tires and get those two love birds together ASAP.

I’m like, “Iris…? Barry loves you. For real!”

I mean the puppy eyed look he was giving her, I was like, “Come on…seriously? How can she not notice that?”

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Yeah…I’ll be froggin’ by then.

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