Looking to connect with other Scifi Writers


Good luck.





Ohmyglob exaaactly…im actually fair skinned too but shes my fav character…imagine i created my book charactee back in 2012 and i named her Iris because i loved that name it also reminded me of a song that was called iris about a country i loved…and originally Iris was meant as a name i would use on my blog…to represent me…but then i thought why not make her real…i also read a book about the flower and how delicate it was…imagine how i felt when years later i find out about Iris West who loved blogging and writing like myself oh and coffee…too many similarities…




Agreed though ahahah he was wayyy too obvious and it was ironic since she was crushing on his alias too…i mean completely fangirling the whole The Streak!! I loooved season 1…i miss the rooftop moments…every fan girl’s dream is to meet their hero in person…and to think she was doing it for the hero​:sweat_smile::joy: that part where Barry tells Joe about it…It was hilarious…i read S5 will have that lightheartedness about it…


Ohmygooooshhhh such a cuuute kitty​:heart::heart::heart: sorry i love cats


See? She’s perfect for you. Just like writing about a guy with tanned skin who will be future husband material. :slight_smile:


I was searching for sci-fi-related forums. I’m not sure what I found… :neutral_face:


Drop by and ask a few questions. Grab a cup of tea, some cookies, and have at it.

Me and @ultimatefantasy13 are discussing our favorite Flash episodes and Ms. Marvel–among other things.


This is absolutely me! I write biopunk - sci-fi with an emphasis on biotech. That’s lots of imaginative creatures! I’ll take a look at your work and will be happy to exchange feedback. Same goes for anyone on the thread.


Does it count if you kind of, maybe, leave the science bit out of it to an extent? Like, if there’s really nothing extraordinary happening in the future, everyone’s just got the means to be a massive, overpowering d*ck?

I’ve always felt sidelined (by myself lol) because my scifi is a bit meh on the sci part. I just really love meddling with social sciences!


That sounds like Michael Crichton


Wowwww bio tech is fascinating but i’m not completely familiar with this field…but its interesting! How would you describe bio tech…i read about it now and then but Im really curious…
Btw have you seen or read the Flash comics? Or Ms Marvel?


Lol Youre not alone with being unsure about the scify aspects. I guess I realized the only way to improve on the scify effect is to probably read up about it…i thought of going back to really old but well known scify novels…thats how I joined this thread…I always tend to read dystopian scify…but real scify is interesting…


By biotech, I primarily mean genetic engineering. In the future, we may be able to create designer organisms from scratch. I kind’a just let my imagination run away with me!


I’ve always read way more of dystopia as well, and fell in love with the genre quite early on. It was only much later that I started reading some of the classic sci-fi (VERY few) but am still expanding. Still, even though I like those books and actually do like other science-y sci-fi so to speak, as a writer I just don’t feel comfortable going there. Or, yet at least. But the dystopian genre, the social sciences, that I really love messing with!


Ooooh I’ve never read Michael Crichton, I need to tho! :smiley:


There’s, like, a movie for every one of his books. Jurassic Park is probably the best. Naturally, the books are always more rich.


I’m both a Sci-Fi writer and a Fantasy one. And also a huge fan of the Sci-Fi genre. If any of you would like me to read your scifi story feel free to msg me on here and i’d be more than happy to take a look at it!

Glad to see other scifi writers around here :smile:


Oooh, wait, it must be the case of ‘I didn’t know it was based in his book’ haha

I need to pay more attention!