Looking to connect with other Scifi Writers


Checked out some of them, it looks you write things way up my alleycat.

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I guess I kind of write science fiction. I don’t write science fiction in the sense of “things that have happened in space, must be unfalsifiably factual”.

I write science fiction in the sense, “I write essays about the human condition, using high technology and political satire as a linguistic yardstick.”

Of particular note, even the high technology factor has an increasing number exceptions. I don’t see myself going back to writing horror though.

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I could only dream of writing a real actual scify…but that needs much practice…im trying though…I also love dystopian books…Have you got any recommendations? I think the more we read and observe their style techniques the more we all improve…this genre is interesting…also what do you mean by social sciences if you dont mind my asking?


I do find sci-fi a really complicated genre, so I get what you mean. I don’t think I’ll be at the ‘level’ of it anytime soon lol

As for dystopia, Brave New World is my absolute favourite book. I also always recommend We by Zamyatine which is completely told through a journal and has some similarities with 1984. I’d say those three are my favourite, at the top of my head.

As for social sciences, I was really inspired for most of the stuff I write by the movie Children of Men which is easily my favourite movie (it’s based on a book, but the book is quite different from the movie. I don’t think it’s less good, it’s just different. The book is more… fatalist than the movie. The movie, at least, gives you a glint of hope). The DVD has a documentary called the Possibility of Hope which is a series environmentalists, activists and experts on the field of social sciences commenting on the future of the planet and how it aligns or not with the movie, and its super insightful and, well, kind of depressing. That’s the sort of stuff I’m more interested in, I guess. The politics of mobility, migration, psychology and sociology and all that stuff. Children of Men itself has very little hard-core science to it (although it is the core of it, I suppose, because it’s set in a future when women have grown infertile) and is a lot more focused on humanity, crisis and migration, and that tends to be the way I go as well. Not that there isn’t hardcore science (I really don’t know what else to call it lol) but it’s in the background


I typically write what is called Soft SciFi as well. My Science Fiction stories run the gamut from Action to Humor to Romance. And like you, the science in my stories does not drive the plot – it propels the narrative.

Like –

What would happen if a Computer Program became sentient and fell in love?
How would society respond to a machine that determines who is a Genius and who is not?
What would the world be like if people could insert animal DNA into their genome?
How might visitors be received on a planet where people won’t tell you their name?
Would a cybernetically enhanced person who could sort good people from bad take over the world?
How funny would it be if Disney Princesses were also Star Wars Sith Lords?

I also have a Steampunk Fairy Tale and a second mash-up story, this one a cross between The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons.

They were a lot of fun to write, and all of them are light on Science Fiction and heavy on the Human Animal.


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Hurray for another dystopian fan!


My problem with dystopia, is it’s started being a little to “macro-societal” than what I’m really wanting to go for. I like settings where the oppressive element is based on a small group of rebels, that slowly spirals into a borderline cult.

Especially splinter cults.

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Ohhh well it sure sounds interesting…hardcore scify I guess I have a lot to read up on…I’ll look in to Children of Men…it sounds interesting…I am probably not great at social sciences either…honestly I dont know why but I think Science will always be my hardest subject no matter how much I find it interesting…I guess I’m not smart enough for it…which is sad because I really love Scify…and dystopian fic is my fav…
I guess i’m into more of the recent dystopian books…Ive never tried the ones before…
I loved Hunger Games and I liked Maze Runner…though I wasnt too happy with the movies…THG was okay…the movies…I liked Peeta and Katniss and Prim…I read a few books that are dystopian on Wattpad…those are awesome…
Have you read these?


Ohhh well why not try it anyway? I guess there are many aspects to Dystopian fic too right? Agreed most dystopian books focus on the changing of a town country society etc…i admit I kinda included that but you have a point…coming up with a good scify background but a dystopian book is really hard…

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Oh I’ve definitely written dystopian, I meant as a recent change I’ve gradually moved away from explicit dystopian settings.

Consider that originally, my dystopias were able a city controlled by a giant incorporated industry and Yakuza.

But now it’s closer to something lawless, or at the very least, the law enforcement is so corrupt that they have no real power to enforce their laws.

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Ohhh NOW THAT IS AMAZING!! Honestly that is…We only need to open our minds…because there are so many ways to make it dystopian…I think I’'m not broadening my mind enough…not really brainstorming this genre enough…its kike something is within my grasp but im not really reaching out to grab it…


Well in the US the dystopian quality is different from say Soviet Russia. It’s not not even really like Brave New World.

You’d just have to be in it to know, Inverted Totalitarianism. Not my words, Chris Hedges and those he references.

It’s a myth that it also has to come in the form of government oppression as well. What we have in the US is not … government oppression. It’s corporate oppression, and the way they leverage influence through the US economic system.

Dystopia is definitely not 1984 anymore, people see through it.


That’s the sort of thing I usually lean more towards! Everyone writes however they want, naturally, but to me the ‘science’ part can be the background of the story. But then again, since I don’t know a thing about science, so long as I like the story, I’ll buy anything sci-fi sells me haha

(and how fun would it be if disney princesses were also sith lords??? now I can’t stop thinking about that!)

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I haven’t read them, but they’ve been on my list. I really need to catch up on more recent dystopia literature. I saw the movies, had a complaint or other but I remember a friend of mine explaining the differences between the movies and the books and it pretty much convinced me.

And don’t worry, I was always terrible at science. Like, really bad. Never really understood much of anything. So that’s why I’m always more interested in social sciences. Like, the dynamics and politics of things is what usually interests me, but I love learning altogether and hardcore sci-fi can give you that :smiley:

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Yes! I use Science Fiction as a premise to write my ‘What If’ sort of stories.

Disney Sith Princesses is an hilarious romp through a post-apocalyptic world brought forth by Walt Disney himself.

I also have a harder Science Fiction story where two brothers create a Time Machine.
It is a much harder story to write. :-/

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Not at all interested in dystopian fiction whether if is SF based or otherwise, Its navel gazing, and does not look forward to what may come. or what might be. Its internecine conflict, and turns back on itself. As an SF guy, I rather see change in looking forward. rather than fixing on past errors. ,

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Hola :unicornio: Antes escribia aqui en Wattpad y he vuelto
mis historias se basan mas que todo en humanos desarrollado:sonrojo:


We’re right there with you! New to Wattpad. Just getting to know the ropes. We write post-apocalyptic, hard sci-fi, not space opera.


My difficulty in a nut shell:

If I’m being absolutely general: I write fiction that splits between the 1800s in Southern Europe, and the twenty first century in modern Chattanooga: often reincarnation is an established fact, and often the “New Wild West” or an American outpost, is the backdrop for subjects ranging from prose poetry about French maids, “TimeFuck” eras that share the same physical plain, and an end to American imperialism.

Especially plots revolving a magical pair of wooden shoes.

In such a situation, whether my work falls under science fiction or fantasy, is really hard to say definitively. I’m a really big fan of Banana trees that can climb all the way to outer space.

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I have not written any apocalyptic stories yet, but I do have some planned. I currently focus on a series that takes place in space going around different planets (Yes, very startrek like in a way) which could end up apocalyptic at some point. By doing this I have been able to blend aspects of sci-fi and fantasy which I am passionate about. How successful have I been? Well, that is for the readers to decide.
Okay, my ramble… I mean Pitch is over.