Looking to connect with other Scifi Writers


I like writing alternate history, parallel universe, and time travel stories. Yet, it seems I enjoy darker themes when I read, such as post-apocalypse and dystopian tales. Anyone else have the situation where the science fiction stories you write don’t match up with the science fiction stories you read? Just wondering


Agreed they always change a bit of the movies but sometimes they stick to the gist…
I actually may or may not have a few questions to ask…are you familiar with politics? Can I follow you on Wattpad?


Hey Thats scify…or i think it is…i honestly love stuff like that…it reminds me of Roswell High…
Have you read them?

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Yeah kinda…Im trying the dystopian angle…but I probably need to vamp it up even more…dabble more with science…which is my hardest subject and I cant fathom why…

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Oh yes, of course! (my username is exactly the same btw)

I am, somewhat. I do avoid political discussions on the internet for, well, you might guess the reasons :stuck_out_tongue: and I do feel like I’m still learning (it’s not like I went ahead and read every massive political text there is lol). I include a lot of politics in my stories and it usually falls in the line of ‘everything has something bad to it’ instead of the most positive ‘there’s a good side to everything’ and I come from a country with a recent history of fascism, so that bears its influence on how I write stories with politics in them. At the very least, I TRY to be familiar with politics hah


Ohmyglob…thankyou…Ive actually found myself really bad at politics…im not that fab understanding the workings…i was thinking up about something its a theory nothing set about my third novel…its a trilogy but this was a sudden plot change…a minor one but it will affect thr plot…im hoping it will give it a futuristic view…im making no sense am i? Can I inbox you?on Wattpad please?

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Oh, it makes sense :slight_smile: sure, by all means! I don’t consider myself an expert at all, but if anything I can somewhat easily find the sources to look into some stuff. I try to follow a lot of blogs that discuss politics as well, if you’d be interested, so I can try and help as best I can!


That would be really helpful…its actually regarding a theory…I havent even added it to the plot but I wanted it to have a good leverage the plot and this will affect the reasoning for how the plot concludes…it also worries me because the plot makes the book seem short…like a short story but the middle book is longer…

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I am working on something with creatures of all kinds and apocalyptic. Would love to participate in the discussion.


I have not read those books, no. I enjoy writing the “Sci- Fantasy” stories because I started in Fantasy and that was my favorite thing. I only started Sci-Fi on a whim and then thought, “Why not? Let’s see if we can mash them up!”


Hey you should try the scify contests
Your plot fits it…

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Hmm its actuallly very creative to do scify and fantasy…i think we all have a certain side of Scify that we like to dabble in and thats just crazy amazing

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I agree, and it is great getting to see the things people come up with that I would not have thought of myself. The hardest part in my stories is that the first book is very much a “standard” Sci-Fi action/alien kind of thing. The second is where the fantasy is added in, and therefore finding a way to be true to Magic and Science became a process that troubled me for weeks on end.


Thats amazing…I think its important to build a great base as your first book…then move on to your middle with the real plot and finish off on a cliffhanger and your third book draws it all to a close…
With me I guess I didnt make book 1 thaaaat scify…its more of an intro to the charavters to their lives with scify in the background. Book 2 dabbles more of it…but it centres more about the main two and it includes a bit of mystery and thriller…that is neccessary fo push them fowards the real scify bits…book 3 is going to have a bit of dystopia and scify…but book 3 is still a plan not officially planned out…i love the planning the brainstorming…honestly i think I both love the idea of robots hosts and i am.also terrified of them…

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That is a good way to build it, and I too love the planning process. In a sense, that is what this particular series I am working on is for. See, it takes place on a space ship and the planets that it visits. Each book could be a stand alone while also serving in the greater plot. Then, on top of that it acts as the bridge for the other series which may or may not be more fantasy or sci fi, So, i guess like the Comic book universes. Everything co exists together but you don’t have to read all of them to understand what is happening. More power to you if you want to and can. lol
As for the robot thing. Well, from a literary perspective I think it is a wonderful idea and thing to work with. From the “real” world perspective, forget that! I am too in love with my organic being and potential to be ruled by something in organic. This is one of the fewer places in my mind that I am still quite closed minded about. lol

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I’m writing a story too that’s sci fi post apocalypse. but then its a whole bunch of other genres at the same time so make of it what you will.

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I know I’m late to this thread, but allow me to throw my hat in as a fellow scifi writer.

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Hey guys!! I’m Saralee and I’m a Scifi writer as well. And @Natanis that’s really relatable! It’s hard to get your book to fit in one genre sometimes, but I guess you just have to pick the one that fits the best…


Hello! I write sci-fi as well. Though I don’t write post apocalyptic. How are you?

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Great, thank you & welcome to the fellow non-appocalyptic, heh.