Looking to connect with other Scifi Writers



I enjoy Sci-fi works, but also post-apo like The Road or Metro series.

These days, I’m looking into cyberpunk novels. I’m fairly new to the subgenre. The only cyberpunk novel I’ve read in the past is The Stars, My Destination by Alfred Bester. But I want to discover novels.

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Cyberpunk is going to explode once the game’s out, I think.


I have a sci-fi fantasy universe I’m writing. I wouldn’t say “apocalyptic,” altogether. More like six years after the apocalypse. A lot of chaos in the universe.


So post apocalypse-ish?


Wait don’t stop there! What happens? What chaos ensues?


Well. I wrote a novel and am writing an ongoing story prequel on here to build up to the novel release. Bunch of alien species. A bit of a privileged and non-privileged thing going on.

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Sounds fascinating :slight_smile:


Oh, and drones, mecha. The privileged have advanced tech and other people use older technology. Some people still use guns like our present day ones and others have energy weapons.

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@KPhoenix7 @DomiSotto
Non-Apocalyptic Sci Fi Writers unite!



Yep! You write non-apocalyptic sci-fi too?

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Yes! All my stories, in fact, deal with adventure and love.

Although my Disney Sith Princesses story is a zombie apocalypse. But it’s steeped in irreverent humor.

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Humor sounds good!


Cool! You write about zombies?


Not really. Disney Sith Princesses is strictly a lark.


And so, we begin.

“Anyone want some krill?” Sith Princess Ariel teased as she stepped out of line for her pull in order to get a snack.

“Ever notice how she goes for fish whenever her turn on the jug comes around?” Jasmine asked, taking one for Ariel and then one for herself.

Belle couldn’t blame Ariel for stepping out. Keeping up with Jasmine and a bottle of moonshine wasn’t easy. Especially when a person is eating Moon Pies and Spam while doing it.



Reading through the posts in this thread, I’ve just realised that my main series of scifi novels is post apocalyptic but none of them dwell on that aspect of the story, it’s just distant background. Does that count?


Good luck on it.

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I agree. As much as I think detail is important, going into the technicality of things really does burn the imagination of the story.


Thank you. It is finished, but it’s been a tough going finding an audience so far. But I believe. There are people who dig space operas out there. I just have to believe…




That depends- what is your story focused on? I think that if it takes place in that post apocalyptic vibe, it’ll still count.