Looking to connect with other Scifi Writers


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Sup. I’m John-Clement Gallo, 17 yr old author of The Shadowverse, a Sci-Fi superhero novel. Never imagined how large the Sci-Fi community is on WP. It’s crazy lol.

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I’m writing my first science fiction novel. It is a young adult novel with a bit of cyberpunk and biopunk.


I love writing Science Fiction! It is my forte.

That, and sexy schmexy. :slight_smile:


Hey whats up!


Welp, I am making dinner – spaghetti and a salad. :slight_smile:


spaghetti salad? Salspaghetti?


Spring lettuce actually – what some people call sidewalk crack salad.


Hey guys! I just posted the first chapter of my sci-fi romance! I love to focus on the realism and physics of how things would work. And no, no aliens. There’s so much to explore about science fiction and space without having to resort to aliens! If you guys check it out, please give me a feedback! More will come soon!


I put up some of that from time to time. However, I split my time between that and fantasy stories, so my list is a mix. Currently, I am reestablishing about seven titles here, but that is going slowly, as its just drudgery, and I am trying to complete a new SF novella that features a race of space-faring cockroaches. It is actually all done save for one or two scenes, that are hard for me to work through, as they could affect other possible arcs, or generate one or two, if I am not careful, leaving me with a novel instead of a novella. That is, I have to take into consideration what possible outcomes these few scenes might affect. I’d rather turn those few pages over to someone else, but, sigh, that’s how these things sometimes go, on occasion.


Hey everyone! :slight_smile: I’d love to meet some other scifi writers! (technically my current story is categorized under mystery/thriller, but it has a lot of scifi elements). So, I have a question to pose:

Personally, I feel like science fiction evolves with the times. It’s a reflection of the greatest fears of our age, and has a lot to do with current scientific discoveries that thrill and terrify. In the 2000s, a lot of scifi was post-apocalyptic due to fears caused by climate change, population growth, etc. What do you guys think is the current, or future, trend in scifi?


Currently science fiction is definitely dystopian. It will eventually swing the other way toward a hopeful view of society, science, and technology. Actually I think that science fiction reflects the same polarization between conservative and liberal that is occuring politically and socially. And also fracturing along gender and generational lines. There is little agreement on what the best, or even good, science fiction. I see that Hugo award winners aren’t available in bookstores and that they have little relationship to the best selling books on Amazon or the top books on Wattpad. I’m seeing that attendees at cons are ageing, and that platforms such as Wattpad cater to a younger crowd, so there’s not much overlap between the two demographic groups of readers and writers. This is part of the fracturing of taste that I’m seeing. I’m a scifi writer. I write work that resembles epic fantasy in scope and tone but which uses science as the magical system. It’s hopeful rather than dystopian. I’d love to find writers who work in a similar vein.


Sounds great. What’s the name of your book. I’d like to take a look at it.


Yo! I am a sci-fi writer who is currently exploring the apocalypse/dystopian genre. It would be great to get to know more about the genre, and potentially learn some new tricks of the trade as well! SO if anyone could help me out, that would be great. (My novel is still in its infant days)

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Hey! I’m in the same boat, I’m also a new writer working on a dystopian story. Maybe we could critique each other or something!


Sure! I think it would greatly help both of us! I have had several people critique it already through the critiquing forums, but it never hurts for someone else to comb through it!

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same ay, i feel so lost.
I like to write in the lovechild genre of scifi and humour. I really like writing about aliens. exploring fictional cultures and how they’d interact w/ eachother or whatever. lots of cool stuff can happen with that


I love Space: 1999!


You’re in the right place.

It’s cool how we’re all doing something different.


Arghhhhhhhh. It’s so damn hard to write even remotely hard science fiction. Let alone a whole book… I spend so long rewriting a rocket ship launch sequence and it still turns out average. Damn it all to hell. :fu: :eggplant: :fu: