Looking to connect with other Scifi Writers


What branch of science are you interested in?


Mostly rocket science and space science (Actually a thing) But I like to think I dabble in other areas.


What areas are you exploring in your story. I understand that hard science fiction starts with a what if and then develops that supposition according to the expectation of science. What are you using for a what if in your story?


I’m in the middle of writing an apocalypse type book! They’re so much fun to run you have endless and open opportunities!


I just joined Wattpad and am still learning my way around. I have a story up in the scifi genre but it really crosses into other genres as well.

At the risk of sounding like a total dork, can someone tell me what the icon that looks like an eyeball means? I’ve checked the “help” section but can’t find it anywhere. Thanks!


I think it means how many times people have looked at a story.


Ah! That makes sense. Thanks!


Hi. I have written an end-of-the-world scenario called “Prime Directive: Earth” it is about the dilemma an alien race faces in determining whether or not to save earth from itself.


Sounds interesting. Who’s the protagonist?


There are actually several. The two main ones are Axel, the son of the alien leader, and Jeff, the American teenager with latent pyschic abilities. A third protagonist is Doug Stanton, an FBI agent who is tracking the terrorist.


Is this a group protagonist with all 3 facing the same conflict or does each protagonist have a seperate conflict?


They are all facing the same advisary, but only Alex and Jeff are working together. Doug does not know about the other two.


Three protagonist sure is a challenge. How do you keep the story focused? The usual ways to focus a story are to have a single protagonist, a single event, or a unifying theme.


I like to think it is a unifying theme. And I can think of several stories where there are multiple points of view. But it is different, which is what I was striving for. I would love for you to read it and let me know if you think it works.


I notice as well that you have had three books published… Did you do them through Wattpad, or how did you go about it? Have you had success in selling them? I am really wanting to move from hobbyist to full-time. I actually have three books on Wattpad, only one is SF. The others are non-fiction.


The three books–Sappho’s Agency, The Fisherman and the Gene Thief, and The Tristan Bay Accord–are self-published on Amazon, but I dissatisfied with Amazon. I haven’t had many sales, thus my dissatisfaction. Most of what I’ve sold as been to people I met in person. From what I can determine, Amazon advertising resulted in only one sale for me. I’ve shifted my strategy to publishing one chapter at a time on Wattpad. Publishing a book is easy. The hard part is getting it to readers. I think that books need a kind of marketing nursery. If you dump books on Amazon without any supporting audience they get smothered by the weeds. I think of this like gardening. There are a lot of books which are basically chickweed. The do well because they can be produced quickly and easily marketed, but don’t last long. I’ve read articles indicating that for some genres have a fraudulent review rate of 18%. I saw this number for the Romance genre. Trees on the other hand grow slowly at first but get much bigger than chickweed, but for the trees to survive you’ve got to protect them from chickweed. To do that you might sprout the seeds in a greenhouse and then transplant the once they are big enough to hold there own. I see Wattpad as that kind of greenhouse. I’m submitting one chapter at a time. Each time I submit, I have the opportunity to post to Facebook without repeating “buy my book.” My Facebook followers and friends will see the cover of my book 30 times before I remove the book from Wattpad and make the book available on Facebook. If I were to do it over, I wouldn’t publish immediately to Amazon. I was eager and wanted readers to have a way to read my books. Instead I’d produce a paper version through a different POD outfit and make it available on B&N and through Ingram spark. Once I had a following I’d put in on Amazon so that the book could immediately start getting reviews and wouldn’t be smothered.
My advice to you is to write more science fiction books posting them to Wattpad before putting the on Amazon. It might be good to have 6 books before placing the books on Amazon. With this many books you can run a Kindle give away once a month. This will hopefully will provide enough reviews to leverage Bookbub advertisements.
Average income for authors is now under $6000 per month. So realistically you can’t plan on getting a living income from writing.The trick to writing full time is to figure out investment and how to get your overhead down so that you don’t have to make much money by writing. Realistically, you might not be able to write full-time until after you retire and receive a pension.


Sounds like very sage advice. Thank you.


After churning out thirty books of contemporary (more or less) fiction and fantasy, I guess I am a science fiction writer at last. Definitely a departure for me, so this one — a short, somewhat humorous novel centered around alien abductions — is being put out under a pen name. Oddly, I was always a huge SF fan, but never could quite come up with a concept in the genre I felt was worth pursuing.


I love humorous Sci Fi. Luvvy duvvy Sci Fi too. :slight_smile:


I’ve written so much fantasy. I’ve never really written much science fiction before, mostly because I don’t like the personal associations I have with the genre.

I guess my current thing is technically science fiction though.