Looking to connect with other Scifi Writers


Are you still writing the first book? Try focusing on getting that one out of the way and then plans for the sequel and so on.

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Start small…i know its hard but dont rush. I did ans i hit a wall at the start you are full of your ideas thoughts…write your plot down in a summary form. That way following it becomes easier so if you get stuck you know where to go to refresh yourself

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Well I’m looking to do a sequel to my mermaid novel, (so fantasy) and the second book will be fantasy as well, but the 3rd book is the science fiction one and its a standalone from the series but it picks up where the 2nd book leaves off.

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Yyyyyyyyy thats what ive been working on…


Thank you. Right now its just been an idea that I’m super excited for but need to finish the second book before I start on the science fiction one or it will ruin the ending to the other one

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Two fantasies and then a sci-fi pitch…kinda what I did with my Codename: Velocity book series: It started out as science-fiction/romance and then gradually turned to cyberpunk in Books 2 and 3, and is now something of a dystopian yarn involving a former MC and the Archer Research Facility in the Southlands.

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Actually my plan for book 1 is complete…its rather short…i probably need to edit it and make it way more spicier because it seems rathee clitche…but book 2 is out. I felt the plot was more solid…Ive been a bit worried about book 3…the plot seemed too predictable…i wanted something more scify or dystopian or both…


Girl we are thinking in the same lines though for me book 2 is more mystery thriller

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I’m glad others have done the same thing, cause it seemed really weird to break the series with a different genre, but the story is done after book 2 and I have a cool idea with it so I wanted to write it.


I’m so thankful I’m not alone. XD I also want to write a triology murder mystery.

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It sounds interesting…im glad we have this thread i finally have something to look forward to…i felt like book 3 would be the lowest of ratings and would be a flop…book 2 itself isnt doing great…


I loveee mysteries…but murder ones i want the closure so i like if my all my questions are answered. I love thrillers with action and emotion those are everything

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You are always welcome


Nothing I had gained a peep of interest on this site in recent months. I’d spin up something new and different and my reads would remain flat or non-existent for weeks. That’s why I moved my work to Quotev: Might get better reactions than the “dead tree stumps” that I’ve had here. lol

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It’ll have the closure. I’m not sure how long each book is going to be, maybe around 40 chapters but there will be twists and turns and lots of questioned answered.

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Wait did you not try Wattpad itself? As in the actual site?


Writing a trilogy or a series is pretty challenging and taxing. I’m the fourth book in my Codename: Velocity saga and I’m just drained of all the will to live. Not because the book has stalled presently, there’s just so much going on right now.

Makes it hard to concentrate or get something going for a few days.

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Wowww thats impressive 40 chaoters is a lot!! I have a hard time writing 30 let alone 20!!

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My Gun Frontier novel has 74 chapters currently. And that’s after 3 years of work.


My books are usually short. Aqua waters has 60 chapters at 1k words a chapter, Cake Toppers has 21 at 3k a chapter Erins Mistakes has 25 at 3k a chapter. The third book will have 30 at 3k a chapter. My christmas book that comes out December 1st will have 25 chpters at 1k a chapter. And Leprechauns the one I’m trying to finish today has 30 chapters at 2k a chapter.

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