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I was on wattpad for 5 years. It didn’t work out as well as I’d liked. The game was rigged, the odds stacked against me, nothing I was doing impressed anyone, and basically I felt like I had run this route before once in my life a long time ago.

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I can understand…it is draining…ive been sticking to the lighter plots and im pretty out by the time im done with atleast a chapter per day…theyre not long either but i try to make them more interesting with pictyres or collages or gifs…im new to even that so some days i miss those…
You prob work too so that must be harder to juggle. I dont actually work im home most of the time…


OHMYGOSHHH 74 CHAOTERS WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW oh my goodness thats AMAAAZING…how do you manage to write that well!! Gosh thats


No. I’m writing adult fiction in a room full of kids who don’t want it. lol


That’s nothing. My Price of Freedom novel has 227 chapters in it and my Starchild and Starchild Duel novels have 160+ chapters in each.

74 chapters is like a long weekend to me.


Ohh thats really awful!!! I wish they had taken your work more seriously. Im atarting to get a little annoyed about the ratings… im a muslim so my book is partially islamic fic…but day by day it gets pushed lower and lower. Deslite my reads or votes…


Oh my goshhh thats amaazing…i could never write 200 let alone 70…i took years to write 30!


The books I mentioned took me 15 and 20 years respectively to write both. (I’m the old man that screams at the kids to get off his damned lawn.)


You dont sound old you know…but woww thats really inspiring to read about your dedication to your work and writing…i hope i can do that too some day…


Trust me…45 is old to some people. I am almost middle-aged even though I don’t look a day over 18.

If you just started out like I did 31 years ago, you’ll get there fine on your own.

Just don’t quit writing or believing–even if on some days, it seems like everything is impossible or you’re in a panic.

Things always have a way of working themselves out. No matter what.


45 is NOT old (I’m 47) but I know what you’re saying in how “young” the audience/writers are with Wattpad :slight_smile:


Im actually still in my mid twenties…but i do have quite a long way to go…but thankyou…i hope i never have reason to give up…its been my go to since my teens and its been a dream since i was 11 or 10…


Tell that to my back.


Actually 45 and 47 arent old the fact that you both still write is inspiring…not everyone opts for writing but its still inspiring to see and realize you can be a writer no matter what your age and the simple connection between us all being writing it makes me realize it is more than just a passion or even an ambition. Its almost like a life in itself or a way of life
Did that make any sense?!

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So you have another 20 years to go before you reach your peak. That’s when you’ll write whole masterpieces without breaking a sweat and you’ll be writing for fun rather than think everything (now) is just a chore.

Trust me, I fought tooth and nail at some point when I was your age because I wanted to get “good” and be “published” and be “famous” for my science fiction books.

But I just wasn’t ready.

I still had a ways to go before I could hold my own. And being who I am, that was going to be awhile. But even after being homeless, losing my jobs, 9/11, getting married for the first time, dealing with my wife’s ovarian cancer, and my own health problems and such, I managed to keep writing.

And this is what I planned for many years ago. I knew that the jobs I was taking wouldn’t sustain me at all–if ever–so I made a back up plan in my mid-20s: I would be a writer. A published author.

But like I said, I needed time to get good and hold my own.

I recently lost the only job I had for the past 15 years since leaving my last two and the prospects of getting another job is not looking good right now. So I have two books in the pipeline being edited by a couple editors, the covers all done, everything else is ready, just have to wait now.

6 more months at least.

But this is the culmination of everything I labored hard for many, many years now. This one moment.

And I’m pretty excited. I’m going to finally accomplish something that nobody said I could do. Or succeed at. All because I was born different. I was born disabled.

And believe me, when you listen to the voices and to the opinions of your critics for the past 39 years, you start hunting for the one thing that will make a change in your life. Something that will give your life meaning.

Once you find it, it is very hard to let go. Because this is the one thing you’ll always be good at. :slight_smile:



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Can I just take a momemt to say that was really inspiring…I cant even…and no Im not saying that just to be famous believe it or not i never wanted to publish my book…never…i dont want the fame…is that weird…even the money…i actually dont have a job. I tried for a teaching job because that is my only qualification…but i didnt get in…part of its because im kinda shy and have a tendency to become tongue tied…its embarressing…and i wish i could grow out of it…i am sorry about your wife…is she okay now? I hope your two books will be complete successes because i do know hard work does pay off and practice does make perfext…i realized that now. When i wrote book 1…i was nervous. I worried tok much about the ratings and that made me summarize my chapters…i did not go into detail…but writing ultimate fantasy…ive learnt to elaborate more…really bring out my feelings…strip my charavters of their own emotions…i have yet to feel like theyre leading me… but writing is amazing… and i am surprisingly enjoying it. This is really amazing to actually be able to talk to a Writer like really talk to one…Honestly would you mind terribly if I discussed certain aspects of my plot with you…


Welcome to the world of being an introvert.

But fame and fortune wasn’t in the cards as the years wore on. I realized that the industry wouldn’t accept anything I had at face value (writing on my ginormous books), so I had to look elsewhere for my needs.

And believe me, it wasn’t easy. Everywhere I looked, everyone had these super restrictive rules in place on what they couldn’t accept and what was allowed (page wise) and everyone (at the time) could only do a fraction of what I had overall for a page count. (Say, my ongoing 1,535 page Vampire Huntress novel. Most POD ops could do…400 max.)

I was pretty much screwed. Until Amazon came along and broke the chains that would’ve held me down and back from publishing my many magnum opus novels.

But then I realized I had a pretty good chance at making some serious money off my work that would make all my past problems disappear. But the only problem I ran into (lately) is convincing people that I was right.

See, in this world, you have one side that’s programmed to only accept certain things. Then you have me who doesn’t believe in limiting oneself, always believes the impossible (X-Files fan from the beginning), and has unbreakable faith in himself and his work.

I know things can be done. The trouble is, no one else that I’ve run into in recent years believes in the same. And that’s something every writer will face. You’ll have people telling you it can’t be done. Technology is super fragile–so is the publishing world.

And nobody buys or reads books anymore.

You may laugh at this, but this is some serious Grade A stuff going down. People will throw up any obstacle or barrier if they see you getting close to your intended goal. They will try and convince you of the futility of things. They will spend weeks hounding you and trying to break your spirit. Your convictions.

Everything that makes you a writer. These things they will try and destroy. I can say, “Your writing sucks now, but it can be improved over time.” But I will not tell that same person to stop writing.

Because that’s just cruel.

But seeing how I am the special case, everyone within spitting distance feels that I have to be shut off or permanently blocked from either writing or my intended goals.

I’ll tell you this much, I have a book that is 175,000 words in length. That’s a pretty big book. But it’s also a threat to some people’s existence, narrative, and bottom line–because that book represents a moment of pure defiance that says: “You can’t stop me. I am the wind. Here I am.”

And so this novel is in violation of their most cherished beliefs. In less than 5 years, I went and torched everyone’s understanding of what is acceptable and what can be published.

Because I dared to dream big and do great things with my writing.

And because of that, I am brazenly infamous on this site.

Yes, my wife is fine. She survived the surgery but her recovery was rocky.

When you stop thinking about being famous or popular (as the case may be), you’ll start to unlock your potential as a writer. Now, I’m still hoping to be famous someday for my books–if I can play my cards right–but I’m in a position to effect change in this world through my work.

Simply by challenging doctrine. People’s beliefs. People’s conceptions.

It is not enough to say, “I have a great book.”

You have to write something that speaks from the heart if you want to move people in the right direction. Doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to abandon what you’re doing and put on your thinking cap and pretend your Edgar Allen Poe.

You just have to take notes for next time and apply those lessons to your next project.

Yes, you can discuss your plot bunnies with me. I won’t mind. :slight_smile:


The basic premise was what life would be like after arcane magic basically stopped, much the same way modern society in the real world might stop if there was a sufficiently large EMP. Elves having extra long lives not merely because of genetics, but because of all the magically infused crops, magitech medicine, etc., and all of that coming to a crashing halt.

If I was using video games as a point of reference, it would be like the characters of Final Fantasy suddenly finding themselves on the Continent of The Witcher.


I have to say I agree with you. Limitting yourself to a word count… thats just wrong I cant control my words they just seem to flow when they want to. Sometimes you cannot control it…it bubbles forth. I thing you were right. Because they do feel threate ed that you achieved something they thought was impossible to achieve. It is very easy to give up the whole project when you hit a blank wall. That should not mean you do Give up. Thats the problem people thing even in the Writing world they have a chance of bossing you around if you cant keep up with their “demands” it doesnt even matter how great your plot is. Its just their desires they worry about more.
I am glad you never gave up and I am glad you still persist. That determination is what we writers find it hard to hold on to! Even right now I am struggling to sit down and tyoe out the chapter I began…because my so called ratings keep dropping. But I dont want to make that my sole worry. It should not hold me back from.letting go of all restrictions like you said.

Amazon is incredible I have not used it ever and I was going to…i wanted to order a fav book of.mine. the writer is Gwen Cole. She used to write on Wattpad and still does occasionally. I love her work and recently she mentioned about posting her oldest book and it was the first book of hers that i read and grew to love…shes publishing it next fall and i cannot waaaaait…

I am glad your wife is doing okay. I cannot imagine how she must have felt going through that…i came close to a sickness that could have lead to ovarian cancer but its rare this happens in my case. Recovering from surgery isnt easy goodness but its not impossible. I wish her all the very best and you too!!

I know what you mean…that was my sole intention when I posted on Wattpad…its why I write…because thats how I feel when i read something really heart wrenching or something that touches me…it could be simple it could be mind blowing but the best part is that it changes your perspective of things…i looove books like that…books that leave me “full”…i hope someday I can read your work when you do pulish your book! :blush:

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