Looking to connect with other Scifi Writers


Quite a few series are getting the reboot and some aren’t for the better in my mind; however, I am enjoying the Voltron reboot on Netflix :slight_smile:

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Never heard of Quotev. Is it similar to Wattpad or what Juke Pop was?


Whoa…so many chapters…that’s awesome! I wish I had that kind of staying power. My problem is sticking to one story long enough to finish before moving on to another project.


I hear ya…my mind tends to feel a whole lot younger than my body.


Thanks :slight_smile: It’s been a journey for me that began when I was eleven (discovered writing literally by chance). Then I went years not writing because well, life happened and my life got really difficult. I came back to writing at the age of 36 once I realized I needed it in my life.

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Ooo, this sounds so interesting!


Most of what I write these days is Sci fi. I’ve got a post-apocalypse book on my computer, but it needs a lot of editing before I even think about putting it online


Some of my novels are smaller, but that’s how the story line panned out. It had nothing to do with a target word count.

Some books are hellishly larger because of the type of environment and world my characters are in and other times…it’s just a simple dry run after the main event has had time to pass.

And people here are being told not to breach 60,000 words no matter what in order to get trad published–even though the odds of getting in the front door is more than impossible these days because the industry has closed itself off to new writers and new books.

What bugs me is how self-publishing or indie publishing has become the rage lately and how these kids don’t want to take advantage of that. Because when you publish on Amazon, there is no limit to your desired word count if you’re going the e-book route.

But they think the industry will take them first before they consider indie publishing. And often times, I hear the complaints of indie publishing being “too expensive” or “it’ll never work”–and I’m thinking, “That’s because you didn’t even make the attempt.”

I spent $2000 out of pocket getting edits, cover art, and formatting done on my Codename: Velocity novel (the 175K novel) in the last 5 years and that’s about how much you’re going to spend on a decent sized novel if you want to go indie.

My other book, I’ve spent $1000 on edits and formatting, but what I also did was add bonus artwork to both books as an enticement and reward for people for simply buying either book and making it worth their while.

And all it took was some motivation to get something going and to put my hard earned bell ringing money where my mouth was.

But giving up wasn’t my forte. Even if people tell me how impossible it may seem, I’m working around the clock for a solution. Even if it takes me 20 years. I’m not giving up.

Yeah, my wife had a 16 pound ovarian tumor removed from her that was the literal size of an inflated beach ball. Things went to pot really quick, but the doctors were able to get it in time. They even took a picture of it for posterity–as the thing had some blood vessels, hair, and bits of teeth in it.

So lots of fun with that experience.

My Meteor Girl novel is the only one that has a real shot at being published at this time. My other book is in limbo off and on. It’s 90% done on the edits, but so much has been happening with my editor for this past year, it’s been putting things off.

As a challenge, I asked a Deviant Art user to replicate the book’s cover without my name or book title and I kid you not, it came out absolutely dead on perfect.

I was just amazed how well the artwork was in comparison to the “live shot” of the main character in the original cover. But it was the best $60 I ever spent on a piece of book related art.


I bought the first two seasons to Voltron and I was laughing my butt off. It was so funny.


Quotev is similar to Wattpad, but it’s a lot easier to use and people aren’t crowding for the top spot in popularity. You can write whatever you want, post it, get automatic reads, hearts, and comments as you update.

There’s no real competition for the best book–unlike Wattpad. There’s no contest, nothing. It’s a free range writing site. And it’s done wonders for my stress levels and such.

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Believe it or not, most of my completed novels took years to write. I mean, I have issues myself of staying with one project, because of the plot bunnies and my competing muse, but I do get things done eventually.

It just takes time.

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That’s the problem with aging: Your mind is willing but the body isn’t. And sometimes, that can also be the reverse.


I find the reboot completely entertaining as well :slight_smile: I love Lance in this one, and Keith too!


I may have to check this one out. I’m not looking for competition for my current story, Leviathan, just feedbacks. I plan to one day to self-publish or even go the indie pub route with the small presses, but for the time being, I’m enjoying the process of writing this story.


Hunk is my favorite character.



That’s the key isn’t’ it to eventually complete something you start. I have another story called Hope Falls that I originally wrote for NaNoWriMo in 2008. I shelved it for a variety of reasons. Until this year when my mind, on its own, traveled back to the story and began reworking some of the major points. Now I plan to bring it back and will be posting chapters on Channillo as a way to keep me moving forward.

Guess it goes along with my life’s motto: Better late than never :slight_smile:

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Oh, Hunk’s a riot to watch as well!

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Or as they say in the movies: “Life finds a way.”

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“What the quiznak? Was that a force field?”


LOL Yep. Love their version of a swear word. I noticed that also with Battlestar Galactica only their version actually made me laugh ever time I heard it.