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Lance: “Shut your quiznak!”

Keith: “I don’t think you know what the word means.”

Perfect emo response. :smiley:

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I am glad you returned to it…I guess I always wondered how people stuck to one passion as they grow…but hearing about you and @SchuylerThorpe6 that drive for your passion…thats truly admirable…honestly I hope I can grow up to using my passion maybe even as a profession…I never really considered it as a profession even though it has been a dream since I was 11 I never thought I could do it…and now…it feels really like a dream…to be able to lose myself in a chapter…nothing matters around you…its like a conversation with your characters…that feeling I cannot imagine anything else like it really…


Oh my gooodness! Woww that’s a lot!! But thank you for telling me…I have never met any professional editors even cover artists…I love creativity and I always wanted to try editing as a profession but I have no idea where to start to get there…whether I can qualify for the job…in my country which is Sri Lanka everything requires your Advance Level results…I did not do my A/Ls I went on to do my teaching course right after my O/Ls and that was a long time ago…like 8 years ago…now ive lost touch with the teaching world and with education…ive been home these past few years…I did try for teaching but never got the opportunity to teach…i follow a few classes online with religion related topics…otherwise i try to help out with the house…the idea is for me to settle down but staying at home has consequences big time…social media was a huge distraction in the past few years for me…but I gave it up and chose writing…i always wrote non fictional things…but i deleted my previous account on wattpad with it…I had some trouble regarding a cyber bully on twitter. I think it was a scam but I guess I’ll never know…its embarressing because I actually was naive to believe them. A tv show I liked got cancelled so me amd a bunch of fans wanted to bring it back. We created a petition and tried to promote it using every means we could. One fan actually claimed to know the main lead. And I believed her thanks to my naive nature…and then she claimed to work in an acting school and had contacts…she even got a network broadcaster’s email and told us to use it…she didnt specify not to put it up online so I added it to a post purely to promote the show more to fans or for fans to show their support…in the end the account got shut down and this fan’s so called boss some acting coach started sendig emails. I was using my blogger email. But his student the fan who spoke to me about all of this- her so called friends hacked my acc no joke. Started bullying my friends pretending to be me and stole my private email and then this boss started sending threate ing emails about filing law suits.
I honestly had enough with social media. Period.
They actually dont even live in those “countries” they said they lived in…they arent even “friends” on social media…i couldnt care less. Thanks to what happened I took my writing more seriously. And here we are.
Can I ask you something? What is editing like? Like what do you do? I also love to be able to make covers! Wowww that would be so cool to do editing! If I had an idea where to begin I’d try…
I thought of copy writing but even that I want to know more about it…your books sound fascinating Meteor girl makes me really curious to try it…do let me know when it comes out. I will try to order it if I can…


I am sorry about your wife and I am glad they were able to remove it!! Tumors are freaky…I havent met anyone in my family who had it…I had a ruptured cist close to my ovary hence how I kinda came across ovarian cancer online. Cancer really is unpredictable…Its actually partly why I creates a similar disease less deadly in my book…I related it more to targetting emotions good or bad that made the person act on those emotions…my idea was that the disease would target memories of sttong emotions and if the person could not act on something he intended to do in a memory- the person finds himself in a trance either trying to do that very actiom or trying to visit that place to repeat his action…say if he was a criminal before and he was released, his intentions or actions before that had strong emotions of anger or any negative feeling would be targetted by the disease - amd it prompts him continuously to act the same action he did as a criminal…it has effect on both good and bad emotions. It also lowers your immunity system and it cannot be detected until its later stages when the victim loses himself to these trances…
That was the idea i wanted to properly introduce it in book 3 so my main character faces it…only she was unwillingly injected with the disease…
I wanted to introduce it from a scientific kind of view…with a better plot not the usual boy meets girl girl falls sick girl passes out boy has to find a cure people use girl and boy has to save her thing thats common…my original plot is actually revolving around that…is there a way to send you the the plot by message? Like an email even?


You know I might try it actually…even Inkitt and NanoWrimo are good…i tried NanoWrimo but the real competition starts in November…my fav month too :grin:


I know lot about bullying and cyber-bullying. It’s an ugly side to the internet that doesn’t get a whole lot of attention. A lot of victim blaming but not the people who actually hide behind the scenes and do it.

It’s a power trip for them. If they can bully you or me, it’s because they see something in us that they don’t like or feel threatened by so they undertake the “mission” to make our lives all that more miserable by trying to break us.

But it all it does is make me withdraw further and further away from all human contact in real life–which is what’s been happening for awhile now. I live in a gated community, but I don’t go out and socialize anymore.

I just keep to myself.

Editing? It’s a time consuming process. This time around, I’m not doing any of the heavy lifting because of software/system compatibility issues. But usually, editing involved a lot of corrections of mistakes, errors, and a few other things.

If you can do the basics on your own (self-editing) that would make things a lot easier and the work loads less of a pain in the butt to deal with when you turn over your book to a professional.

Cover art is way more complicated and I don’t have much to share on that front–seeing how that’s not my forte.

My Meteor Girl novel should be out February at the latest. But I have a draft copy on Quotev.com

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Yeah, I don’t blame for not trying to keep your story line from edging into the “super predictability” level of writing. A lot of what’s out there already is traps for us noobs and veterans of the craft alike. I solved a lot of my problems early on by removing myself from the mainstream.

The less exposed I was to the market, the better chances I would have something that wouldn’t be heavily influenced and show common denominators in the story line. (Which is how books are sold.)

My Meteor Girl novel was inspired by the recent Ms. Marvel comic book series that starred a Muslim girl who went by the name of Kamala Khan, and I thought it would be cool to write a teen super hero novel that featured a glorified comic book nerd and Magic-The Gathering player.

And hails from Lynnwood, Washington. (Which is a few miles south of me.)

I’ll drop you my e-mail on your personal Wattpad profile and you can take it from there.

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Nanowrimo is awesome. You’ll like it. My handle on there is skywriter35.

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I feel the same way when I lose myself in my work: It’s like you’re right there. In person. And everything is just so surreal. :slight_smile:

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You can save yourself the headache of dealing with small presses and go straight to Amazon or Draft2Digital.

That’s what I’m doing.


Thats pretty much the same…i dont really interact except with my close circle of friends…plus its safer…online its hard because you tend to be open and when you bon over something you like like a tv show…and they dont even know me…thesee girls were supposed to be friends of the girl whom I was friends with. The irony is that she wasnt complaining she was still talking to me…i shared the email…but she defended me to her boss and he susoended her when clearly he knew she never exactly warned us not to share it anywhere etc. Her friends were the ones who randomly started tweeting me with nasty things…even hacked my account insulting my friends. Fortunately I warned those friend my account was hacked.it was .my fan acc she hacked… I used my original to warn them. She even admitted it was someone she knew who hacked the acc…:weary: the crazy part is when i see their public profiles they arent evwn friends with each other and neither of them even lives in canada…i wonder if i could ever believe a word of theirs…a part of me wants to tell those girls who befriended that fan through me…about this whole scam…sometimes im tempted to call them out on their games…and the other part of me just wants to ignore it…such people dont even DESERVE the attention…


Ohhh when you say editing…sorry i just want to clarify you mean like spelling mistakes and typos yes? And grammar?
Ohh I must check it out…I loveee books like that…its inspiring…to see writers put out their first draft online but to see them go ahead and publish it like.really thats inspiring. Thats the drive we need you know. To see to the end of our plot…


Ohmyglob That is SOOOO COOOOL :grin::grin::grin::grin: i need to chwck Ms Marvel!! Im actually a muslim so my books do have a bit of religion involved…
Thats so cool!! Meteor Girl sounds fantastic…im cuuurious…im probably going to read the first draft anyway :laughing:
I emailed you! I also got your message THANKYOU oh my glob this helps a lot…ive been rather worried about the plot…its been bugging me a lot…I wanted it to stand out to make iris and Hale more inspiring…especially Hale…I wanted to give him a real chance to shine. We always see girls get the whole - inspire be that spark kinda vibe…for once I wanted it to be a joint thing…like Hale and Iris. I want them to WORK together. It hard to see a husband and wife really working to help each other. I like couples like that books about two people who work together its not entirely centred around one and the other supports them. Shared inspiration.


Exactly its like the world ceases time is frozen I become Iris and my feelings become those words…but you know its harder to write from a third person’s point of view…id rather write as Iris only im not her…so think in her shoes takes a while to adjust to it…She is kind of the better version of myself that I dream of being…Hale is the guy I used to crush on only his character differs Ive changed quite aa few things…for one he actually likes Iris back…even wants to keep her safe…sorry im giving you thesises i love talking about these two…:sweat_smile:


The thing about Ms. Marvel–the new series–is that they decided to break ground on introducing a new character who came from an Islamic family and portrayed her as someone who struggled with her identity, family, school, relationships, and the whole nine yards.

I thought was a fascinating dynamic–considering how much I know of Muslims and their faith.

So I thought, “Why not?”

Try my hand at it. And while Meteor Girl appears agnostic on the surface, it encapsulates a lot of the traits of Ms. Marvel in its entirety–by showing people who are heroes in their natural surroundings and just tackling life as normally as possible.

Of course, I geeked out on the book a bit. It’s hard not to. I’m a glorified nerd bomber. So this is my playground. :smiley:

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I’m impressed by the fact that you are one of only a few who desire to make couple relationships work rather than go the cliched trope route.

It’s a rarity in my book. Not many people appreciate a novel where couples–straight or gay–do the things you or I want them to and still make it work towards the end.

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I’ve written novels in third person plenty of times and it’s not that difficult to pull off. It’s one of the simplest formats in writing that you’ll find.

First person is a little tricky, but once you master it, it will amaze you.

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Its actually nice to see people write about muslims in a positive manner you know…a lot of people view muslims as a negative side and thats really incorrect…we are human too…i guess what i mean is that the actions of certain people who state they are muslims and the actions they do if they are like ex bombing themselves stating a religious reason - well its a misconception about the religious reason…you know?
Not all muslims would agree with this thinking. Killing suicide are all prohibited. No matter what the reasoon unless someone killed their own…there is a choice.
Its sad because those people who claim to be muslim but do something that contradicts islam
Its a result of their upbringing. Not the whole community.
Thats why I was surprised to hear about Ms Marvel…its partly why I like writing fiction…some things that people query about islam i can clarify but the rest is all whats been roaming my head…its taken me like two to three years to gather my ideas and another two years to gather myself to write it…