Looks like the Wattpad Stars program is making a comeback...

Seeing how it’s part of the Wattys, to it having a profile on Wattpad, as well as more and more users getting the star next to their name.

That and I found that they updated the Stats opportunity on the site, even requirements are included this time around: https://www.wattpad.com/writers/opportunities/stars/

What are your thoughts on this?


I’m excited to see what they have in store!


Is this something you try to go for or something they choose you for?

I’ve always been confused with exactly what Wattpad Stars is, even though I have read about it.

I know some about it, like they are given to member’s who show positivity and helpfulness in the threads and are seen regularly, but I don’t know much else about it.


@225lily I think it’s great it’s making a comeback :smile:

Thank you for this info! I’m very new to Wattpad, so I didn’t know about this at all. Exciting! This sounds like a great opportunity.

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Personally, I’m thrilled to see that they’ve ditched the whole “You have to have at least 50k followers” to be eligible. Though those requirements made sense for achieving Star status on here, this opens up so many more doors and opportunities for us writers who are striving to get there but could use a boost from good ol HQ. lol

The program sounds like a dream and I’m very excited for the future of WP with all of these changes coming into play!


I honestly knew so little about the Stars program before this. I’m thrilled to see they’re doing more with it (also a writer I’ve been following for a while just got invited, so that’s exciting!)


It’s something you have to be invited to be a part of but the requirements for becoming one are much more doable now without the stroke of luck that sky rockets an author to stardom on here.

Th link is very helpful and I think you should consider filling out their form to be considered (the featured form) since you meet all of the requirements :slight_smile:


Same here! Wonder if it was the same person! :stuck_out_tongue:

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There’s a survey?

I never knew this was a thing.

The Featured form. Sorry, Survey was the wrong word to use :joy:

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Back in Wattpad days of the past (Boy does that sound like it should be the next WP fanfic lol) Yes, the only WP stars that I knew had thousands and thousands of followers and insanely popular books. Which, based solely on the name Stars, makes sense. lol

I’m just glad to see they’re expanding it :slight_smile:

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Ohh okay. I’ve filled out the Featured form twice and am holding off doing it again til after I redraft. I forgot they mentioned the Stars program in it. I was distracted by Wattpad Books :sweat_smile:

The ones I know of do also, but I thought it was just coincidence. Like they’re good enough to be Stars so they’re good enough to have a bunch of followers.

I can only think of a few off the top of my head. One is super engaged and active, the other two are basically inactive. I’m not sure if that’s temporary though. I don’t follow them so I don’t know how long they’ve been like that.

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Yeah, the user I know is in PS, but he only has like 3k followers, which is definitely a lot but not quite what I thought Stars usually have. He definitely contributes to the community, though.

I mean, I don’t know if that’s coincidence so much as how it goes. lol You write a book that gets a bunch of attention, gain tens of thousands of followers, then WP asks you to be a Star for them. Or- that’s how it used to come across at least.

Same! The girl I know who just got it has like 2k followers but she’s insanely helpful on the threads, been featured, and is on Paid so I was thrilled to see that they were inviting her to be a star!

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Where is the survey? I didn’t see it on the link.

I’m a dumb dumb and meant to say form and not survey. The Featured form that you can fill out to be featured, I’m pretty sure it has a section where you can click if you’re interested in their paid opportunities such as WP Books, WP Stars, Paid Stories, and WP Studios.

Just so they know you’re interested and can check you out :slight_smile: