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Looking forward to reading all your stories! :blush:


I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:


Hope to hear from you, hopefully it won’t be a bore for you :nerd_face:


Username: perdida_princesa19
Title: not perfect
Genre: romance
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/162748028-not-perfect
feedback: plot development, characters, pacing.


Thank you so much!


Hello! Thank you for the opportunity! Here is my form:


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Accepted! I’ll put both your stories in the queue later when I get on my laptop😊


And thank you for accepting. :slight_smile: I’ve seen the movie, but I loved the saying even before I watch it.
It doesn’t happen often (thankfully).


Thanks so much! :heart: @carpe-di3m


@Spruce_Goose I’m sure I will - I love historical fiction stories :smile:

@miramallows I don’t think it’ll be a bore, the title already sounds intriguing! :blush:

@ElizaErson you’re welcome!

@LigerCat No worries, it was an entertaining read - definitely saving it to my reading list to finish off later after getting through my reviewing list :laughing:

@CloffeeSight you’re welcome!