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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by in my cover shop. I like making covers so feel free to request and send me your form. I don’t require payments just a credit for the cover somewhere in your story. Don’t worry, I don’t like putting my graphics name in the cover, I believe it looks unclean.


Subtitle: optional
Author: pen name or real name only
Simple or Manipulated: although I don’t really do manips, I could always try
Faceclaim: optional
Little Description:
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But you could also request a cover in this thread.

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[quote=“armeiallanes, post:1, topic:206422”]
Title: Love
Subtitle: I love you
Author: Araya V.
Genre: Teen Fiction
Simple or Manipulated: either or
Mood/Atmosphere: The book starts out very calm and gets happier but there are those tuff moments
Little Description: Love.
Sometimes we all think we are in love when we’re not. But after a time we get over the heartbreak of that person we thought you loved. Now we know that we can get over the toxic relationship we were in. We can finally are able to over them. We can love but we still have the side effects of those toxic people. It takes time to find love that’s worth it and love that can be the one thing that saves a person…
Do you want a banner?: yes

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“Love” book cover + banner

I can also send you the covers and banners in this thread if you like

Thank you so much for offering your work! I am looking for a banner more then anything but I would like to see what you come up with for a cover…

Title: The Undersirable
Subtitle: Among my stillness was a pounding heart
Author: TheLittleMir
Genre: Werewolf
Mood/Atmosphere: Dark, fear and magic
Faceclaim: These are the two main characters.
Elizabeth 15a01a671dfb70b8224925973164
Little Description: Elizabeth is a humen and has somehow become the mate to the hard Alpha Zachaiah who has a dislike for humens. Everything has turned upside down for Elizabeth and the world of magic has came into her life as Zachaiah trys to turn her into a shifter. Much is unknown and Elizabeth will soon have to make a choice to give into the mate bond or forge her own bond of love.
Do you want a banner?:Yes please!

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May I ask something? The title of your story; is it Undersirable or Undesirable?

I am sorry, small keyboard, it is undesirable.



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“Undesirable” book cover + banner

I can also send you the cover and banners in this thread if you like

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Could you please send it here? and thank you it is great work!

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Did you do the payment? :sweat_smile:
It’s just a credit for the cover somewhere in your book.

thank you so much

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Title: Sealed
Subtitle: optional
Author: Guinvere Desmond
Genre: Fantasy
Simple or Manipulated: Manip
Mood/Atmosphere: Dark
Faceclaim: A woman with brown hair, blue eyes and a black gown
Little Description: Something like The selection novellas by Keira Cass Link -
Do you want a banner?: Yes! :heart:

I am sorry if i did any mistake in here, i am new to wattpad community

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