Lucifer, JLD...all your "dark" DC and sometimes Vertigo titles

Who writes for these fandoms?

How excited are you that Lucifer got saved (or how devastated now your fanfics may now be AU)?

What’s your favorite title or character from the darker and/or teen+ DC titles?

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I have written 2 Lucifer-OneShots.

When I first heard that it was canceled I was really sad and asked a friend to make a own season 4.
Then the news came that Netflix took Lucifer and I was feeling like: “ok. Great”
I really wanted that Amazon took it, because I have prime and don’t want to buy Netflix, but I will just take the 30 days free trial to watch it.

I like: Lucifer, Gotham, Arrow

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I like those shows as well, though Arrow drives me crazy with the repeated “I lied to protect you” plot/trope.

I’m a bit behind on Gotham, though. I DVR it and sometimes don’t plan time to watch.

I love Lucifer. Fortunately I had Netflix.

But I empathize with how it’s frustrating when a series goes to the platform one doesn’t have, like when something goes to Hulu or Showtime or HBO and I don’t have those.

You know you have to watch Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow to understand everything n Arrow.
That is how they make their money

I don’t super mind it. I love Legends, personally. Though, it is pretty corny. Also, looks like Constantine will be in the upcoming season. So, though (NBC?) his show got canceled he’s possibly getting some closure since they enabled his same actor/character to be in the CW shows.

Supergirl and Flash are OK. Not dark or gritty at all. :slight_smile:

If I wrote for any of them, it would probably be Sandman. Other than the book my sister got me for my birthday, I Sandman is mostly the only thing I read by Neil Gaiman.

Was Lucifer going to disappear? I wasn’t even aware it was an series.

Lucifer was previously on the Fox network (at least in my region). It started as one of the mid-season shows back in 2016 and ran for two more seasons after that and was then canceled.

But then the #savelucifer Twitter campaign apparently was successful.

It’s a really good show. Not quite the comic, but a kind of procedural show with some occult detective themes and general supernatural shenanigans. Mazikeen is in it as well.